Why is Cybersecurity being so Vital in the Healthcare Industry?

Just like businesses in almost every other sector, the healthcare industry is increasingly reliant on technology. Technology is being used for everything from booking patients’ appointments to curing diseases. However, while this increased use of technology is providing huge benefits for patient care and recovery, there is a silent threat lurking. Without the right cyber security measures, healthcare organizations are putting themselves and their patients at risk.


The Healthcare Industry is a Target


The first reason why cybersecurity is so important for the health care industry is, quite simply, because it is a very popular target for cybercriminals. Successful cyber-attacks have been on the rise for years now; while criminals are attacking a range of individuals and businesses, the healthcare industry is still a popular target.



The healthcare industry is so commonly targeted because it possesses so much information of high value for cybercriminals, from medical records to a patient’s personal data. In fact, security experts warn that an individual’s health records are worth up to ten times more than other data such as banking details.

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Not only do healthcare organizations possess sensitive information, but they have this mass information. The large volume of valuable information makes healthcare organizations a very popular choice with cyber attackers.

cyber security in healthcare industry


Protecting Your Patients


As medical-supermarket.com explains, there are certain critical supplies that every healthcare organization should possess. However, to ensure that you are upholding your duty of care to your patients, you will need the essential medical equipment and need to be using comprehensive cybersecurity systems to protect their data.


Protecting your patients against the threat of a cybersecurity attack is vital. A successful attack can threaten a patient’s privacy and could even lead to them falling victim or further crimes like identity theft or fraud.


A successful cyber-attack can also lead to the cancellation of appointments and operations, in addition to the loss of private information. This can cause immense problems for patients who need urgent medical attention.

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Secure Your Organization


As was seen in 2017, a successful cyber-attack can bring even a large healthcare organization like the NHS to its knees. For example, 2017 saw a cyber-attack due to the WannaCry outbreak that affected hospitals and GP surgeries across England and Scotland. The attack brought the NHS to a standstill; in addition to disrupting appointments, losing data, the ransomware attack was believed to have cost the NHS an estimated total cost of £92 million.


Many smaller organizations cannot withstand the cost of a successful cyber security attack. As it threatens your organization’s future, the safety of your patients, and their right to privacy, cybersecurity is not something to be taken lightly in the healthcare field. As healthcare organizations are at an increased risk of a successful cyber-attack, cybersecurity must be a standard tool for every healthcare organization. In addition, you should make sure to have comprehensive coverage that is fully tailored to your organization’s individual needs to ensure you are adequately protected at all times.

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