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We have all dreaded those calls when we have an issue with a product we have purchased or a service that doesn’t seem to be going to plan and we need to phone the company.

But, all they have on their website is a general contact number that you know will have 100 redirects to various departments only to hang up halfway through the process, or in most cases, you end up right back where you started.

This leaves us feeling frustrated and irritated, and more than likely not willing to use the brand or service again, never mind considering recommending them to anyone.

If this sounds anything like what you have experienced you know how terrible it can be, and as a business owner it should be a top priority for your customers and potential clients to avoid this moment when trying to contact your firm.

Quality Solution

IVR Customer Service

Thankfully the world of technology has significantly advanced and we have the pleasure of implementing revolutionary systems and software to make our business operations run more smoothly and effectively.

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One of these improvements is the world of telephony where essentially you would phone either a call center and deal with an intern of sorts who would direct your call to the wrong department, or be given the run around by a new employee who doesn’t know the store patch-through codes or how the system works. Until now.

What you need is a top-quality IVR phone system that will maximize efficacy in your day-to-day running of the business, and customer satisfaction that could lead to future client prospects based on first impressions.

You can transform your customer experience into one that is a pleasure for them to get in touch with.

What is IVR and its Importance?

Interactive Voice Response is essentially an automated customer service platform that gives information via prerecorded voice prompts and messages without the need to speak to an agent.

It also features tone keypad selection to confirm responses and speech recognition to verify details.

Whether you have a big conglomerate or a small startup, problem-solving affects everyone and by integrated systems that grow your brand, you can offer an enterprise-inspired experience to your clients at an affordable cost.

What to Look for in an IVR Phone System

When purchasing an IVR phone system for your business you need to look at it as an investment, so going for the cheapest option is more often than not a bad decision and could come back to bite you in the long run when things start to fall apart.

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It also doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to break the bank either, by taking note of a few considerations when shopping for the right IVR system you will be able to find one that suits your needs and your budget. Let’s see what the common factors are when IVR phone system shopping;

1. Self-service

By automating routine interactions your customers can navigate their way to the right department independently without tying up a call agent or being constantly redirected.

You want to offer an option for calling customers to get out of the automated system at any time during their call, and if they require live assistance this service is available. With multiple resolution options, you significantly increase customer satisfaction.

2. Queue Updates

Rather than agents juggling back-to-back calls and making endless transfers, something your IVR system should be handling, be sure your system advises customers of their place in a queue with an estimated wait time. This way they know they have been acknowledged and will be seen soon.

3. Call Back Service

In some cases an automated service is unable to find a solution and speaking to an agent is the only option.

Check your phone system has a call back system that notifies agents they need to call a client back but also tells the customer an agent will contact them as soon as they become available and they don’t need to sit on hold for hours.

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This shows your customers you understand and value the importance of their time.

The Plus Side of IVR

Other than the fact that you don’t need 100 hundred independent phone lines and agents to manage and run your business, an IVR phone system has many benefits.

Because callers are always directed to the department, floor, or agent that is most capable of meeting their needs and finding a solution to their query, IVR significantly increases first-contact resolutions.

Making contact with the right person the first time around not only saves time for the customer, but they are more than likely the most qualified to handle the situation or query and less likely to redirect your client’s calls again to find someone capable.

Make the Right Choice

At the end of the day you want to get your customers the help and support they need as quickly as possible, and with the latest IVR phone systems your software can triage calls to better manage demands entering the call center.

IVR is the transformational experience your customers will remember you for and is what will more than likely gain their loyalty.


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