Top 7 Apps to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

Maybe you accidentally deleted some photos from your phone or you simply deleted them because you thought you were not going to use them, but it was not so and now you want to recover them. For this reason, today we wanted to bring you this useful post on how to recover deleted photos on Android.

There are accidents that happen in the blink of an eye and, one of these, is that with a simple tap on the screen when selecting a photo album all are inadvertently deleted and suddenly they are gone. However, and fortunately for many, there are various methods that allow us to recover deleted photos or videos on Android. There are special data recovery apps that can help you restore deleted images from your phone.

However, before going in depth about these applications and explaining how they work, it is important to know that there are other options that can be applied before going to them.
Although, before continuing on these options, it is important that you remember how long it has been since you deleted the photos you want to recover, since depending on this, you will have more or less chances of recovering them by this means, even with the use of external applications.

Methods to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

Synchronization with Google Photos

Now, having an Android, usually, you have a linked Google account and the photos are automatically related or backed up to the Google Photos application, as long as it is synchronized first. Therefore, this would be your first option to consider in order to recover your deleted photos, since you would have a backup of the photos.

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The whole process should be very easy, you just have to open it and tap on the horizontal stripes icon, located in the upper left part of the screen. A list of options will be displayed, among them the Trash and, when entering there will be the deleted photos. The only detail is that the photos will remain there only 60 days, hence the importance of the date on which they were deleted.

To recover the photos, you must select the ones that interest you, press Restore and that’s it , they will return to the list and you will be able to access them again.
Another option is that if you have an account in Dropbox or some other virtual storage system, your photos will surely be healthy and safe there.

Now, if you do not have a Google account or an account on another data storage system, then the recovery task must be done differently. This time, with an app or software.

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Applications Used to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

There are various specialized photo recovery applications on the market. However, these apps ability to restore deleted photos is determined by where the photos were stored, if on a memory card, there are apps for that and others if the photos were stored in the memory of the device, there are also apps for that.

If the Photos Were Saved on the Memory Card

Within this range of applications there are some that are used from a computer and others that are installed directly on the phone and are used from there.

1. Android Data Recovery

android data recovery
This application is available for both PC and Mac, and allows you to recover multimedia files from an Android device or directly from a MicroSD card. You just have to install it and connect the device to the computer. Then choose the type of file you want to recover. You can view all the images and there you will select the ones you want and that’s it.

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2. Recuva

It is a free application that allows you to recover the deleted photos on your Android, detecting all the files stored on the memory card. With this photo recovery tool, you can apply two search methods: one light and one in depth. Always use the second to find everything, although with this method the search may take a while. Then select the photos you want to recover and press “Recover”.


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If the Photos Were Stored in The Memory of the Smartphone

Under this range there is an endless number of applications that allow you to recover deleted photos on your Android. Now, before running any of the applications that we are going to present to you, it is convenient to disable the Wi-Fi connection, the Smartphone data connection, the file synchronization and the backups.
As additional information, it is important that you know that a photo or any data that has been deleted is not completely deleted from the storage unit until the moment it is written again in the same place. And this happens just when all the mentioned options are active.
Now, to carry out this task it is convenient to have an application that allows you to search among the phone’s folders as if you were on a computer. Let’s see.

3. Disk Digger

disk digger

It is a free application that perform an exhaustive search on the entire phone. Once it displays the result, mix the deleted photos with the ones that are not, so your job is to look closely and locate the ones that interest you. The application allows you to sort them by size or by file type. It is important to know that the photo you want to recover will not have its original size, but will be a lower quality copy.

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DOWNLOAD Disk Digger

4. Dumpster

dumpster app to recover deleted photos
This application works as a virtual recycle bin . All the files you have deleted will be located there, before being completely removed from your phone. However, for this to happen, the app must be installed before deleting the photos.

5. DigDeep Image Recovery

digdeep photo recovery tool
It is an application that allows you to recover deleted photos on Android and it’s very easy to use. It stands out among the others for having an elegant design and also, because it recovers the images stored both in the phone and in the SD memory.
DOWNLOAD DigDeep Image Recovery App

6. Undeleter

undeleter photo recovery app
It is an application that finds the deleted files that are still in the cache memory of the phone . The main feature of this program is that it performs a deeper search if you have root permissions.
DOWNLOAD Undeleter

7. Photo Recovery

It stands out for conducting an exhaustive search in the remotest parts of your mobile device . Also, it has the particularity of recovering the deleted photos from the email.
DOWNLOAD Photo Recovery App

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With the previous recommendation, we end this post on how to recover deleted photos on Android . We hope that with so many options you can recover your images and other files.

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