20 Best Software & Apps for Architects and Designers 2021

Are you an Architect looking for best software or apps for Architects to upgrade your design skills with modern best practices? Search no further because you are in the right place.

Technology has revolutionized every aspect of human activities so everyone is upgrading to offer the latest tech skills to enhance their job offerings.

One of the skills that are not left out in this revolution is architecture; you can now use apps like Autocad to design a virtual building with your laptop or even smartphone before actually building it in real life. Some of the apps can also be used to virtually remodel and decorate your house.

Apps for Architect are useful for everything from viewing complex BIM models on the go to sketching with a simple swipe of your finger.

Our research reveals that both professional and amateur architects uses at least one of the apps here in design and decoration, although your level of design knowledge sets you apart from others.
The Software or apps offer solutions for several stages of construction, remodeling or renovation of an environment, structure or property.

These tools come with features that can help make floor plans and simulate different interior designs, with varying inspirations. The apps are also used to make 3D drawings and printing as well as touch-screen drafting boards,
MokoWeb has selected the top useful Architecture apps used by Architects, builders and designers nowadays.

Apps for architects

Best Apps for Architects 2021

1. AutoCAD – DWG Viewer & Editor

The most popular tool for any Architect or designer is AutoCAD. The software is so familiar to architects that almost all professional designer uses it to pre-design houses, environments and any other structures for preview before actually replicating the building in real life.

With it, you can view, create, edit and share AutoCAD drawings to clients for review and approval.
Among the features available are viewing DWG files, creating new drawings dynamically and making accurate measurements. There are also advanced drawing and editing tools and the option to add notes and import measured values with Leica Disto.

The tool allows you to work offline and synchronize changes when you are online.

AutoCAD is available as a Windows PC Software and a mobile app for Android and iPhone. Download for different platforms below.

AutoCAD for Windows

AutoCAD for Android

AutoCAD for iOS

2. MagicPlan

MagicPlan is one of the best construction and floor plan apps for contractors. This application allows you to create building plans from photographs. With this, it is possible to generate complete work estimates (quotation), visualize the space in 3D and plan projects.

Plans can be edited by the user. Editing options include adding objects, notes, product price lists, tasks and other costs.
For these reasons, the app is ideal for real estate agents, artisans, firefighters, architects, home inspectors and interior designers and even amateur do-it-yourself builders.

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Download for Android

Download for iOS

3. Homestyler Interior Design

As the name suggests, HomeStyler Interior Design app was developed to enable the user to view interior design ideas. It is possible to simulate how furniture and decoration products would look in a certain environment, so you decide to buy them or not, already knowing how the result will be.

To do so, just take a picture of the space you want to decorate. In a kind of virtual fitting room, it will be possible to test colors of walls, decoration items and furniture from real brands (so that the user can actually buy the tested products, if desired). All this with high quality 3D models.

The app also offers interior design projects such as inspirations, decoration tips and trends. The design collection includes photos, articles and “How to do it”.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

4. Roomle 3D / AR Catalog

The Roomle 3D / AR Catalog app allows you to plan environments, furniture and decoration. The user can design floor plans to simulate the appropriate dimensions of the environment.

Do you want to know how a certain color or furniture would look in space? Test different colors on the floor and walls and take the opportunity to add various items of furniture. View the environment and furniture in 3D, with navigation from different angles.

The app also allows you to buy furniture and other items online. The tool indicates where to purchase a product or similar from a large network of business partners.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

5. BIMx eXplorer

Developed Graphisoft, BIMx eXplorer app is one of the best design tools used Architects and designers. It features the ‘BIMx Hyper-model’, a unique technology for navigating the embedded drawing sheet and 3D building model, and for displaying building component information.

The app combines the power of BIM with a mobile-friendly interface. With the app, you have detailed information of every building component in your hand for easy reference around the office and on the construction site.

Smart architects using ARCHICAD also uses BIMx to present and/or share their designs with clients and contractors.

Download for Windows

Download for MacOS

Download for Android

Download for iOS

6. uMake – 3D CAD Modeling

UMake – 3D CAD Modeling is an app aimed at both experienced people and beginners in 3D modeling. The program allows you to create drawings of complex surfaces easily, using tools such as Pull & Push (drag and drop).
In addition, it is possible to view your projects in real environments, thanks to Augmented Reality technology. Jobs can be exported in IGES, STEP, OBJ or STL formats. Thus, it is feasible to continue working on other CAD or 3D printing software. For now, it’s only available or iOS users.

Download from Apple Store

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7. ViewER

ViewER is a design application basically used in rendering 3D models in supported formats including openNURBS (3DM), Wavefront (OBJ), 3D Systems (STL), Stanford Triangle Format (PLY) and Autodesk (3DS, DXF, DWF) formats.

It’s another useful app for architects working across multiple platforms.

It has inbuilt caching technology to boost the loading time and save resources. It’s offered by AMC Bridge.

Download for Android

8. ArchiSnapper 5

Offered by SBSA, ArchiSnapper is the perfect app used by architects for field reports, punch lists & construction collaboration without much difficulties.

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So instead of manually drafting a field report during or after a site visit, you use this app to take photos, draw, sketch, annotate and comment directly on your smartphone or tablet, then the app will automatically generate the site report for you with just a click.

The generated digital report can be saved directly in your phone or in the cloud making it easily accessible anywhere and at anytime. Above all, it saves time.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

9. SketchUp Viewer

This app uses Augmented Reality (AR) to display 3D models in your Android phone and allows you open models directly from 3D Warehouse, Trimble Connect and Dropbox.

Move around using multi-touch gestures for orbiting, panning and zooming. Select to view your projects from any angle that you may have created up in SketchUp’s desktop and web modelers.

Switch between perspective and orthographic cameras for production and architectural drawings. Take measurements using the Tape Measure tool and adjust unit preferences to see measurements, dimension strings and Entity Info in the units of your choice.

Turn layers on or off to control the visibility of parts of your model. Control the look and feel of your model by adjusting Edge and Face styles, including X-ray mode, along with toggles to control the visibility of Hidden Geometry, Section Planes, Section Cuts, Axes, and Watermarks.

Download for Android

Download for Windows

Download for MacOS

Download for iOS

10. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator by Marcin Lewandowski is an app used to create detailed and precise floor plans. View them in 3D. Add virtual furniture to design interior of your home. View your floor plan while shopping to check if there is enough room for a new furniture.

Some features of the app includes 3D tour mode, automatic calculation of room, walls and level area; perimeter; counts of symbols. On this app, projects can have multiple floors with rooms of any shape and it supports user defined dimensions and also support cloud upload and editing.

Download for Android

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11. Pixlr Express — Free Photo Editor

Pixlr Express by 123RF limited is a free photo editing tool with features that are useful to architects. For instance, the masks and overlays feature allow you to add that professional touch to your architectural images, as well as options such as Color Splash and Focal Blur which are available to add styles to images.

It requires no signup, just install and start editing and unleashing your creativity. Although the app is more of a photo editor than just an architecture app.

Download for Android

12. Homestyler – Interior Design & Decorating Ideas

Homestyler is a perfect app for Architects or interior designers who are carrying out home renovation projects or building houses. It’s one of the best home decoration and design apps.

It is a powerful app for testing how furniture and lighting features will look like in your house in 3D before you actually buy and install them.

Easily design your dream home and publish your designs.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

13. Home Design 3D

Home design 3D by Anuman is an architect app that is used to quickly design and remodel a house in 3D. It supports unlimited number of floors and interior design models.

The app help you to design your floor plan in 2D and 3D, draw your plot, rooms. Modify the height or the thickness of the walls, create corners. Add doors and windows with fully-resizable pieces of joinery virtually. In fact, there are many things you can do with this app. The drawback however is that you need to pay for the premium version (upgrade to gold) to enjoy most of the features.

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Download for Android

Download for iOS

14. Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D

Room Planner by iCanDesign LLC is another great floor plan and creator and home designer app used to virtually decorate your house and apartments in 3D.

Whether you are a newbie or professional experienced designer, you can get ideas from layouts for your bedroom, bathroom, living room and so on.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

15. Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator

Don’t have experience in design? Use Planner 5D to simply create realistic interior and exterior designs in 2D and 3D models.

Open catalog to pick several items for your design, use the editor to edit and view your designs either in 2D or 3D. It supports unlimited number of projects, catalog and synchronization. Just install it to see more features.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

16. Modern Architecture Design Ideas

This app is a little different from other apps on this list because it shows you the latest modern architecture design ideas. While other apps has editing features, this one shows you the best designs you should use.

In this app, you will find; Home/House design Ideas, Villa design Ideas, Bungalow design Ideas, Landscape design Ideas, Garden design Ideas, Door design Ideas, Window design Ideas, Gate design Ideas, Grills/Fencing design Ideas, Iron work Ideas etc.

Download for Android

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17. Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

Over 300,000 users are satisfied with what this app offers. It has over 20 million images of home interior and exterior design ideas. Get professional advise on your home renovation ideas (remodeling ideas) and lots more.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

18. Swedish Home Design 3D

Easily design your home in 2D or 3D online or offline even if you don’t have knowledge for designing houses. The app help you create floor plans of your own or choose from existing templates and ideas.

From the catalog, select your furniture, fittings and any other decoration component of your choice and see how it will look on your house.

It’s easy to use; just drag and drop items to any location of your choice.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

19. SketchBook

20. Stencil

The above listed apps/software are the top tools used by Architects to design projects which includes residential houses, commercial houses, Hotels, Schools, Churches, Auditorium, Bridges, Roads, etc.

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These design apps are necessary tools to upgrade your design skills for modern projects. Kindly by hitting the social media buttons.

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