CapCut Mod Apk 9.9.0 Premium Unlocked No Watermark

Experience the extraordinary world of video editing with CapCut Mod Apk – a premium, watermark-free application. Unleash your creativity with its unique features. Get to know more in our detailed blog.

CapCut Mod Apk Latest Version

About CapCut

CapCut, previously known as VivaCut, is an astonishing video editing tool, built to cater to the needs of both beginners and professionals alike. This video editing gem offers high-quality, intricate video editing tools that have made it a fan-favorite around the globe.

CapCut Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

Wondering how to get even more from this awesome tool? Download the CapCut Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) from this post. This mod version offers an elevated experience with all premium features unlocked and no watermark – a perfect choice for those desiring to take their content creation to the next level.

CapCut for Android App Details

Details Information
Name CapCut
Developer Bytedance Pte. Ltd.
Latest Version 9.9.0
Category Video Editing
Size 110MB
Compatibility Android 5.0 and up
Price Free (with in-app purchases)
Mod Features Premium Unlocked, No Watermark
Rating 4.6/5
Date Updated November 19, 2023
Downloads 100M+

Incredible Features of CapCut App

Below are some of the useful features of this powerful video editing app.

1. High-Quality Editing Tools

CapCut offers a robust suite of professional-grade editing tools. These include filters, speed control, and frame-by-frame trimming, which grant users the flexibility and precision typically reserved for advanced editing software. Whether you’re splicing scenes or making subtle adjustments, CapCut empowers you with the right tools.

2. Audio Extraction

This feature allows you to separate audio from your video files effortlessly. It’s an ideal tool for content creators interested in creating podcasts or voiceovers. Moreover, you can use this feature to save iconic dialogue or catchy tunes from your favorite videos.

3. Text and Stickers

Personalize your videos with a wide array of text options and funky stickers. This feature can be a game-changer for social media posts, where added visuals can make your content more engaging and shareable.

Text and stickers

4. Advanced Filters and Effects

CapCut comes equipped with an extensive selection of filters and effects to breathe life into your videos. From cinematic tones to vintage aesthetics, the app offers an array of options to set the right mood and enhance your video’s visual appeal.

Effects and Filters

5. Multi-Layered Editing

CapCut’s multi-layered editing feature allows for an intricate composition of multiple audio, video, and image tracks. This feature opens up a world of creative possibilities, from picture-in-picture effects to complex montages.

6. Video Reverse and Reformat

With CapCut, you can play your videos backward, creating unique, attention-grabbing effects. Additionally, you can change the aspect ratios of your videos, ensuring they’re correctly formatted for different platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.

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7. Dubbing

Bring your stories to life with the dubbing feature. This tool allows you to record and overlay your voice on the video, perfect for commentary, narration, or dramatic voiceovers.


8. Keyframe Animation

Unleash your creativity with the keyframe animation feature. You can animate static objects within your video, adding an engaging dynamic layer that will captivate your audience.

9. Chroma Key

Want to set your video on a sunny beach or a distant planet? With the Chroma Key feature, you can remove or replace video backgrounds, offering a whole new level of creativity and freedom in your storytelling.

CapCut Chroma Key

10. Transition Effects

Tie your story together seamlessly with CapCut’s wide variety of transition effects. From wipes to fades, these effects can help guide your viewers through the story you’re telling.

11. Split Screen

Tell multiple stories at once with the split-screen feature. Show reactions in real-time, make comparisons, or display multiple angles of a single moment. The possibilities are endless.

12. Video Speed Control

Manipulate time in your videos with the speed control feature. Create captivating slow-motion scenes or fast-paced sequences to keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

13. Video Stabilization

Keep your videos smooth and professional-looking, regardless of how you shot them. CapCut’s video stabilization feature minimizes shaky footage, enhancing the overall quality of your videos and providing a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Mod Features

The CapCut Mod Apk offers premium features, unlocked without any payment:

  • No watermark
  • Access to all premium filters, effects, and tools
  • Free access to all stickers and fonts

Versatile Uses of CapCut App – Beyond Just Video Editing

This app is useful in many ways. These are some of its popular uses.

1. Video Editing

At its core, CapCut is a powerful and user-friendly video editing tool. You can trim clips, adjust speed, apply filters, and more, making it perfect for editing everything from home videos to professional content.

2. Short Film Creation

CapCut’s comprehensive suite of editing tools can help budding filmmakers create short films without the need for costly equipment or software. The ability to layer clips, apply transitions, and animate using keyframes allows for complex storytelling and high-quality production.

3. Meme Making

In the age of social media, memes rule the day. CapCut’s text and sticker features, along with speed controls and the ability to reverse videos, provide the ideal tools for meme creation.

4. Creating Tutorials

Whether you’re demonstrating a make-up technique, a workout, or a DIY project, CapCut’s clarity and ease of use make it a great tool for creating tutorial videos. You can utilize its text overlays for instructions and use its speed control feature to slow down complex steps for easy understanding.

5. Marketing Videos

Businesses can leverage CapCut to create engaging promotional videos. Its high-quality effects and filters can help products or services stand out, while text and sticker options allow for compelling calls-to-action.

6. Social Media Content

From Instagram stories to TikTok videos, CapCut’s format versatility makes it a powerful tool for social media content creation. Its wide range of filters and effects can help create attention-grabbing posts, while its music overlay feature can enhance the mood and engagement of any video.

7. Educational Content

Teachers and educators can utilize CapCut to create interesting and interactive educational content. With the ability to add text overlays, images, and voiceovers, complex concepts can be broken down into easy-to-understand, engaging videos.

What’s new in CapCut Mod Apk Latest Version 8.6.0

In the latest update, version 8.6.0, users can now enjoy:

  • Improved video quality
  • Enhanced editing features
  • More filters, effects, and fonts
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Download CapCut Mod Apk for Android

Ready to dive into the world of limitless creativity? Download CapCut app for Android right now via the button below.

Download CapCut Mod Apk 110MB

Step-By-Step Installation Guide for CapCut Mod

Navigating the installation process of a Mod Apk can sometimes be tricky, especially if you’re new to the process. Follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide to ensure you install the CapCut Mod Apk correctly and securely.

STEP 1: Download the CapCut Mod Apk File

Click on the link provided to download the CapCut Mod Apk file. It’s essential to ensure you download the file from a reliable and secure source to protect your device from any potential threats.

STEP 2: Enable ‘Install from Unknown Sources’

Before you can install the apk file, you must enable your Android device to install apps from ‘Unknown Sources’. Navigate to your device’s settings and then go to the ‘Security’ or ‘Privacy’ settings (this may vary based on the device). Here, you’ll find the ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ option – switch it on.

STEP 3: Locate the downloaded apk file

Using a file manager application, navigate to your ‘Download’ folder, or wherever your downloads are saved. Locate the downloaded CapCut Mod Apk file.

STEP 4: Start the Installation Process

Tap on the CapCut Mod Apk file to begin the installation. A prompt will appear asking for confirmation. Tap ‘Install’ to proceed.

STEP 5: Follow the Prompts

You will be guided through a series of prompts asking for certain permissions. These permissions are necessary for the application to function correctly. Review the permissions carefully and if you agree, accept and continue the installation process.

STEP 6: Open the Installed App

After the installation is complete, you can find the CapCut app in your device’s app drawer or home screen. Click on it to open the app.

STEP 7: Start Creating

Now you’re all set! Explore the diverse range of tools and features that CapCut offers. Dive into the world of creativity and start crafting your masterpiece!


A Comprehensive Guide on How to Use the CapCut App

CapCut’s charm lies in its user-friendly interface and well-organized toolset that makes it simple and fun to use. If you’re a first-time user, this guide will help you understand how to navigate the app and make the most of its robust features.

Opening the App

Begin by launching the CapCut app from your device’s app drawer or home screen. If it’s your first time, the app may walk you through a quick tutorial or intro video.

Creating a New Project

On the home screen, you’ll see a ‘+’ sign or a ‘New Project’ option. Clicking on this will allow you to start a new video editing project.

Importing Media

Once you’ve initiated a new project, the app will prompt you to import media from your device. You can select one or multiple files (videos, photos, audio) depending on the complexity of your project.

Navigating the Editing Interface

Post importing, you’ll be taken to the editing interface. The bottom part of the screen is the timeline, where your imported media will appear. On the right, you’ll see various editing tools like filters, effects, stickers, text, and more.

Selecting and Using Tools

Click on any tool you wish to use. Once selected, each tool opens up more options. For example, if you choose ‘Text,’ you’ll have options to change the font, size, color, alignment, etc. Apply these edits as per your requirements.

Applying Edits

To apply an edit, select the portion of the video on the timeline where you want the effect. Then, choose the desired tool and make the changes. You can add layers, animate objects, change video speed, or add transitions between clips.

Previewing Your Video

Always keep an eye on the preview window at the top of the screen. This shows you what the final product looks like. It’s always a good idea to preview your video frequently during the editing process to ensure everything looks as expected.

Saving and Exporting

Once you’re satisfied with your edits, it’s time to export the video. You can find the ‘Export’ or ‘Save’ option, usually located at the top right corner of the screen. Here, you’ll have options to choose the video resolution and quality.

Sharing Your Creation

After exporting, CapCut will save the final video to your device. Additionally, you have the option to share it directly on various social media platforms.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you experiment with the app, the more comfortable you will become with its interface and features. So dive in and start creating with CapCut!

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Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Variety of editing tools
  • Premium features unlocked with mod apk
  • No watermark


  • Requires significant storage and processing power
  • Occasional lags reported on lower-end devices

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Is CapCut Mod Apk safe to download? Yes, it’s safe as long as you download it from a trusted source.
  2. Do I need to pay for the premium features? No, all premium features are unlocked in the CapCut Mod version.
  3. Is there a watermark on the final video? The mod version comes with no watermark.
  4. Can I use CapCut Mod Apk on my iPhone? Unfortunately, the mod apk is not available for iOS users.
  5. Can I use it offline? Yes, you can use CapCut offline for most of its features.
  6. Does it support 4K editing? Yes, CapCut supports up to 4K video editing.
  7. Is there any alternative to CapCut? Yes, apps like InShot, KineMaster, and Adobe Premiere Rush are good alternatives.

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There you have it – a comprehensive guide to using CapCut Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked). This video editing marvel is packed with features that cater to everyone from casual users to professional editors.

CapCut app combines simplicity with a powerful performance, making it a go-to video editing tool for many creators. From hobbyists looking to spruce up their content to professionals needing a robust editing suite on the go, CapCut has something for everyone.

Download it today and embark on a journey of limitless creativity!

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