20 Best Boxing Games for Android and iOS to Play in 2024

Hey, boxing fans! If you love virtual boxing and have a smartphone, you’re in luck. I’ve gathered the best boxing games for Android and iOS in 2024. Get ready for a knockout experience, throwing punches, dodging jabs, and feeling like a champ. Let’s jump into the virtual boxing world and discover these must-play games!

Boxing games are video games that simulate the sport of boxing, allowing players to engage in virtual matches and experience the excitement of the boxing ring. These games typically feature realistic or stylized graphics, and various boxing techniques, and often include elements such as training, customization of characters, and competitive multiplayer modes.

Players can control a virtual boxer, throwing punches, dodging, and blocking their way to victory. The games often aim to replicate the intensity and strategy involved in real-life boxing matches. Some boxing games focus on realistic simulations, while others may take a more arcade-style approach with exaggerated moves and special abilities.

Whether played on gaming consoles, computers, or mobile devices, boxing games offer fans and gamers a chance to experience the thrill of boxing without stepping into a real ring. They often include diverse game modes, challenging opponents, and the ability to customize and upgrade your virtual boxer for a more personalized gaming experience.

1. Boxing Star

Boxing Star

Boxing Star is one of the best Boxing games for Android and iOS with stunning graphics and intuitive controls. In this game, you can create your own boxer, train them to perfection, and challenge opponents from around the globe. The knockout feature? Realistic boxing movements that make you feel like you’re in the center of the action. However, the game may become challenging for new players due to the high skill level of some opponents, potentially leading to a steep learning curve.

Key Features:

  • Create your unique boxer.
  • Train and customize your skills.
  • Engage in thrilling PvP matches.
  • Stunning graphics for an immersive experience.

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2. Real Boxing

Real Boxing is a popular boxing game that offers jaw-dropping graphics and lifelike animations, making it a go-to game for boxing fans. The intuitive controls ensure that even newcomers can throw powerful punches and knock out their opponents with style. Meanwhile, note that in-app purchases for various upgrades and customization options might be necessary to stay competitive, and this could result in additional costs for players.

Key Features:

  • Realistic graphics and animations.
  • Intuitive controls for easy gameplay.
  • Single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • Career mode for an immersive boxing journey.

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3. PrizeFighters 2

PrizeFighters 2

Unleash your inner prizefighter in this gripping boxing sequel. PrizeFighters 2 lets you build your own boxing legacy, from humble beginnings to the ultimate glory. With an engaging storyline and strategic gameplay, this game guarantees hours of addictive boxing fun. Nevertheless, some players might find the graphics slightly outdated compared to other games in the genre, affecting the overall visual appeal.


Key Features:

  • Create and customize your boxer.
  • Strategic gameplay with RPG elements.
  • Engaging storyline for immersive gaming.
  • Rise to the top and become a boxing legend.

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4. Punch Boxing 3D

Punch Boxing 3D

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense boxing game with straightforward controls, Punch Boxing 3D is your go-to choice. This game packs a punch with its easy-to-learn controls and realistic boxing physics. Step into the ring, throw powerful punches, and claim victory in this 3D boxing experience. Unfortunately, the advertisements that pop up during gameplay can be disruptive and may interrupt the immersive experience for some players.

Key Features:

  • Simple and intuitive controls.
  • Realistic boxing physics.
  • Variety of opponents for challenging gameplay.
  • Upgrade and customize your boxer.

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5. Real Shoot Boxing Tournament

Real Shoot Boxing Tournament

Mixing boxing with shooting elements, Real Shoot Boxing Tournament takes the action to a whole new level. This unique fusion of genres offers intense gameplay, where precision and timing are crucial. Shoot your way to victory while mastering the art of boxing in this one-of-a-kind mobile game. It’s important to note that the fusion of boxing and shooting elements might be overwhelming for players who prefer a more traditional boxing experience.

Key Features:

  • Fusion of boxing and shooting elements.
  • Precision and timing-based gameplay.
  • Exciting tournaments and challenges.
  • Upgrade weapons and boxing skills.

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6. Real Boxing 2

Real Boxing 2

The sequel to the popular Real Boxing game, Real Boxing 2 takes the excitement to a whole new level. With improved graphics, new boxers, and enhanced gameplay, this sequel is a must-try for fans of the original. Enter the ring, rise through the ranks, and become a boxing champion in this thrilling sequel. Meanwhile, the game may occasionally experience connectivity issues in the multiplayer mode, impacting the overall online gaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Improved graphics and animations.
  • New boxers and customization options.
  • Engaging career mode with challenging opponents.
  • Multiplayer mode for global competition.

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7. World Robot Boxing

World Robot Boxing

Step into the futuristic world of World Robot Boxing, where robots replace human boxers in the ring. This unique twist on the classic boxing formula offers exciting gameplay and a variety of robotic contenders. Upgrade your robot, master different fighting styles, and dominate the robot boxing scene. Regardless, progression can be slow, especially for players who choose not to make in-app purchases, which might affect the pacing of the game.

Key Features:

  • Futuristic robot boxing experience.
  • Customize and upgrade your robotic boxer.
  • Unique robotic opponents with different abilities.
  • Engaging storyline in the world of robot boxing.

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8. MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

MMA Manager 2

If you’re a fan of both management and fighting games, MMA Manager 2 is the perfect blend. Manage your own MMA gym, train fighters, and guide them to victory in intense matches. With a mix of strategy and action, this game offers a unique and captivating boxing experience on your mobile device. Meanwhile, some players may find the management aspects of the game to be too complex or time-consuming, especially if they prefer more straightforward gameplay

Key Features:

  • Manage your MMA gym and fighters.
  • Strategic gameplay with training and match planning.
  • Engaging storyline in the world of MMA management.
  • Realistic MMA fighting experience.

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9. King of Boxing

King of Boxing

Become the King of Boxing in this exciting mobile game that combines strategy and skill. Train your boxer, devise winning strategies, and challenge opponents in epic matches. With its immersive gameplay and competitive edge, King of Boxing is a top choice for those seeking a challenging and rewarding boxing experience.

Key Features:

  • Train and customize your boxer.
  • Strategic gameplay with diverse opponents.
  • Rise through the ranks and become the King of Boxing.
  • Realistic boxing experience with impressive graphics.

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10. Street Fighter IV CE

Street Fighter IV CE

While not exclusively a boxing game, Street Fighter IV CE features intense hand-to-hand combat with iconic characters. Experience the nostalgia of this legendary title and test your skills against formidable opponents. But, for some reason, the control scheme on mobile devices may be challenging for some players, affecting the ease of executing complex moves and combos.

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Key Features:

  • Iconic Street Fighter characters.
  • Intuitive controls for engaging battles.
  • Single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • Special moves and combos for epic fights.

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11. Boxing – Fighting Clash

Boxing Fighting Clash

Boxing – Fighting Clash is another good boxing game that focuses on fast-paced brawling action. With simple controls and intense gameplay, this game delivers a knockout punch of excitement. Challenge opponents, unleash powerful punches, and climb the ranks to become the ultimate boxing champion. Although, the game’s graphics, while functional, may not be as visually polished as some of the other titles in the genre.

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced and intense boxing action.
  • Easy-to-learn controls for quick gameplay.
  • Various game modes for endless fun.
  • Compete against players worldwide in PvP matches.

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12. Super Boxing Championship

Super Boxing Championship

Strap on your gloves and enter the Super Boxing Championship. This game offers a championship mode where you can rise through the ranks and claim the ultimate glory. With realistic graphics and challenging opponents, it’s a must-play for boxing enthusiasts. However, the limited customization options for boxers might disappoint players who enjoy personalizing their in-game characters extensively.

Key Features:

  • Championship mode for a challenging journey.
  • Realistic graphics and animations.
  • Diverse opponents with unique fighting styles.
  • Upgrade and customize your boxer for success.

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13. Tag Boxing Game

Tag Boxing Game

Tag Boxing Game takes a unique approach by introducing a tag team boxing experience. Team up with other virtual boxers, strategize your attacks, and dominate the ring together. With cooperative gameplay and a social element, it adds a fresh twist to the traditional boxing genre. The downside? the game’s matchmaking system may occasionally pair players with significantly different skill levels, leading to uneven and less enjoyable matches.

Key Features:

  • Tag team boxing experience.
  • Cooperative gameplay for team strategy.
  • Multiplayer mode for social interaction.
  • Customize your boxer and tag team partner.

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14. Head Boxing (D&D Dream)

Head Boxing

If you’re looking for a more lighthearted boxing experience, Head Boxing has got you covered. With cartoon-style graphics and quirky characters, this game brings a fun and entertaining twist to the boxing ring. Don’t let the playful visuals fool you – the boxing action is still intense and enjoyable. However, the simplified controls, while accessible, may make the gameplay feel repetitive for those seeking more strategic depth.

Key Features:

  • Cartoon-style graphics for a unique look.
  • Quirky characters with special abilities.
  • Single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • Easy controls for all ages.

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15. Boxing Combat

Boxing Combat

Boxing Combat is a top boxing game that invites players to unleash their fighting spirit in the ring. With realistic boxing mechanics and a focus on skillful gameplay, this title caters to those who appreciate precision and technique in their virtual boxing matches.

Key Features:

  • Realistic boxing mechanics.
  • Skill-based gameplay for strategy.
  • Upgrade and customize your boxer.
  • Engaging single-player and multiplayer modes.

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16. Smash Boxing Zero

Smash Boxing Zero

In Smash Boxing Zero, the emphasis is on smashing your way to victory. This game combines boxing with a touch of chaos, allowing players to unleash powerful punches and special moves. It’s an adrenaline-fueled experience that brings an extra layer of excitement to the virtual boxing arena. However, the chaotic nature of the gameplay may make it challenging for players who prefer a more strategic and calculated approach to boxing.

Key Features:

  • Unique “smash” mechanics for powerful punches.
  • Special moves and combos for added fun.
  • Intense and fast-paced gameplay.
  • Various game modes for diverse challenges.

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Conclusion: Knockout Extravaganza!

And there you have it – a comprehensive list of the best boxing games to play on Android and iOS in 2024. Whether you prefer realistic simulations, strategic battles, or quirky cartoon-style fun, these games offer a knockout extravaganza for every boxing enthusiast. Download your favorites, lace up those virtual gloves, and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping, mobile boxing experience like never before. It’s time to claim victory in the virtual ring – are you up for the challenge? Which of these games is your best?

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