8 Essential Gadgets for a Programmer’s Daily Use

The right setup can make a major difference when working. You can not only enhance the quality of your work but also get more things done, with the right essentials and mind space.

Coding is not the easiest job and like most programmers, you are often required to pull off late nights and long hours of strenuous work.

The current lifestyle has pushed more and more programmers to work from home. If you are one of them, here’s a list of essential gadgets and accessories to help you set up your needed workspace.

1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Nobody enjoys distractions while working. And working from home will mean unavoidable noises and distractions affecting your focus.

Even when working in an office with people, noise-canceling headphones are quite effective in helping you attain the consistent engagement you require. Also, coding does require plenty of it.

Avoid unnecessary conversation and finish your work without getting constantly detached.

noise cancelation headphone

Bose, Sony, Bower, and Wilkins, etc. are some of the top favorite brand choices for effective noise-cancellation headphones.

For more convenience and comfort, you can go for wireless Bluetooth headphones or AirPods. Especially during meetings and interviews, they are recommended to help you achieve a more professional environment.

2. Standing Desk

For programmers, a significant part of the day is spent sitting in front of the screen. This caters to several health problems including affecting your eyes and posture to catering to obesity, poor blood circulation, back pain, increase in blood pressure, and so on.

Focusing on this very health aspect, a new popular trend among programmers and other on-screen workers has been to invest in standing desks.

standing desk

Height-adjustable standing desks are cost-effective and careful for your health. With these, you can keep switching your working position and avoid sitting in the same position for too long.

This will not only be more generous to your health but also help you amplify your productivity rate.

3. Smart Speaker

A large part of the working population tends to work better and quicker with music around. A smart speaker is a wise investment if you are a programmer.


A little light music may help you improve your focus. It can also help you have random needed short breaks from the monotonous work and get your energy back up.

smart speaker

Wireless white smart speaker mockup digital device

A quality smart speaker is a handy gift of technology that has made life easier. You can use it to control your environment, music, and mood.

Amazon’s Echo Dot which comes with Alexa, Google Home, Google Nest Mini, and Bose smart Bluetooth speakers are some of the popular choices.

4. Work Laptop

A powerful and progressive computer or laptop is the most needed equipment for a programmer. A smooth software, a user-friendly interface, a bulky storage space, and great speed, there are many requirements and preferences for a work laptop.

And the MacBook Pro seems to fulfill all of these. The Lenovo ThinkPad, Acer Chromebook, HP Pavilion, Dell XPS, etc. are also some excellent options.

Consider these when you are trying to choose the right work laptop for you:

working with a laptop

  • An 8GB RAM laptop will do perfectly. But for game developers, the requirement is higher. Do not compromise with the RAM, because you will need it for work.
  • A smooth and fast processor.
  • High Screen Resolution.
  • Operating System.

5. A Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Improve your work mobility with an adept mouse and keyboard. While a good work laptop will have a sturdy keyboard and mouse.

Having a wireless keyboard and mouse comes in handy to developers and programmers for plenty of reasons.

Especially since your work requires you to constantly type, a convenient and impressive keyboard is what you need.

wireless keyboard and mouse

Some prefer the traditional wide keyboards, and some like the more compact ones. There are wireless keyboards and mice that have been solely designed to enable you to do extensive work and also provide the needed comfort to your wrist and hand.

6. Web-Cam

A good quality web camera is a requirement for all of today’s from-home workers. Especially for programmers and developers, you need to interact with other fellow programmers around the world, employers, and so on.

web cam

Even during interviews and meetings which mostly shifted to our homes due to the ongoing Covid crisis, a good web camera is very much needed.

7. Computer Glasses

Whether or not you have perfect vision, glasses are a must for programmers and every other employee who is required to spend lengthy screen time.

Long hours of strain on your eyes will lead to immediate and long-drawn ill effects which include migraine, eye fatigue, deterring vision, and blurry vision, eventually leading to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

computer glasses

You need to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light and computer glasses are your solution to that.

They are different from your regular eyeglasses and are designed to rest and protect your eyes from too much screen time.

Get a doctor-prescribed computer eyeglass and don’t let headaches and eyestrain have you or your work suffer.

8. Routers for Stable Internet Connection

A secure, stable network is one of the top priorities of a programmer. Even if you cannot access a strong cable connection or modem, an adept router will help you make the best out of it.

Especially for multiple-device connectivity, a router becomes quite necessary. A smart wireless router will work on your IP, and open all your devices to a strong, secure, stable internet connection.

Solve your connectivity problems and reap work satisfaction by investing in an efficient router. The Netgear Nighthawk routers, TP-Link routers, and Google Wi-Fi are some great options to look into.


Wireless technology devices isometric poster with laptop printer smartphone router and wifi internet connection symbol vector illustration

Programmers are A-type consumers when it comes to buying and testing new gadgets. It may be enormously exciting and take some time all your attention from the coding assignments you have.

If you are about to miss the deadline, contact AssignmentCore to hire programming experts and get those tasks done.

We all have difficult times and social life, and sometimes those, along with our hobbies (like gadgets!) just stay in the way of our to-do lists — be it work or academic assignments. Get things done in the easiest way possible!

As an individual programmer, you will indeed have your own preferences for the right work comfort. And every individual gadget will work separately in catering to your productivity and necessity.

These gadgets and devices are what a programmer will need generally on a regular basis. Get your set of programming gadgets and accessories according to your needs and set up the perfect workstation.

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