5 Software to Record Mouse and Keyboard to Repeat Actions

Do you get tired of repeatedly clicking on the mouse and keyboard? Then you don’t need to worry because today we will introduce you to the amazing tools to record your mouse and keyboard actions.

These tools will automatically save actions of the mouse as well as keyboard and repeat such a particular task in repetition mode. So, these tools will save you time significantly and provide you with an amazing experience with your device.

Such automation tools can edit tasks as per future requirements. Such type of PC operations will give you utmost satisfaction and protect your mouse as well as the keyboard from wear and tear. In this comprehensive article, we will suggest to you the best 5 software to record mouse and keyboard to repeat actions.

5 Tools to Record Mouse and Keyboard Actions

Let’s start our journey to understand these best tools.

1. Free Mouse Auto Clicker

Free Mouse Auto Clicker

This is one of the best tools to record and repeat mouse action in a specified interval automatically. The free mouse auto clicker allows you to record repeated mouse clicks or double clicks on any location. This automatic software is efficient to perform various tasks related to the mouse activity like left and right-click, single or double click.

It’s very simple and easy to use this tool. You will be fascinated by the intuitive interface. This tool supports hotkeys to start and stop a particular action. It’s fully compatible with all versions of windows.

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2. Ghost Mouse

Ghost option

Ghost mouse is another auto clicker for mac and windows. This tool allows you to record and replicate your mouse action. It will automate all tasks related to mouse action and its three-button interface provides you with the best experience. Apart from these features this tool fully supports hotkeys to start and stop the recordings on your device. 

You can also edit your action by using Microsoft Windows movie makers. In this way, the ghost mouse is the best tool for you as it contains various sophisticated features like auto text type function.

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3. WinParrot


We have included this tool in our list of top 5 best tools to record mouse and keyboard to repeat actions because this tool allows you to record every action on the screen and save it as macros for future use. You can use such record activity at any point to repeat any lengthy process in less time.

The main function of WinParrot is simply to re-execute a recorded action in the future so that you can save your precious time.


WinParrot saves activity in an Excel spreadsheet so that it can be used easily at any time.  To use this tool you don’t need to install any additional software, you need to extract the file from zipping only and operate the WinParrot.exe file.


4. Macro Recorder

Macro Recorder

Macro recorder is the next tool on our list. This tool will capture mouse activity and keystrokes and record them so that you can use them in the future. It will save you time and prevent you from doing tedious procedures for the same activity again.

The most amazing thing about this tool which makes it unique among other tools is that it is efficient to record activities in a browser also and automating them as per the requirement. 

It will record both mouse clicks as well as keystrokes up to infinity. Other tools use X and Y coordinates but this tool uses OCR text recognition which is based on advanced technology.  Macro Recorder is the perfect tool for you as it’s so simple and easy to use. A newbie can also use it.

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5. Mouse Controller

Mouse controller

This is the last but not the least tool on our list. The mouse controller allows you to record and save mouse activity. You can configure the settings as per your requirement and set the time interval as well as the number of clicks for a particular task. This tool is fully compatible with windows 7,8, and 10.

The mouse controller allows you to use shortcut keys F9 for playback and F11 for recording. Next time this software will automate your actions and repeat similar tasks in less time with high accuracy.

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Q1: Is it illegal to use such tools?

No, it’s not illegal to use tools. However, it can vary from one platform to another. So we suggest you use terms and conditions before using these tools on your device.

Q2: What is the best tool to record and repeat mouse and keyboard activity?

There isn’t any shortage of such tools in the market. But you need to use only those tools which are perfect for your device. We will suggest you use Macro Recorder for such functions as it’s free and contains many advanced features.


Windows doesn’t provide you any inbuilt utility to record and repeat actions for mouse clicks and keystrokes. So, you need to use these above-mentioned tools to perform such kinds of actions.  This article was about the top 5 Software to Record Mouse and Keyboard to Repeat Actions in windows and mac.

There isn’t a doubt this software will make your task easier and you will be able to save your precious time by avoiding tedious tasks. These automation tools are based on advanced technology which gives them high accuracy and speed. We will suggest you use these tools if you are a game lover or need to press mouse clicks or keystrokes frequently.

It is very simple and easy to use such automation tools but still, if you face any problems then you are free to contact us. We are here to solve your doubt. Please don’t forget to give your feedback about these tools. Thanks, and have a nice day.

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