Magic Survival Mod Apk 0.883 (Unlimited Money Unlocked)

Discover the world of Magic Survival Mod Apk where survival meets magic. Learn about its unique gameplay, mod features, and how to download and play!

In the realm of mobile gaming, where endless possibilities exist, the Magic Survival game stands out as a mesmerizing fusion of survival tactics and mystical sorcery. This immersive game lets you navigate the perilous lands teeming with monsters, all while harnessing the power of magic.


Magic Survival Mod Apk

Developed by LEME, Magic Survival is a game designed for those who enjoy strategy and magic. The Mod Apk version of this game enhances the gaming experience, providing users with special mod features like Unlimited Money and God Mod, which we will delve into later.

Game Info Table

Details Description
Developer LEME
Latest Version 0.883
Updated On June 22, 2023
Genre Survival, Magic, RPG
Mode Single-player
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Game Size 112.12MB
Price Free
Rating 4.5/5
Downloads 5000,000+
Minimum Requirement Android 5.1 and up


In Magic Survival, you find yourself in a mystical world overflown by menacing creatures. As a lone survivor, your mission is to harness the powers of magic, fight off the foes, and endure the challenges that the game throws your way.


The plot thickens as you journey deeper into the wilderness, unraveling mysteries, discovering new spells, and encountering powerful bosses. 

For many years, death magics have been overused during wizard wars. As a result, the spirits inhabiting nature have transformed into demons and are now consuming all living beings. The only solution is to use different forms of magic to eliminate these infected spirits that are appearing from all directions.

Each decision you make affects the outcome of your survival story.


The game boasts a compelling gameplay style, where strategic decision-making is just as important as quick reflexes. You choose your spells, build your strategy, and face off against hordes of enemies in a continually changing environment.

Gameplay Modes

Magic Survival offers two exciting gameplay modes: Story Mode, where you follow the captivating plot, and Survival Mode, where the objective is to survive as long as possible against endless waves of enemies.

Key Features

Check out the features of this game as outlined below

Dynamic Environment

The ever-evolving world of Magic Survival Mod Apk keeps the gameplay refreshing and challenging. The dynamic environment constantly changes, introducing new obstacles and challenges at every turn. This level of unpredictability ensures that no two gameplay experiences are the same, keeping players on their toes and significantly enhancing the replay value of the game.

Variety of Spells

One of the game’s standout features is the extensive range of spells available to the player. Each spell comes with unique attributes, offering a plethora of strategic options in combat. Players can choose to unleash a devastating firestorm, cloak themselves in a protective shield, or even manipulate time to their advantage. The strategic use of these spells against foes is a thrilling aspect of the game that adds depth to the combat system.

Enemy Types

The game presents a wide variety of enemy types, each with their unique attributes and attack patterns. From the relentless brute force of the ogres to the sly and quick assassins, players will have to adapt their strategies for each enemy type. This variety not only keeps the combat exciting but also tests the players’ strategic thinking and adaptability.

Powerful Bosses

At the culmination of key game stages, players will face off against formidable boss enemies. These epic battles are intense and demanding, pushing players’ strategic abilities and reflexes to the limit. Triumphing over these powerful adversaries requires a deep understanding of the game mechanics, making the victory all the more rewarding.


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Mod Features

Magic Survival Mod Apk brings a suite of mod features that can dramatically enhance your gaming experience. The Unlimited Money feature provides players with endless game currency, enabling them to fully upgrade their spells and equipment without any limitations.

The God Mod feature, on the other hand, gives players invincibility, offering an unrestricted exploration of the game’s world. These mod features add a unique twist to the game, providing players with new ways to enjoy the game.

Magic Survival Mod Screenshots

What’s new in Latest Version

The Latest Version introduces new magical abilities, improved graphics, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. It also brings an exciting new game mode for an enhanced gaming experience.

Mod Features

Magic Survival Mod Apk includes exclusive mod features that elevate your gameplay experience. The standout features include Unlimited Money, which grants you endless game currency to purchase spells and upgrades, and the God Mod, which makes you invincible, allowing you to breeze through the toughest levels.

Download Magic Survival Mod APK Obb + Data for Android

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Step-by-step Installation Guide

Installing the Magic Survival Mod Apk on your Android device can be done in a few simple steps. Here’s a detailed guide to assist you:

Step 1: Allow Installation from Unknown Sources

Before starting the installation process, you must ensure your device permits the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. Navigate to ‘Settings‘ on your device, then look for ‘Security‘ or ‘Applications’ (the terminology can vary across devices). Here, find the ‘Unknown Sources‘ option and enable it.

Step 2: Locate the Downloaded File

After allowing the installation from unknown sources, the next step is to locate the downloaded Magic Survival Mod Apk file. Usually, it is stored in the ‘Downloads’ folder unless you chose a different location while downloading. If you downloaded the file via a browser, the download history of the browser can also guide you to the file.

Step 3: Initiate Installation

Upon locating the downloaded file, tap on it. This will trigger the installation process. You will be asked to confirm the installation, tap ‘Install’ to proceed. The time taken for installation can vary depending on your device’s speed and performance.

Step 4: Provide Necessary Permissions

While the installation progresses, the app may request certain permissions. These permissions are required for the app to function optimally. Review them carefully and grant the permissions as necessary.

Step 5: Launch the Game

Once the installation is complete, you will be given the option to ‘Done’ or ‘Open’. Tapping on ‘Done’ will exit the installation screen, whereas ‘Open’ will directly launch the game. You can also find the game’s icon on your device’s app drawer or home screen for later use.

Step 6: Start Your Magical Survival Journey

Now that the installation is successful, you can embark on your journey in the magical world of Magic Survival Mod Apk!

For more clarification, see how to install games on Android.

Android Gameplay Video



The Magic Survival Mod Apk offers a unique gaming experience that combines the thrill of survival with the fascination of magic. So, are you ready to embark on this magical journey of survival? Download the game today and let the magic begin!

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