Find Jobs Close To You With New Google Job Search

Google is making it easier to find job listings close to you with a new job search feature.

Today Google is launching a new job Search experience, which lets you explore, research and find job postings from across the web, all in one Google search window.

Google understands that unemployment rate is increasing day by day and more people are anxiously searching for jobs cutting from different categories but most fail to secure one.

Google job search
“Finding employment is still very difficult for many people,” said Google. Its no longer news that unemployment rate is extremely high in Africa; hence, this new job search experience will help the millions of Africans searching for new opportunities.” Google said.

The improved job search function allows users to explore jobs from across the web and refine their search to meet their needs.

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How It Works

Integration with Google Maps and alerts also lets users see where the job is located and receive notifications when new positions matching their search criteria become available.

The notification part is interesting so you don’t only depend on email alerts for new jobs but also alerts from google when there is vacancy or opening for your job of interest (dream job).

Google tries everything possible to stay ahead in virtually everything and this is simply one of the methods they are doing so.

This new Google search experience is currently available for Nigerians, Kenyans and South Africa.

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