App Cloner Apk Mod 2.3.1 Premium Download (Fully Unlocked)

Download app cloner apk premium fully unlocked version for Android to duplicate existing apps on your phone. App Cloner is used to create multiple copies of the apps installed on your device so that you can use multiple login or accounts of certain apps. It works both on rooted and non rooted phones. This is the latest version succeeding the previous version that was posted here before.

It’s interesting and fun to be able to have more than one Facebook, Instagram or Twitter app in one device. It means you can login with multiple different accounts in same device. The same is applicable to other apps when you use app cloner. It works similar to dual space app.

When you use App Cloner premium, you create independent installable clones of the apps in your phones so you can run them simultaneously or differently at any time without issues.

With app cloner premium apk, you can tweak the cloned apps by changing the app icon, renaming the app, changing its permissions, changing network connectivity, changing app color, allow app to install in SD-Card, convert the app to a floating window, disable auto start and auto wake and lots more.

App cloner apk premium

In the cloned app, you can also tweak, customize it to add password protection, incognito mode, hiding the Android ID or spoofing locations. This is why it’s different and better than other app cloning applications for Android.

Unfortunately in 2018, Google removed App Cloner app from Play Store for certain violations when it had over 4 million downloads and 4/5 rating on the Google app store. This means you can no longer install the app from play store until it’s fixed. That’s why we have uploaded the app for you to download from here or simply go to the app cloner website to download. But the app cloner premium ad-on is still available on play store.


The free version allows basic cloning so you have to upgrade to premium to enjoy the full set of options. Below are the features you enjoy when you download and use app cloner premium apk.

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• Clone premium apps (Messenger, VK, Snapchat)
• Create multiple app clones & use

batch cloning

• Save cloned apps
• Replace launcher icons
• Clone watch apps, watch faces

Display options:

• Change status, navigation and toolbar colors
• Change the rotation lock
• Floating apps & free-form windows
• Change the app display size, language & font size
• Keep screen on, immersive mode
• Multi-window support

Privacy options:

• Password-protect apps
• Incognito mode for apps
• Exclude app from recents
• Change Android ID, hide IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC
• Remove permissions
• Prevent screenshots
• Spoof location

Storage options:

• Allow apps to be installed on SD-card
• Redirect external storage
• Clear cache on exit

Launching options:

• Remove widgets, app icon
• Disable auto-start
• Disable app defaults

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Networking options:

• Disable mobile data & background networking
• SOCKS proxy

Notification options:

• Notification filter
• Silence notifications
• Change notification color

Automation options:

• Set brightness & mute on start
• Do not Disturb, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth controls


There are apps that cannot be cloned by app cloner. Some apps that depend on the app certificate like Google account logins Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Play games, Google Drive backup and in-app purchases cannot be cloned and if you try, it will crash, show errors or will not work well.

Cloning an app will change its certificate, which means the clone may not work in case the app validates the certificate or uses advanced copy-protection.

Some apps that CANNOT be cloned:

• Most Google apps
• Evernote
• Grab
• Kodi
• OneDrive
• Skype for Business
• Trello
• WeChat
• WhatsApp
• YouTube

Use ‘Report app issue’ to report a problem with a cloned app.

App Cloner Premium App Information

  • Name: App Cloner Premium
  • Latest Version: 2.3.1
  • Developer: App Listo
  • App Size: 11mb
  • Genre: Tools
  • Platform: Android
  • Updated: April 26, 2020
  • Downloads: 4,000,000+
  • Premium Ad-ons: Yes
  • Rating: 4/5

How To Download App Cloner Apk Premium

  1. Download App Cloner Apk Here.
  2. Go to phone settings > security > unknown source and enable it.
  3. Now install the app cloner app you downloaded.
  4. You can now clone any app of your choice to run multiple apps or accounts in one Android phone.
  5. To enjoy the premium features, install the app cloner premium ad-on from play store.
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What’s New in This Version

  • Patched by Team Begal
  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
  • Fabric Crashlytics service removed
  • Manual Data consumption Only (For thumbnails)
  • Anonymous Bug Data Transfer Removed
  • Fake time zone’ privacy optionSneeze to exit’ privacy option
  • FPS monitor’ display option
  • Certificate fingerprint and file hash info in app details dialog
  • Support for latest Bukalapak & Tokopedia
  • Bug fixes

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Final Words

So if you have been searching for ways to have a cloned versions of the apps in your Android phone, then get App Cloner apk and have fun. Also recommend it to your friends as it’s not currently available on play store but the official app cloner website and other third-party app stores.

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