Virtual Meetings: Tips and Features Your Next Virtual Meetings Must Have

We all understand virtual meetings as a form of communication where the attendees connect with each other through a virtual meeting platform. Virtual meetings make connections feasible among people irrespective of their locations. The attendees can use virtual meeting platforms on their devices like mobile phones, laptops, or computers to access the virtual meeting platforms through the internet.

There are several reasons why virtual meetings are prominent these days. First is the fact that virtual meetings are economically feasible. Other than that, virtual meetings can be set up quickly. Not only this, virtual meetings come with many possibilities.

They let you connect with your friends and family. Apart from it, they let you get on the same page with your co-workers, who are working remotely these days. Moreover, with virtual meetings, you get to coordinate with your remote workforce.

online meeting in office

Though virtual meetings are more popular in the business world, they also let you connect with your friends and family over casual networking events.

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Virtual meetings resemble in-person meetings in more than one way. They follow the same set of rules and guidelines and follow one pre-decided objective. The only difference between these formats is that physical meetings are held in a physical conference room, whereas virtual meetings are held over virtual conference platforms through the internet.

One of the main reasons virtual events have become more popular is the pandemic. Ever since the circumstances compelled us to stay indoors, virtual meetings and virtual meeting platforms became more than popular.

Another reason for the excessive popularity of virtual meetings is the fast-paced technological advancements. However, time and money efficiency remain on the top. Virtual meetings allow the organizations to save a lot of time and money for they can be set up in no time.

Virtual Meeting Platforms: Meaning and Must-Have Features

The platforms required to set up online meetings are known as virtual meeting platforms. These virtual meeting platforms require access to the internet for the organizers to host virtual meetings. These web-based solutions eliminate the need of traveling and spending hefty amounts of money to host meetings. The attendees can attend virtual meetings from all over the world, and they are as immersive as their in-person counterparts.

Virtual meeting platforms have become exceedingly popular as soon as the concept of virtual meetings became popular. Since the number of virtual meeting platforms has grown rapidly, the competition in the marketplace has become very obvious.

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Selecting an efficient virtual meeting platform isn’t an easy task. However, there are a few features that your virtual meeting and virtual meeting platform must-have. Some of them are discussed below.

  • High-Quality Audio and Video Delivery:

The audio and video quality of your virtual meeting plays an important role in leaving an impression on your attendees. Trust us when we say the quality of your meeting’s audio and video can affect the overall experience of your attendees. Always prefer a virtual meeting platform that delivers high-quality audio and HD video.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

Anyone who wants to join your virtual meeting should find the joining process simple and easy to access. Also, not everyone has all the time in the world, and having a long and tricky signup process for your virtual meeting will add to the stress on your attendees. In addition, always consider your non-technical users; they might find it challenging to access the meeting if it is a long and tricky interface.


  • Audience Engagement Opportunities:

One of the most common reasons people attend events is to connect with fellow attendees and expand their network. What would be the use of your meeting if you don’t provide enough attendee networking opportunities? Hence, always select an online conference platform that comes with efficient networking tools and opportunities. Your attendees will want to connect with their fellow attendees.

  • Robust Administration System:

One thing your meeting platform should always have is customization capabilities. You would want to tweak your virtual meeting as per your needs and requirements. Hence, it is always advisable to choose a customizable virtual platform; better go for a 3D virtual event platform. These kinds of platforms won’t let you compromise your branding.

  • Recordings:

Now that you are using technology to host virtual meetings, why not use it for something better? Use a virtual event platform that comes with the recording feature. It will allow you to record your entire meeting and use it for different purposes.

Tips for Hosting Virtual Meetings:

Now that you know the features your virtual meetings should have, here are some tips that will help you host immersive and successful virtual meetings.

  • The first thing you should do while planning your virtual meetings is to prepare an agenda for your virtual meeting. Be clear about the things you want to talk about with your attendees. It will increase your productivity. Also, don’t forget to share it with your attendees as they will be able to show up prepared.
  • While attending the virtual meeting, ensure you pick a quiet spot. You wouldn’t want to get disturbed by the distraction and background noises.
  • It is a very basic thing that you should always take into consideration. Always show up on time, no matter what. In case you are attending the meeting, and you know you will get late, it’s better to inform the organizers ahead of time.
  • To ensure maximum participation from the attendees, ensure you start the meeting with an icebreaker activity or question. It will help all the attendees let loose and relax.
  • Always manage the disturbances very professionally. If you feel a particular person is disturbing the entire meeting, address it right away.
  • In a meeting, it might happen that one particular participant would try to steal the limelight. However, as an organizer, you need to ensure that all the participants get at least one opportunity to speak, especially the introverts.

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We hope this blog has helped you know what it takes to host a virtual meeting and how you make sure that meeting is a successful one. Incorporate the above-shared points into your planning, and unravel magic yourself.

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