Download XNSPY Android Spy Apk 3.0 (2024)

XNSPY has been a major contender as an app that can mobile spy without installing software on Android and iOS devices. And the app can make a name for itself in basic and advanced editions. So, the majority of its user base has been returning customers for many years now.

These include employers wanting to use it to monitor their employees’ work performance and productivity and parents using it to protect their children’s online safety. And many reviews have pointed toward its simple, easy-to-use interface, and advanced monitoring features such as 24/7 watchlist alerts, instant messenger reader, and geolocation tracker.

If you need to learn a few basics before buying a spying app for Android devices, you can visit their official site for more information.

It makes XNSPY Android spy one of the better spy applications for monitoring people’s internet behavior.

However, a few reviews have criticized XNSPY Android spy APK for slow upload speeds and dashboard loading slowly. These slow data uploads and long control panel load times have soured the user experience quite a bit.

XNSPY Android Spy 3.0

To remedy this, the developers have released new versions of the app since its initial release. Now the spy app has gone through several revisions. Many adjustments have been made and new functions added to the program.

It is why XNSPY deserves a second look. We will revisit the installation process and what I liked about the new changes in XNSPY APK 3.0.

Now, let’s go over the methods for installing the XNSPY APK 2022 3.0.

XNSPY APK 3.0 2024 Installation Process

XNSPY APK 3.0 Installation Prerequisites

  • You must have access to the phone, which must be unlocked and internet-connected.
  • Disable any antivirus or firewall software that you have installed (during installation).
  • Allow Unknown Sources – This option is only available in Android versions before 5.0. It may be found in the settings menu of an Android phone and must be enabled to install apps that aren’t accessible on the Google Play store.
  • Disable Play Protect – Disable Play Protect replaces unknown sources in the most recent versions of Android.
  • Download the APK file before installing XNSPY on your device. You may use the newest APK 3.0.

Download the latest Xnspy APK here:

XNSPY APK version 3.0 is the most recent version available for download. When you purchase a membership, you will receive an email with the APK file.

XNSPY APK 3.0 Download and Installation Setup

  • Tap “Submit” after inputting the Android download URL from your registration email.
  • After downloading the file to your smartphone, tap it to open it. You may go to the file from your directory using a file explorer program such as ES File Explorer. The File Explorer app is available for download from the Google Play store.
  • To continue with the installation, go to settings and check the box next to “Allow from this source.”
  • Select “Install” to allow XNSPY to be installed on an Android device.
  • Once the program has been installed, launch it.
  • Click the “Allow” button when the page that says “Stop optimizing battery consumption” appears.
  • For all Android Auto permissions, select “Allow.”
  • Finally, choose “Proceed” to finish the setup and activate all Android Auto permissions. You just need to provide
  • Android Auto permissions once and will not have to do so again.
  • Finally, press the Start Monitoring button, and you’re done. You may now remotely monitor the gadget whenever you wish.

Setup and Wait Times

The last APK version 2.9.9 was around 1.9MB, and the XNSPY APK 3.0 is 2.1 MB. So there’s a bit of a file size increase, possibly due to new libraries getting added to the source code for better functionality. But the difference in size is negligible, and the file takes a jiffy to download if you’re on a semi-fast internet network.

Once I ensured all conditions were met, I downloaded the file, and the setup began immediately, so no waiting times between downloading and installing. But due to added new checks and measures getting implemented in Android 12, it means we have to go through more security checks on menu screens. The setup took 2 minutes before, and now it takes 2.25 minutes which is not a big deal.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

There haven’t been many crippling bugs in XNSPY’s 12-year history, but there were a few nagging ones that have been annoying customers for a while now. Let’s see which ones have gotten fixed and what improvements have been made in APK 3.0

Dashboard Sync Bug

When the program first gets installed, it frequently fails to get in sync with the browser dashboard. This problem usually occurs when the mobile spy without installing software is first deployed. You had to wait 24 to 48 hours for the app to become available and sync with the dashboard.


Other issues prohibited the app from synchronizing with each user’s dashboard. I’m happy to report that this long-standing bug has now been fixed. There is no longer a waiting period of two days for the program to get in sync with the online control panel.

Different Instances of the App Caused it To Crash

The most recent Android versions enable users to create several user profiles, each with its collection of apps and data. It means the latest Android phones can run two versions of an app with distinct user accounts on the same device.

However since Xnspy can only extract data from one version of its app, it caused the app to crash and give a memory leak error. Before the latest APK update, users had to manually log out of each user profile, sign in again to just one profile, and relaunch the app.

But the latest update auto closes the app running on the secondary profile, saving a lot of time and hassle.

Lack of Incognito Browser History Tracking

Previously, XNSPY only monitored someone’s internet activity even if they cleared their browser data since the app uploads the data in real-time but you couldn’t track their internet history and logs if they were using Incognito mode.

Furthermore, the app did not show how frequently the phone owner visited each website or the bookmarks saved on their browser. XNSPY can now monitor Incognito browsing data, frequency of visits, and bookmarks.

Favorite New Feature

My favorite new feature in the recent update now lets users choose contacts and email IDs they want to get reminded about through notifications.

It means that whenever the tracked phone sends or gets emails, texts, or calls from any of the chosen contacts, you will get notified of the activity through an alert.

You may also choose particular terms that, if and when used by, for example, your workers or kids, XNSPY will send you a notification to your phone.

XNSPY also allows you to receive notifications anytime the target device’s SIM card is changed.

This feature can help determine what the phone user types and even what places they visit and since you cannot monitor the device 24/7 on your computer, getting alerts on relevant data is a game-changer.


It makes me wonder why the developers didn’t implement this feature from the beginning. But, oh, well, it’s never too late.


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