Download Latest FC Barcelona Profile.dat (Save Data) for Dream League Soccer

In this post, you will download latest FC Barcelona Profile.dat (save data) for Dream League Soccer 2020 and 2019 game. This Barcelona profile data contains updated Barca players including Lionel Messi, Suarez, Bosquet etc.

All Barcelona players in this save data file are upgraded and has full 100% stamina. The Barcelona save data file also contains unlimited coins cheat to help you upgrade your stadium, buy even more players and heal weak and injured players without physical money. Additionally, the team has the official FCB logo, first team kits, second kits and Goalkeepers kit. So why not get the FCB team save data for Dream League Soccer and enjoy attacking football.

Barcelona squad is very strong especially in Defense and Midfield. The Goalkeeper Ter Stegen is one of the best Goalkeepers in Dream League Soccer game while Suarez, Antoine Griezmann and Messi are among the hottest strikers and wing forwards respectively in the game. So if you are searching for a Barca cheat in DLS, then just download the Barca Save data (Profile.dat) file from this post.

You need a very strong squad like “Barcelona Profile.dat” to be able to compete in Dream League Online because other opponents uses hacked teams with upgraded players and unlimited coins. So if you use inferior team or average team, bet me, no matter how you try, you won’t get past division 4 in DLO but you can still win trophies in normal dream league offline career mode.

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As you scroll down this post, you will know more about this DLS Barcelona save data (Profile data) for dream league soccer.

List of Players In The Barcelona Profile.dat File

Below is the complete list of all Barcelona stars in DLS 20 and DLS 19 game.

FC Barcelona save data (Profile.dat)

Main Squad

  • Ter Stegen (GK)
  • Jordi Alba (LB)
  • Umtiti (CB)
  • Pique (CB)
  • Semedo (RB)
  • Rakitic (CM)
  • Vidal (RM)
  • Gomez (CM)
  • Bosquet (DM)
  • Messi (WF)
  • Antoine Griezmann (CF)


  • Cillesen (GK)
  • Mascherano (CB)
  • Douglas (RB)
  • Samper (CM)
  • Vermalen (CB)
  • Digne (LB)
  • Deulofeu (RM)
  • Rafinha (AM)
  • Roberto (RB)
  • Turan (RM)
  • Iniesta (CM)
  • Munir (WF)
  • Douglas (CB)
  • Alcater (CF)

FC Barcelona Team Save Data Information

  • Formation: 4-3-3
  • Tactics: Moderate
  • Total Players: 26
  • Team Captain: Lionel Messi
  • DLO Rating: 1000
  • Coins Value: 10,017,80
  • Division: Elite Division

Barcelona Team Cheats

  • SPEED: 100
  • TACKLING: 100
  • PASSING: 100
  • STAMINA: 100
  • CROSSING: 100
  • CONTROL: 100
  • SHOOTING: 100
  • STRENGTH: 100
  • HEADING: 100
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Meaning of Abbreviations

  • GK stands for Goalkeeper
  • CB stands for Center Back
  • RB stands for Right Back
  • LB stands for Left Back
  • DM stands for Defensive Midfielder
  • CM stands for Center Midfielder
  • RM stands for Right Midfielder
  • LM stands for Left Midfielder
  • AM stands for Attacking Midfielder
  • WF stands for Wing Forward
  • CF stands for Center Forward

This FC Barcelona team profile.dat is setup to gain more possession and score goals for fun, however, the team is not strong in the air so opponents with taller players can hurt you with set-pieces.

If you have being struggling to win matches in Dream League Online with your team, then download, upload and use this Barcelona profile.dat (FCB profile.dat) and see how you will win matches. But note that you may not win FC. Lol

How to Download & Use FC Barcelona Team Save Data (Profile.dat)

First of all, download latest Barcelona Profile.dat file also known as FCB save data file.


Install anyone of DLS 19 apk or DLS 20 apk if you don’t have any of them installed yet. DLS 19 is preferred because it’s easy to h.a.c.k than the DLS 20 which has no profile.dat file in its folders.


Open the Dream League Soccer game and close it. This will automatically create the required folders for this dls team cheat to work.

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Now open file manager > Android > data, locate com.firsttouchgames.dls3 folder and delete it.


Then download Barca team save data for dream league soccer.


Use Zarchiver Pro apk to unzip the FCB team file com.firsttouchgames.dls3 by and inside it, you will see a folder named com.firsttouchgames.dls3 which contains FC Barcelona profile.dat file, official logo, official first, second, third and Goalkeeper kits plus unlimited coins.

Barca Team save data file

DLS Barcelona profile.dat file


Finally, move the unzipped com.firsttouchgames.dls3 folder to file manager > Android > data.

Now go to your app menu, locate dream league soccer and launch it. Your new Barcelona team profile data will load and you have all the available coins and cheats.


New update coming for non-Messi Barca team

FCB! FCB!! FCB!!! Barca for LIVE.


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