Logitech Z623 Review: Turn Your Home to Cinema

Music systems are considered an essential part of the people who love watching movies, shows, music albums, and other entertainment-related stuff. If you love watching movies, you know the importance of a good quality speaker system attached to a big screen to complete the thrill of cinema at home.

That’s why we have come to review some good quality speaker system from the Logitech Company. The Z326 speaker system is launched by keeping the film fan in mind because it is certified by cinema audio specialists THX. Through which you can watch your favorite movie soundtracks with more feel and fun.

So let’s move towards the proper review of Logitech Z623, which will certainly help you!

Logitech z623 speaker review


This speaker system is well-designed and specially made for users who need a sound system for watching movies because of THX certification. It offers impressive audio, which will enable you to feel the music. The speaker system involves a subwoofer and a set of speakers. Although the subwoofer is heavy but overall system is compact.

This sound system is regarded as perfect for the people living in an apartment because it delivers the best audio in that phase. Moreover, you can attach them easily with your desktop and TV as it comes up with plenty of connectivity options. Moreover, these speakers are available at a very affordable price, and they give you solid performance at such a price.

Our team bought this system for testing, and we realized that you couldn’t get such decent speakers at a reasonable price with approximate power. However, when we connected them with PC, these speakers proved to be worked out seriously rather than testing with TV or laptop. So if you watch media on your desktop, then consider these speakers.

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Design of speakers:

The overall design of the speakers is excellent. It follows the subwoofer and standard 2.1 satellite format. However, this speaker system is extensive in size because of the heavy subwoofer, which may not like by some users because you have to place them permanently.

The satellite speakers are 7.7 inches tall and 5 inches thick. The subwoofer’s weight is 15.4 pounds which means you cannot move them quickly from one place to other. The color of the sound system is black, made with plastic and wood.

Inputs/ connectors:

The ports of this system are present on the back of the subwoofer. There are two inputs, including a 1/8 headphone jack and RCA. Unfortunately, in this system, you cannot switch the inputs, and during our testing, we didn’t do this because we didn’t know to handle it.

With 3.5mm input, you can connect it with your PC or even with a gaming console. You can also connect headphones or an MP3 player with the built-in jack. So you have limited options of connectivity.

Music Quality:

Because the heavy subwoofer delivers a power output of 130 watts, more than 50% of the RMS rating formula, so, you can get fantastic bass for sure with this speaker system. Movie lovers need a high bass sound system to get the required cinematic experience.

The bass is very high. Even the tweeters cannot handle it or keep it up. The speakers come up with a power output of 35 watts which means you cannot get crispy highest music moments. This will cause a problem if you listen to a genre where detailing is more important than the music beat itself.

While our testing, we found out that the Logitech Company has not compromised over the quality of music in terms of movie soundtracks. So you should consider this speaker system if you only watch movies on the big screen of your desktop. It will give you the thrilling experience of cinema at home for sure.



This speaker system contains different components, including a driver, grills, controls, ports, and many more. In addition, this satellite format speaker comes up with 2.5 inches driver that provides good quality movie tracks to you while watching any movie.

The driver’s back is well-made and magnetically shielded, which is quite good. We have tested speakers’ grills by removing them and then folding them. It is also well-made with metal mesh material and non-foldable.

The amps are also made with good quality material, and it holds the driver as it is tiny in size. The subwoofer’s cabinet is also heavily made, almost 2.5 inches in diameter. We have opened it to see inside of it. It has a lot of stuff, including a power supply and amp boards.

The speaker system has controls that contain bass knobs and volume adjustment. The knobs are made decently, and we don’t find any imbalance in them. One can adjust the volume by rotating the knobs and getting the perfect volume and bass balance.


As getting a place of making home the best cinema because of its music quality, its price is highly user-friendly. It means you can enjoy the cinematic experience at home without making a hole in your pocket. This speaker system is best in price within high bass music quality, so consider the system if you have a limited budget.


  •         Product name: Z623 Speaker system
  •         Product brand: Logitech
  •         Speaker configuration: 2.1
  •         RMS power output: 200W
  •         Analog Inputs: 3.5mm stereo, dual phono
  •         Headphone output: 3.5mm
  •         Digital processing: THX post-processing
  •         Tone controls: Bass
  •         Cable type: captive, right satellite captive
  •         Controls location: volume on the right, bass on the subwoofer
  •         Subwoofer weight: 15.4 pounds
  •         Price: 150 dollars
  •         Color: black
  •         Dimensions: 11.2 x 12 x 10.5 inches
  •         Warranty: 2 years


  • Attractive speakers
  •  Sturdy construction
  •  Plenty of power
  •  Decent clarity
  •  Best for movie lovers
  •  On-speaker controls
  •  Affordable price
  •  Booming bass


  •  Difficult to move
  •  Ordinary connectors

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Final Verdict:

These speakers are highly affordable and have solid construction, which is best for customers who love to watch movies with a cinematic feel. But this speaker is not for listening to music only because it makes the details bleed out.

You can quickly get these speakers, and they are best when you don’t want surround sound. We highly recommend you consider them for making the desktop setup. They will provide you with boosted bass with powerful performance for sure.

We hope this speaker system review will be helpful for you. Best of luck!

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