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For those who want to focus on video editing, the main challenge besides skill training is the availability of video editors. Today I will provide a solution with a free online video editor. It is really needed, especially for bloggers, YouTubers, and internet marketers. Video is now quite important for bloggers. Because when infographic images are commonly used to clarify an article, good videos are more advanced than infographics. That is why quite many bloggers who win the contest use videos in their articles.

Flexclip video editor

FlexClip Introduction

FlexClip is an online video editor that helps you turn your photos and video clips into professional videos without any design skill. For those who want to know more about FlexClip, together with six other applications,all are under the graphic and multimedia software company’s operations from Hong Kong, PearlMountain.

introduction of flexclip

The Advantages of FlexClip

  1. Like any online video editor, FlexClip does not require any download. It’s just that you need to set up a stable internet connection so that the editing process isn’t hampered. Yes, it’s stable enough without the need for bandwidth up to tens of Mbps. However, the big bandwidth is definitely better. I tried FlexClip with a free account. With this account, I get video downloads with 480p resolution, one stock video per project with a maximum of 12 video projects, and each video project is also limited to a 1-minute duration.
  2. The availability of various instant video templates has made it possible for those with minimal video editing skills to create captivating videos. FlexClip also provides a variety of footage that can be used without recording a scene. The blank format with the Start From Scratch menu is designed for those who have more time and have a touch of design.
  3. 3.In my opinion, the editing dashboard is quite user-friendly. This dashboard is really made for those with minimal design knowledge and those who want to output the video quickly
  4. There are many free tools available. Such as: Free screen recorder, Free slideshow maker, Free video converter and Free video compressor.

The Disadvantages of FlexClip

In my opinion, the lack of FlexClip is the limited size and export file facilities. Regarding video size settings, we are only given a choice of ratios for some screen sizes, namely 16: 9, 21: 9, 9:16, 1: 1, and 4: 5. Meanwhile, there are only three export files, namely 480p, 720p and 1080p. Why is the size of the video resolution important? Because as with the current trend of engagement on social media and support for YouTube uploads, videos on the internet are no longer limited to 1080p. Maybe that’s just the drawback that I just found from FlexClip. Regarding the availability of templates and footage, perhaps it’s just a matter of individual taste.

How to use FlexClip

Before starting, please prepare your computer with a browser installed and don’t forget to check your internet connection so that there is no failure to load FlexClip. Then follow on the following steps:

  • Visit the FlexClip site on Chrome.
  • Please register if you don’t have an account via the orange Sign Up – Free button.
  • There are three ways to register: a Facebook account, a Google account, and another by email.
  • Then you are welcomed to the editor. You can choose to Create your clips by Template or Start From Scratch.
  • Please select the video size in advance based on the ratio.
  • If you choose to Create by Template, you have to choose between the various video categories provided by FlexClip. However, if you choose Start from Scratch, FlexClip will bring up a blank page to create according to your creativity.
  • When you finish your editing, select the required resolution. Of course, for the free version, only 480p is available.

Another powerful video editor is Kinemaster Pro and it’s available for Android and iOS platforms.


flexclip pricing

If you apply for a paid plan, proceed to the payment step after registering as a user. There are monthly and annual plans, the latter being cheaper. If you use it only for a short time, you can settle it monthly, but the annual amount is more profitable if you continue to use it. First of all, I think you should try it with a free plan. If you need more premium features, then choose a suitable plan.

To Sum Up

That’s how to use this online video editor. If you have questions regarding FlexClip, please fill in the comments column. Do hesitate to share this post with those who might be interested in this topic.

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