5 Content Marketing Tips to Increase eCommerce Store Sales

In an eCommerce industry, quality and valuable content play a vital role in leaving a great impression on targeted web audiences. The content has the power to build your brand, convey your business messages, grow your customer reach and increase the scale of your growth.

There are various factors like reliable web hosting, trendy web design and SEO strategy that helps an e-commerce business to grow. The ability to generate quality leads and higher revenue comes when you implement a robust content marketing strategy. We all are aware of the fact that the web world is enormous and promoting brands/products/services on diverse digital platforms via content can nourish online sales and help you achieve your targeted goals with efficiency.

Since content has the potential to stimulate the emotional values of online shoppers, make sure you leverage the best strategies that can directly trigger your sales and dominate the entire eCommerce world. Well, you can start off your online venture with Magento, which is an outstanding eCommerce web development platform that comes with tons of beautiful themes and eCommerce-driven extensions.

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But if you want to prepare a robust content marketing strategy, you will need to read out this blog posts. Today, we will light upon the key tricks that will help you increase your market reach as well as sales via content promotion.

01. Explore more about your customers

Before creating or promoting your content, gather all the information about your targeted web audiences. This will help you write content that can assist a particular niche and help them know more about your brand.

Your content doesn’t look like a promotional event. Instead, it should always focus on the real problems, necessities, and specific requirements of your web customers. That is why it is important to have a detailed understanding of your potential web customers.

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To know more about your audience, collect your demographic data. Focus on a particular niche for whom you are creating an online store, the source of traffic, their geographical location, how they interact with the products related to your brand and many other things.

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One of the best ways to do is to create customer personas. It is just the fictional and categorized representations of your web audience to let you know your customers. You can create customer personas using the following techniques:

  • Competitor research
  • Customer reviews/interviews
  • Market research
  • Google analytical reports
  • Research on social media, etc.

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This can help you create and promote valuable content to your targeted audience for the amelioration of your brand image and web sales.

02. Write the most suitable form of content

Since there are multiple formats of content such as blogs, articles, newsletters, images, videos, podcasts, etc, it becomes essential for an eCommerce site owner to know the most suitable combination of content formats for their marketing campaign.

Although its completely your decision, but a lot depends on the type of your business. That’s because some formats add instant value as compared to others.

For example: If you are selling handbags and clutches, then images are the great ways to promote your products. In case you are promoting your event management business, then videos work best for you. Well, you can also use blogs, articles, and forums to let people explore more about your brand.

03. Use the Power of Testimonials

All relationships start with TRUST!

If you want to build a trust with your audience, testimonials are the way to go. Testimonials humanize your business and It’s one of the most powerful ways to increase conversions.

Actually, people don’t care what you are saying about your product or service – they want proof from other customers. You should show them something that they can trust. When done correctly, testimonials can overcome objections and moving website visitors one step closer to becoming a satisfied customer.

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Let’s take an example, when you buy products from eCommerce sites like Amazon, what the first thing you do? I bet you most likely to check the reviews from previous customers. You want to see their stories with the product.

Same goes here. Testimonials offer website visitors a comfort and help them to make a decision to buy your product.

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04. Maintain a content calendar

Do you know what you are publishing, sharing and blogging this week? What will be your content marketing strategy for the next two weeks? How about three Fridays from now? Well, all these things need to be considered if you are developing content for promotional purposes.

Once you clear about the type of content you will be creating, you’ll need to schedule the publishing date and time. For that, you need to create a content calendar to organize content promotion activities. You can start with a 2-month calendar to make the things simpler.

While creating your calendar, make sure you are clear with the following things:

  • How often will you post your content?
  • What type of content are you going to develop?
  • Whether your plan is for 2 months or 4 months.

calendar for content marketing

This will help you create a well-organized content calendar that can help you publish your content at the right time to the right people.

05. Get started with content promotion

Do you know that more than 2 million posts are published on the web every day? If you want to stay ahead, you will need to dive into the best content promotion strategy. Try to focus on triggering the issues of your customers, understand what they are expecting from a brand like you, hit with the right form of content to get the most out of it.

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The best way to promote the content is via owned media, earned media and paid media. In the owned media, you will be promoting your content to your own targeted audience. You will create SEO-friendly blogs, use email lists, and social media accounts to attract more targeted readers.

In Earned media, you implement your strategy for other’s web audience. First, you will need to build a strong relationship with your industry’s influencers be it journalists, CEOs, investors, etc. Once establishing a good rapport, you can excel to share your quality of content with them.

And in the paid one, you will be amplifying by paying for your clicks and impressions. It means you pay to get clicks on your Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, Twitter ads, etc.

These are the three incredible techniques that can simplify your content marketing campaign and help you earn more profits.

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Content marketing is always changing and there are new trends emerging that change the way we do things. But the basis things and techniques will always remain.

If you are a proud owner of an eCommerce store and you need to generate more sales for your eCommerce store, you’re probably looking for content marketing tips that will actually help you boost sales.  These are the five most promising content marketing tactics that will boost the conversion rate and sales of your eCommerce store effectively and efficiently.

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