AOMEI OneKey Recovery – Free&Easy One Click Restore Software

In 2014, AOMEI Technology developed a new backup software – AOMEI OneKey Recovery. Compare to their famous AOMEI Backupper, this freeware is smaller and easier to use. They designed this tool for computer newbies or lazy men. It is said that its design inspiration comes from brand computer, especially laptops’ one key recovery programs. But AOMEI OneKey Recovery is powerful than them no matter from functionality or applicability.

When talk about one key/click restore, people may think of laptops soon. For example, Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc. Because under the pressure of computer selling competition, these manufacturers do not provide installation disc anymore, but their own one key recovery programs instead. When you buy their machines, you can get the built-in secret weapons, thus save users much trouble of re-installing system.

But users may come into situations that they can’t use the one key restore tool after doing some optimization operation, such as re-partition or updating operating system. Usually, brand computer’s one key recovery has no icon on the Windows’ desktop, or say the program is hidden somewhere. People can only reboot system, when entering, press some hot key to into one key restore interface. Or press a hot button on the machine to do recovery.

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Not all users satisfy with the vendors’ built-in one click restore software, so they are looking for third-party professional tool. If they prefer to only backup and restore system, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is such a one. It can be installed on either Windows desktops or Windows laptops, and will not affected by the location and size of recovery partition.

An advantage of AOMEI OneKey Recovery is that when doing backup, your computer will not reboot generally, which saves lots of time. Click the left button to start your backup journey please.

AOMEI onekey recovery

In view of volume of partition, AOMEI OneKey Recovery provides two methods as follow.

AOMEI onekey recovery tool

After deciding a location and starting to backup, you can minmize the program to background, then do your interesting thing and wait. When come to restore, you can open the software directly if your system is in normal state and then click the right recovery button. However, if you can’t enter into Windows successfully, you could press “F11” (default) or “A” key during computer startup to active the software to restore your computer to its factory default settings or a previous backed up state.

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Nowadays, AOMEI OneKey Recovery has some advanced editions. Users could experience free edition first, then consider upgrade to higher editions or not. There are also Technician and Customization editions for enterprises to protect their data easily. Hope more and more people would like to create system image backup fast under the help of AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

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