How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages in 2024

It’s been months since WhatsApp introduced the new Delete for Everyone feature in their instant messenger app. People use the feature to delete the messages they send either to hide them or save what they sent accidentally. It can be used for both good and bad purposes.

You can use this feature to delete what you sent to the wrong person accidentally. By this, you can save secret or private information. People also use this to tease or disturb, which can cause a sense of suspicion and curiosity about what they send or what they are hiding.

If you want to read the deleted for everyone messages, easily keep reading this article.

Reading Deleted WhatsApp Messages

how to read deleted whatsapp messages

With a few easy steps, you can easily read the deleted messages. There are a few methods by which you can do this.

 How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

This is how you can read the deleted messages on your WhatsApp on your iPhone.

  •       Go to your WhatsApp.
  •       Take a Backup of your chats.
  •       When the backup of your chats is done, delete the app.
  •       Go to the Google Play Store and install the app.
  •       Enter your number.
  •       Select to recover the chats and read messages.

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How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

There are two ways by which you can easily read deleted messages. You can delete the app and reinstall it, and the second is by downloading an app from the Google Play Store.

Let’s discuss the first method.

  •       Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  •       Take a backup of your chats if you have not.
  •       Delete/uninstall the app.
  •       Now, go to the Google Play Store.
  •       Download WhatsApp again.
  •       Enter your number.
  •       There you will see an option to restore chats from the backup, do it.

The second way is to read deleted messages by downloading apps. Here’s how you can read the messages.

  •       Open Google Play Store.
  •       In the search bar, search WhatsRemoved+.
  •       Download the app.
  •       Once the app is downloaded, open it.
  •       Set the app and save every notification.
  •       When someone deletes any message, you can easily read it from the saved notification with the help of this app.

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How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages with WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp Mods are some amazing mods for world-famous instant messenger apps. These mods come with some fantastic features. These features give you the power to customize your WhatsApp. One feature includes reading the deleted messages easily.

You can rely on gbwhatsapp download. It’s an amazing WhatsApp mod it saves all the text sent by anyone and doesn’t delete it even if the person removes it. It will keep you one step ahead in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I read deleted messages on WhatsApp?

You can use deleted messages on WhatsApp either by deleting, taking back up, reinstalling, or restoring chats, and you can view deleted messages by installing apps from the Google Play Store.

How can I see Deleted Messages on WhatsApp Without an App?

You can easily see the deleted messages on WhatsApp without any app. You can read messages by deleting and reinstalling the app. Another option is to download and install WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc.


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Final Words

You can easily read deleted messages on WhatsApp. You can do this by deleting and reinstalling the app. You can also download any app from the Google Play Store. The third way is to download and install WhatsApp mods to avail of the feature of reading deleted messages.


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