5 Best Free Online Text Editors for Android & iPhone 2021

Text editors are very important in our daily lives. Whether for work or college, it is essential that we have a program that allows us to write and edit intelligently, quickly and effectively. That’s why Mokoweb lists the best free online text editors below. Check out!

1. Google Docs

Free and full of tools, Google Docs allows you to insert photos, hyperlinks, graphics and tables in the document. To use, just have a Google account. By creating it, you gain access to Google Drive with 15GB for storage of various materials, including your texts.

With Google Docs, you can share the file with anyone you want. The guest can access changes to the document in real time. It is also possible to add comments, both in personal and collaborative texts.

It is also possible to count words and characters, as well as “type” with voice commands. Then, just save the documents in PDF or .doc, format used in Microsoft Office.

You can use Google Docs online , or download the app on Android or iPhone!

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2. Word Online

Although Microsoft Office packages are paid for, Word is one of the most popular text editors. To the delight of many, the company offers a free and very functional online version.

The platform allows you to sync directly with OneDrive, automatically saving text as it is written and edited.

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With an interface similar to that found in the software on the computer, Word Online offers almost all the editing tools of the program. Among them are text styles, proofreading services, inclusion of comments, photos and links.

There are still many other features, such as templates ready for resumes, cards, reports, pamphlets, menus, among others. You can also save the files in PDF and .doc, in addition to sharing with whomever you want through a link or by email.

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Important: Before you start using the program, you must have a Microsoft account, such as the Outlook e-mail service or Skype.

To access Word Online, click here.

3. Graphite Writer

Very easy to use, Graphite Writer makes the task of editing your texts simple. The tools are many, but this is a lightweight editor and for basic use.

With the application, it is possible to create files quickly, with a nice layout. You can add lists, include links, quotes, photos and videos, and change the text layout quickly and simply. To save, Graphite Writer makes it possible to download the file in .doc format.

Despite not having a Portuguese version, Graphite Writer is so simple that its use is intuitive, very attractive due to its clean and friendly interface. To access it, you need to sign in with a Google account.

To start using Graphite Writer, click here.

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4. FastFormat

FastFormat is an online editor aimed especially at creating academic papers. The tool has the premise of helping with the conclusion of course work (TCC) scientific articles or research projects.

By automatically formatting the text according to the rules of the Brazilian Technical Standards Association (ABNT), the tool saves time. In addition, the ready-made models available help to assemble the necessary structure for academic works.

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There are options for cover, summary, dedication, chapters, among others, that can be easily included. In addition, the application has a grammar checker. For the user, only the task of including the text in the file remains.

To use FastFormat, you need to log in with Google data or even Facebook, as well as inform the level of education. At the end of the work, just save the file in PDF or .doc to send it to your teacher!

Click here to access FastFormat.

5. OnlyOffice

With several tools for personalizing your files, OnlyOffoce allows you to easily format text. It is also possible to insert images, graphics and geometric shapes.

The service also guarantees the option to include complex mathematical equations and comments in specific places in the text. For group tasks, the program provides an online chat, which facilitates the collaborative creation of content.

In the case of content that will not be printed, it is very easy to include a YouTube video in the document or even WordPress plugins. In English, OnlyOffice recognizes the Portuguese language in the body of the document for checking grammatical errors.

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To access OnlyOffice, click here.

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To have installed on the computer

The LibreOffice is a good option for those who need a good text editor, but do not want to spend money. Similar to Microsoft Office, it is a free application package that also includes a slide show and spreadsheet editor.

LibreOffice saves text files in .ODT, but you can choose different formats, which are compatible with Windows, including .doc and .docx. In addition, OpenOffice programs run on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

To download LibreOffice, click here.

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These are useful tools for freely editing documents online easily. You can also see our post on how to compress PDF files online for free. This is useful when transferring your doc or PDF files from one device to the other.

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