Free Monogram Logo Design Ideas

In this article, we’ll bring you the most straightforward tricks of designing a monogram logo easily. Even for beginners, this guide will be very constructive to make your very first monogram logo.

How to tell an attractive story with the fewest words? – It’s creating a monogram logo picture. Take a look at LV, Chanel, Gucci, or New York Yankees hats. Right away, you’ll see all of them have the most iconic & popular monogram design. Customers turn crazy immediately when they debut or release a new product, sales rocks!

What’s more interesting? Monogram designs have sentimental values in each of its printed products – Via combining letters, their designs form a memorable, deep connection with the brand. When audiences see it, they will think of its represented products and company.

Monogram logo design

A monogram logo is a creative design made up of one or more letters which overlap & form a distinguish logo symbol. Different from a combination logo (i.e. Adidas logo or Starbucks logo), monogram logos are commonly seen to represent brands for top apparels, Tech items, and luxury goods only.

Designing style & creativity are key to monogram design. To some extent, monogram logo can illustrate brand concept better than other approaches.
Monograms are the oldest forms for brand identification. Ancient Greeks have used it to coin different countries & cities. Artists like to use monograms in their painting or other art works.

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Should You Choose A Monogram, or A Combination Logo for Business?

For brand creators or business startups, how to choose a better logo between a combination logo or a monogram?

To find a better logo, you’ll want the design can resonate with your clients. That makes establishing brand’s awareness difficult:

You need to consider logo fonts, shape, and favicon for web at the same time. And different products should use different typefaces, so that they can evoke the right feeling when an audience sees it.

Although monogram logos perform well for top brands, the 2- or 3-letter monograms are not smart options for small company branding. – Let’s say, if you have a new brand and use a monogram like “SO”, your brand can soon get forgetting when a powerful company create a same brand naming “SO” or naming similarly “Zso” or “It’s So.”

Another Naming Tricks: When building brands, length names are not suggested, since they are not friendly and memorable for customers!

Reason is simple – Image when you ask a client to memorize a sentence like a textbook, will they be happy? Nope! So make your monogram logo simple and catchy!

For small companies, letter monograms or combination logos are better options to seek business success. They can be distinctive and customizable, based on your business branding.

How to Free Make a Monogram Logo for
Your Brand Easily?

Choose a free monogram logo maker, like, and the rest works will be much


Even for professional designers, thinking how to design a monogram logo from scratch is full of headaches. That’s why you need DesginEvo logo maker – It allows you to enter a keyword and retrieve relative logo ideas in a minute.

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Search for related Monogram ideas

Its search function has some limits. When you enter some words that used less frequently in logo design, DesignEvo may give you naughty feedback without any templates for your selection.

When it occurs, our test solution is changing your keyword by searching a more descriptive word, such as, red, black, tech, football…


When seeing a nice design, you click it. DesignEvo will present you the design interface. Some ideas may not be monograms, but you can delete the shapes and leave your brand identity company name only.

Logo design templatesYou can edit the design, including text family, size, color, and effects for texts & shapes. Everything is reachable at your fingertips.


Free is a key factor that we introduce DesignEvo: Many a logo maker claims itself to support free download of your designing logo. But they don’t. The easiness needs a payment.

DesignEvo seems to be a gospel for logo design starters. Though it has upgrading option with pricing, most of users can suffice its free 500*500 logo download option (without any watermark)!

Design branding logoTo ensure you’ve designed your logo as you wish, its preview feature remains 6 scenarios of practical uses. By clicking [Preview], you can get the views of how your logo will get displayed on a business card, document header, website, notebook cover, T-shirt, or presentation wall.


You’ve known how to use DesignEvo to work out a monogram logo for your brand. While in the
end, we’d like to offer three designing advices for new users or designers here.

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Suggestion 1:

We suggest you not changing the font family, as it’s the ghost for a design pattern. If choosing improperly, your design may not be effective. This error has happened to many new designers, and only design expert can see it immediately.

Suggestion 2:

Take care of your logo color. When green goes with red, the design sucks. Combining colors to make a good design is not easy at all. And that’s why we recommend you DesignEvo. All of the logo templates are designed & examined by professional designers. So colors feel right.

Suggestion 3:

Be careful with logo effects. Effects like shadows, boldness will make design complex. In the era of 21 st century, simple design is the new trend. Since DesignEvo logo templates are professional, their effects are up to the logo trend.

Do you find DesignEvo useful to create a free monogram logo? And how does your monogram logo look? If you’ve found some new tools useful or easier, just like, we are happy to hear your voice.

Perhaps, our next tech review post will be reviewing your recommendation. Your participations and supports will be our guide.

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