Top 5 Homework Apps for Students to Save Time

Time management habits in college determine how much you achieve. It will affect how easily you meet deadlines, the amount of rest you get, and whether you have time for activities beyond academic work. One of the ways to save time in college is to use websites to cheat on homework.

The helpers are professional writers who help you to produce the most compelling paper in hours or days. They free your time to focus on other engagements like business or taking a part-time job.

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Apps make homework easier and faster to write. A task that would have taken days will be completed in an hour because you used an audio typing app.


You also use such tools as editing apps to polish your paper while you write, enabling you to submit the paper immediately after you are done. Here are some of the best apps to use when writing your paper.

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is known for helping students to write precisely and correctly. It eliminates repetition, corrects your grammar, and suggests alternative words. You install the app as an add-on to your word processing software. It works in real-time, ensuring that your paper is edited while you write.

Grammarly goes beyond highlighting the mistakes. It offers a chance to decline the offer to edit a word or sentence. This is a chance for artists to use poetic language or for scholars to add technical words in their writing without being flagged down.

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Grammarly collects data on your writing capability. You can see your weak areas and revise before the next essay. While it edits your paper, you will also be learning.

Grammarly also helps you with plagiarism. It will highlight the plagiarized areas and the sources. You can visit the website and change your wording. It is one of the most comprehensive writing apps for grades and beyond college. It is available free of charge with minimal features. The upgrade is worth every dollar you spend.

Download Grammarly

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2. Evernote


Evernote is an organizational app that will save your research time. It helps you to college all the reference materials and resources you need to write your paper in one place. You drop the materials into the app, making it easy and convenient to build your database.

Evernote accommodates reference materials in different formats. The materials can be in PDF, video, audio, or images. You can classify the resource materials using keywords for easier retrieval. With all your reference materials in one place, it will take a short time to complete the paper.

Evernote is a cloud-based software. This allows you to access materials from another device. It means that you can continue working on your paper at another location without having to generate different documents.

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It is the best database creation and organization app online. Evernote is free but will come with limited features. The advanced features are worth the subscription you pay.

Download Evernote App

3. Google Docs


Google Docs is an online writing and collaboration tool. It allows you to work on the same document from different locations. You can type into the word-processing platform, edit, hyperlink, and any other task you perform on ordinary word-processing software.

Google Docs is a cloud-based storage platform. You can upload all your articles and essays for future access.

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If you are working on a group project, this is the best app to use. It allows you to follow entries made by all persons with permission to edit. You can share the document with group mates and later approve or dismiss the changes.

With Google Docs, you do not have to meet to complete an assignment. Each person will work from his location yet you are handling the same document. It has made collaboration and access to documents from different devices easier.

Download Google Doc

4. Off-time


One of the biggest time wasters in college is distractions. As you are distracted from the task at hand, you lose your stream of thoughts.

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Distractions slow you down, causing you to spend hours on tasks that would have taken minutes. Off-Time is the app to use to maintain focus.

Off-time sets the time for each task. For instance, you can set 30 minutes for a paragraph or page. It will block calls, social media notifications, and limit screen view.

It also monitors your usage of different social media platforms and websites that could be consuming your time.

Download Offtime App

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5. myHomework Student Planner


My Homework Student Planner is one of the best education apps that helps you to keep track of all assignments you are expected to complete. You can prioritize so that the most important tasks are handled fast. You can also set milestones within the app, helping you to write faster.

Homework apps for students perform different functions, all geared towards saving time.

Check reviews to see the best features for each app. Use trial versions or money-back guarantees to enable you to pick the best app to save time in college.

Download the app here


These homework apps will help students in their academics and in the same time, making it fun and entertaining. Just download your preferred app from the list above.


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