How to Minimize Targeted Ads on Instagram

Most of your internet activities are monitored by top companies and agencies hence they record and store your intents in their database which is later used to deliver adverts to you when you visit Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. But there is a way to minimize these targeted ads on Instagram which is unveiled in this post.

So if you want to get relevant ads on Instagram, this post is for you.

Advertisements keep the Internet alive. It is not surprising that there are still many users who do not understand why advertisements appear after advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or other platforms.
In short, if ads were not present, those platforms would no longer exist, or they would be accessible at the expense of monthly subscriptions, such as Netflix, HBO, and more.

What is Instagram?

Instagram, Insta or IG is a popular photo short video sharing social platform created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger but is now owned by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. A lot of celebrities, sports stars, and politicians are using Instagram to post their day-to-day activities while some are really making money on Instagram by being “brand influencers”

What is Advertisement?

Advertisement is simply an announcement or notice placed on social media platforms, Radio, Television, Churches, or any other public place to promote a brand, product, service or even publishing events.

Advertising agencies make a huge effort to deliver the most relevant advertising to their users. For example, there are companies that distribute advertisements based on your recent Internet searches, your location, and your passion, depending on which websites you have accessed or even your home. But what is the matter?

Facebook displays ads based on your preferences. If you are a fan of football and online movies, then most times, you will often receive advertisements for sports equipment, sporting goods, and online movie platforms with a subscription. Also, you can get advertisements from other areas, if the “advertising space” purchasers have chosen a larger area of ​​interest that you will join.

For Instagram, a feedback system has been introduced through which you can request what you are really interested in appearing in the advertisements displayed. This option will not be limited. Number of ads displayed on Instagram, but you can expect that more relevant ads will appear for you.

How to Get Targeted Ads on Instagram

  • Choose your ad topic preferences

ads preference settings

  • Select three areas of interest that appear in your ads.

ads topics

  • Tick what you’re interested in, then click “Save”.

Instagram ads preference settings

You can also access these options via settings > Advertise > Advertisement subject preferences.

Given that Instagram belongs to Facebook Inc. It is very possible that these preferences will also be imported to social networks Facebook and Messenger.

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If we keep getting ads, then at least something is relevant. However, you have the option to choose what advert is shown to you on Instagram.

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