How to Reduce Data Usage on Telegram Calls

Is Telegram consuming a lot of your internet data when making video calls and even audio calls? Learn how to reduce heavy data consumption when making calls on Telegram here.

Audio and video calls are very common features in messaging applications. However, because they need an internet connection, they can consume a lot of mobile data. But fortunately, the Telegram app for Android and iOS provides a setting to reduce data consumption and I will show you how it’s done

Telegram offers four options to limit the use of data in calls: never, when roaming, using mobile networks or over any connection. These changes can be made within the settings, in the data section, which also offers tools to limit automatic download and media playback. Here’s how to make the change!

How to Reduce Data Usage on Telegram Calls

Step 1: open Telegram and select the three dots icon, located in the upper left corner;

Telegram setting

Step 2: then tap on “Settings”;


Step 3: in the settings screen, select the option “Data and storage”


Step 4: swipe to the bottom of the screen to find the “Calls” tab and tap “less data for calls”;

Use less data telegram calls

Step 5: choose from the available options. The change will be applied when selecting the desired option.

less data for calls

Note that available options are; never, only on roaming, only on mobile data, and always.

Following these steps, Telegram can be configured to reduce data consumption on calls. What do you think of the app? 


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