Hidden Games on Social Media Apps You Didn’t Know

How amazed were you when you found out about a hidden game inside Facebook Messenger? I know I was!

And that led to me spending hours of my time trying to get the ball into the hoop. I consider myself a competitive player, which is why I always make sure to beat my opponent’s score.

If you didn’t already know, there is a secret game inside Facebook Messenger. To access it, send a basketball emoji to someone in the chat, and then click on it to bring up a screen where the hoop is hanging and you must throw in the ball.

There is also a counter that keeps score of the number of times you hit the goal as well as the best score that you and your opponent must upscore.

Minifootball game on Messenger

Personally, I thought this game was cool. It kept me hooked.

I tried to find other games that were secretly hidden in social media apps, and so far, I’ve found plenty of hidden games stashed away in apps.

Interested in those games? Keep reading this article to find out.

Hidden Games on Facebook Messenger

Besides the basketball game, there are other games as well.

Send a football emoji to unlock a minifootball game. The game goes as you would expect; you can take as many tries as you need to score a goal.

Minifootball game on Messenger

Another exciting game on Facebook Messenger is chess. Simply type “@FacebookChess” and press enter to launch a chess game!


Hidden Games on Google

You probably already know about the T-Rex game that turns up on Google Chrome when the internet goes offline.

It’s basically a T-rex running in a straight line, and you press on ‘space’ or ‘up’ button on the keyboard (or tap on the screen, if you are accessing Google Chrome from your smartphone) to protect the T-rex from getting hit by obstacles on the way. And the score is counted by the number of obstacles you have been able to avoid.


The T-rex game isn’t the only one on Google though.

If you are ever in a spooky mood, you can try ‘The Great Ghoul Duel’ on Google Chrome. You wander through some spooky roads to collect as many wandering flames as you can within two minutes and return them to the base. Naturally, the team that collects the most spirit flame wins.

Hidden Games on Google

Another addictive game you can play on Google is Garden Gnomes.

What you need to do here is launch the gnome across the field, as far as you can, with the help of a catapult. It’s basically like Angry Birds, yet still very addictive. To play the game, you press on the spacebar to get the catapult moving, then press the spacebar again to launch the gnome.

Google Hidden Games

If you press the spacebar too quickly, it will drop the gnome but not as far as you want, and if you press too early, the gnome will fall right in front of the catapult. Hence, the trick here is to get the timing right between both actions.

Google Game 2

Quick, Draw! is another addicting game that we recommend playing on Google Chrome to pass the time. You have 20 seconds to draw an object, dictated by the game, and within those 20 seconds, the AI detects what you have drawn!

Don’t need to be an artist, just a decent drawing skill will do!

All these games were introduced through the Google Doodle which is popular for celebrating historical events, figures, and culture with amusing drawings and plays.

Quick Draw Google game (1)

Hidden Game in Instagram DM

There is an emoji-based game within the Instagram DM. Send any emoji to anyone in the DM and it will transport your screen to the game interface.

You see your chosen emoji floating on the screen and a bar at the bottom, and what you need to do is prevent the emoji from going down the screen. Think of the ping-pong game – you cannot let the emoji pass the bar at the bottom of the screen!

The game keeps count of the number of times you prevent the emoji from going off the screen.

Hidden Instagram Game (1)

Pro-tip: Except for the T-Rex game, all the hidden games on social media apps can only be accessed with the internet, like the one available in Xfinity internet plans. If the internet isn’t available, the T-Rex game is your best companion!

Wrapping Up

When you least expected it, there’s a new way to kill time on social media. They make our lives better, work hours bearable, or even lessen the waiting time at the dentist!

Do you know of any such hidden game that no one knows about? Let us know in the comments!

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