Lite.IM: How To Earn, Send & Receive Bitcoin on WhatsApp

Hello world, there is good news. You can now earn, send and receive Bitcoins on whatsapp by just chatting with Lite.IM number +1 (786) 916-7825. You can even earn money/Bitcoins by just inviting others to sign up on So this is actually the best opportunity for you if you want to earn free Bitcoin and join the ever growing Cryptocurrency business.

Lite.IM is a Swiss-based Crypto messaging platform (bot) that helps you send and receive Bitcoins and other altcoins via WhatsApp.

As you already know, WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging platforms used by over one billion people globally while Bitcoin is worlds most accepted virtual currency that can be used to pay for goods and services. So this innovation will certainly be a success and ease Bitcoin trading in the future.

How To Get Started On Lite.IM Bitcoin Bot

  • First, click add Lite.IM WhatsApp Bot on your WhatsApp.
  • Type “Hello” to start chatting with the bot
  • Lite im whatsapp Bitcoin bot
  • Enter “1” to choose English as your preferred language
  • Set your unique “8-digit” password
  • After that, you have successfully signed up and ready to earn Bitcoin and also send to other people.
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Your Bitcoin address will be created so you can copy and send to anyone that want to send Bitcoin to you.

How to Receive Bitcoins on Whatsapp

  • Enter “0” and tap “enter” to reset the Lite.IM bot
  • The main option menu will be displayed
  • How to receive btc on whatsapp
  • Just enter “1” to receive Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Select how you would like to receive BTC either via “QRcode” or “btc address” displayed underneath or above as the case may be
  • Now copy the “Bitcoin address” and send to whoever want to transfer BTC to your wallet.

Get Bitcoin address on whatsapp

It’s as easy as that. From the comfort of your home, you will be able to trade Bitcoin without downloading any third-party app or btc address.

How to Receive Other Crypto currencies on WhatsApp

Apart from Bitcoin, you can also receive other cryptocurency such as Ethereum and litecoin via Lite.IM WhatsApp bot by following the instructions below.

  • Enter “0” to return back to the bot’s main menu
  • Enter “1” to receive a coin
  • Then enter “4” to change coin
  • Select your preferred coin
  • You are good to go.
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Note that for now, the bot doesn’t support ERC20 tokens so you can not earn airdrops with it. It’s just an addon and not FBcoin. Be guided.

To cash out all the money you earned via this platform, just enter “7” to “claim rewards”.

Claim btc rewards

Guys here is an opportunity to earn small free Bitcoins.

Just add this bot

on whatsapp, choose your preferred language and password and get BTC address and free BTC when u invite others.

I got $3.0 worth of Bitcoin under 3 hours. You can earn better.

Earn free btc via

Also, you may be worried about security of using this bot. I am also concerned about this but for the records, there is no single security laps, scam or any other threat arising from the use of