Mobile Pixels 13.3 Inch FHD Portable Monitor for Laptop

Early computers were not only larger in size but also needed more room for storage. In recent years, technological advancements have made these systems even more useful and adaptable to the busy schedules of the average worker.

Today, it’s not enough to just work hard; you have to work intelligently, too. Having access to the most up-to-date technologies may improve our productivity.

As demand for portable monitors for laptops has grown, manufacturers like Mobile Pixels have responded by continuously refining and increasing their offerings.

A portable monitor for laptop works well as an external display for a mobile device or to supplement a smaller laptop screen. When they have the right features, they can help people be more productive at work and have more fun in their free time.

Keep on reading to know what Mobile Pixels has brought for you in the form of a portable display.

Mobile Pixels has introduced DUEX Plus

DUEX Plus Mobile Pixel

Mobile Pixels has once again set the bar high in producing DUEX Plus. The brand offers a 13.3-inch screen that works well for professionals and people who need to switch between tasks quickly. Duex Plus portable monitor for laptop has brought ease for people who want to be proficient in work.

Thanks to its user-friendly features, now they can adapt and learn its interface quite easily.  After using the product, people have witnessed considerable improvement in their performance.

The product offers an easy-to-use interface, a plug-and-play solution for any work, game, study, or multitasking.

If your laptop screen is between 13 and 14 inches, the DUEX Plus is an excellent choice.

Plug and Play

The DUEX Plus is an attachment for laptop that lets you connect two monitors. It has a USB-C connector that works with Display Port, so it can send and receive video data quickly and easily.

For Ergonomic Comfort

Additionally, the movable lid serves several functions.  A magnetic attachment that sticks to the backside of the laptop doubles as a mounting stand when the other display is set up in portrait mode and as a defensive cover when it is not in use. It permits four different directions, from horizontal to vertical range display.

A minor increase in your laptop’s size and weight

This DUEX Plus, which is 30% more lightweight and almost 50% slimmer than the earlier edition, delivers an improvement in the efficiency of the device for transporting a laptop’s secondary display.

Its sleek form and adhesive function mean you can chuck it in any bag with your device without worrying about the extra bulk.

You Can Carry it Wherever You Want

Portable Monitors for Laptop


Added flexibility is the result of expanding the range of supported devices. The DUEX Plus portable laptop monitor works as a secondary display for your laptop, PC, and specific Android phones, ideal for use in the office or as a gaming monitor for the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, You can carry it along with you wherever you want, either take it to the beach, picnic spots, etc.

Ensure Your Eye’s Comfort

When Eye care Mode is on, the display’s color temperature and brightness are adjusted to minimize the quantity of potentially hazardous blue light. The device does not harm your eyes at all. You can sit, watch and read continually by looking at the screen in dim conditions.


If you want to quickly and easily swap between left and right-handed setups then the DUEX Plus’s adaptable mounting method and built-in orientation sensor make it possible.

You can catch its orientation, flip it upside down, or attach it to your laptop as a secondary monitor on the left or right.

You Can Use It While Charging

Dual USB-C ports on the DUEX Plus allow for simultaneous charging and data/video transfers. Simply connect your devices to the USB-C connection with a single wire to see their content. The second USB-C port offers compatibility with your Samsung DeX and Nintendo Switch to enjoy them on your laptop’s two displays.


Please explain how I can use multiple windows in Windows 10.

Simply connecting a second monitor to a computer running Windows 10 will activate it as a second display. Computer display settings enable you to control the additional displays.

How can I set up a DUEX screen as a secondary display?

All you need is just to attach the DUEX screen to your desktop, and it will automatically detect the second display. Sometimes, It requires additional driver software if DUEX does not automatically recognize the second screen.

How come there’s a DUEX Lite and a DUEX Plus?

The DUEX Lite’s screen measures 12.5″, while the DUEX Plus’s screen is 13.2″. The DUEX Plus is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and Samsung DeX, and it also features an extra USB-C connector (the DUEX Lite does not).

Which 15-inch laptops may use DUEX?

When it comes to laptops, the DUEX works with any display size. However, the DUEX will not be able to connect to laptops that are 11 inches or smaller in size; in this case, a separate kickstand would be needed.

What is the minimum number of portable monitors required for a dual-screen setup?

You only need one DUEX screen for a second display.

How can you split your screen with two DUEX monitors?

As soon as you connect with DUEX, you may modify your computer’s display settings to allow split screen mode.

Before Buying DUEX What Factors Should You Consider?

You need a compatible port between your computer and the display. Choose a monitor with an HDMI connector if that is the only kind of port on your laptop. You should consider the screen size and resolution of the display.

If you want to put a screen on your desk, choose one that isn’t too little or too big for the space. Or, go for a portable screen if you’re always on the go and don’t have a regular office.

Hence, people prefer more space on their laptop screens. When you need more screen space than what your laptop provides, a portable monitor display is a simple solution. Not only are they easier to carry around than a bulky desktop monitor, but they also provide a larger display.

Adding a second monitor to your laptop setup not only doubles the amount of visible screen space but also provides other benefits.

Why You Should Buy Second Screen for Your Laptop?

When a laptop is hooked up to a display, it becomes a little desktop. Your workspace or gaming space will expand, your ability to switch between tasks will improve, and your seating position will become more natural.

You’ll save your body from the agony of a stiff neck and a sore back at the end of the workday. It will be easier to get a birds-eye perspective of whatever you’re working on if you arrange your tabs and windows properly.

Furthermore, hooking up a display is a breeze. You only need an HDMI or USB-C connector to get things going. Basically, it’s more practical in every way.

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Mobile Pixels’s products are convenient for both work and pleasure, and they may be used for a wide range of specialized purposes.

Still, most individuals might benefit from having an extra computer screen, even if their requirements don’t match the conventional purposes for a portable monitor.

Perhaps a desktop screen is too unmanageable for your needs, and you’d be better off with a portable monitor.



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