Get Better at Black Ops Cold War With These Useful Tips (COD)

Call of Duty is one of the most popular first-person shooter franchises around the world with a massive fan base. With some new ingredients added to the mix, the black ops cold war has hooked up many gamers since its initial release in 2020.

With every update, game developers tweak the performance to keep the gameplay immersive and gamers engaged. Whether you are a veteran in FPS or have just started playing, here are some proven pro tips that will help you take control of the map and ultimately win.

Using Meta Firearms

Besides developing sharp visual skills to safely navigate the map or attack enemies, picking the right weapon is also imperative. The firearm you choose will define your gameplay and the tactics and maneuvers you will be utilizing for a clear win.

call of duty warzone

When playing against other players, it is not wise to pick simple weapons when others are playing the game using meta weapons. Not picking a powerful weapon will put you at a distinct disadvantage and result in you losing the game.

There are several like burst-fire rifles, FFR, and MP5s that will improve the chances of securing a win. Lastly, when you have locked in on a weapon, the only way to improve at it will be to practice aiming and playing more often.

Only then can you really let your skills talk on the battlefield.

Learning The Maps

One way you can be at an advantage is by knowing your way around the map. Each map had its eavesdropping areas, blind spots, and camping areas that players use often.

If you know your way around the maps, it becomes very easy to sneak up on enemies and secure victory. After a game or two, it will become clear which areas of the map are being used by the enemy, so use this information to your advantage and be alert, especially when navigating these areas.

Knowing the vantage points on the map is essential as you can use these points to provide support to your team while they advance on the enemy. Using these vantage points also helps in keeping you alive for longer.

Practicing Aim

Practicing aim surely makes a difference in a COD match. To increase the score in-game, you need your aim to be perfect. You can play custom bot games to improve your aim and agility.

Leading cheat industry gurus at iwantcheats suggest cranking down the difficulty level of these bots so you can practice your aiming without facing too much resistance. Nowadays, many players are using cheats and various software as a way to improve their chances of winning.

If you want to try out cheats and spoofers, always go with a cheating service that is reputable as poorly written cheat scripts can be easily detected by the game servers and get your account banned.

Using cheats might give you an advantage when playing, but it will not develop your skills.

Watching Professional Gameplay

Watching the gameplay of pro players helps in recognizing the tactics and maneuvers they use while moving and aiming. It might not be possible to replicate the way they aim but it will give you a sense of what needs to be done before you take a headshot at the enemy.


There are a few tricks you can use to improve your aiming and increase the chances of securing wins. Lastly, putting in hours of practice is also crucial in improving your gameplay so you can stand out from the average player bracket.

Following Objectives

Roaming around the map and finding enemies will only get you killed, whereas following the game objectives will ensure you never miss the action.

If you are playing with friends, ask your team to follow a plan while pursuing the in-game objective.

Besides sharpening kills, securing in-game objectives will also allow you to use modern weapons like drone strikes and even attack with some heat-seeking missiles raining from the sky. Securing objectives will ultimately improve the chances of winning by many folds.

Paying Attention to Sound

black gamepad

The sounds you hear in-game can be used as cues to plan your next move. The sound of a shooting gun can give you a sense of direction and reveal information about the enemy’s location.

Even footsteps can be heard when enemies are nearby. Therefore, always pay attention to sounds and use good-quality headphones so you can pick up every minor cue.

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Getting better at any game takes time, effort, and dedication. As you move along the learning curve of the game, don’t stress yourself out, as this will only result in you experiencing burnout.

Take it easy, pay attention to details, and keep a tab on your progress so you know which areas still need improvement.

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