Download Christ Embassy Kingschat App For Free Calls and Chats

Download latest “Kingschat App” v9. 3.6, an exclusive Android and iOS application for every christian especially Christ Embassy Church (Believers Love World) pastored by Chris Oyakhilome.

The Kingschat app is a social media app similar to WhatsApp as it allows users to make free calls and communicate among themselves via chatting.

Interestingly, you must not be a member of Christ Embassy before you can download and use the app. In fact, it’s totally free to install and use.

Download kingschat app


Let me shock you with the fact that this app has been available since 2015 and yet many people are unaware of its existence. I am sure, if people had known, they will embrace the app with both hands.

What’s New in KingChat App 9.3.6

  • Fixed problem with user avatar refresh.
  • Fixed problem with creating timeline posts.
  • Stories moved to Timeline.
  • Ads on timeline.
  • Improved message notifications delivery.
  • Sharing posts to Facebook.
  • Faster Loading time for Video Autoplay.
  • Improved Facebook Login feature.
  • Updated About menum.
  • Improved Drop-downs on Registration Page.
  • Improved Searching Users from contact list.
  • Fixed issues with Posting Videos.
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Features of Kingschat App

  • Just like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter combines status updates, single chat, group chat and above all, tagging.
  • Share videos
  • Make HD calls
  • Share stories in your timeline
  • Scan QR codes etc.

It would be expected of most Christ Embassy members to have this app on their phones and also non members can also download and use the app free of charge as there is no restrictions to who can use the lovely app.

Many people has asked questions like; christ embassy app, Pastor Chris app, Love world app and so on but this is the Pioneer of all apps from the church which is one of the biggest churches in Nigeria.

Kingschat app

More Reasons To Download The App

Below are the features of KingsChat app for Android and iOS.
NO FEES: KingsChat uses your phone’s internet connection (4G/3G/2G or WiFI) to let you message or call loved ones around the world at no cost. There are no subscription fees or hidden fees, and with push notifications, KingsChat is always on and always connected.

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FREE HD VOICE & VIDEO CALLS: Keep in touch with friends and family both at home and abroad, or hold a business meeting on the go, using KingsChat’s crystal-clear call functionality.

TIMELINES (SOCIAL NETWORK): Share status updates and photos on your timeline and view stories of those in your network. You can like, share and comment on posts and even follow SuperUser accounts of celebrities and businesses to stay connected with them.

SIMPLE INSTANT MESSAGING: Switch from boring old SMS to KingsChat and start conversations with just the tap of a button.

MULTIMEDIA & FILE SHARING: Send videos, images, pings, emojis, location, voice attachments and files to your friends, contacts and groups.

GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group conversations with up to 100 friends. Add or remove group participants, change group subject and set a group icon.

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QR CODE: Use your unique QR code as your digital pass for events happening around the globe.

AND MUCH MORE: Offline messages, Message timestamps, Broadcast messages to many contacts at once, and so much more!

The Kingschat app is currently only available on Android and iOS platforms.

Where To Download The App?

  • For Android users, download KingsChat app here (also available on Playstore)
  • For iOS users, download it from this link.

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