5 Best Invisible Character tool to Send Blank Message on Gaming Chat

In this modern epoch, communication plays a prominent role in all departments and one core of these is games. While playing games, players try out different ways to make a personalized chatting experience. Sending a blank message to a teammate or opponent in a gaming chat is one of them.

Usually, there is no option of sending a blank message in most of the games whether it’s an individual or community chat. This is where invisible character-generating tools come and allow users to copy invisible characters and usethem as their message.

There are multiple tools out there that provide invisible characters to send a blank message in a gaming chat but not all are credible. After conducting thorough research we have figured out the 5 best invisible character-providing tools available on the internet.

Invisible Character Tools to Send Blank Messages

Let’s discuss each of these 5 tools one by one comprehensively.

1. Editpad

Editpad is one of the most widely used invisible character-generating tools that assist gamers in sending blank messages in the chat. It allows copying space with a single click.

These empty invisible spaces are Unicode characters in reality. You can paste these invisible characters into gaming chat to send a blank message to other players or the community.

By utilizing this tool practically, you can copy invisible spaces in a better way. Let us tell you how.

How You Can Copy Invisible Characters Using Editpad

When you open Editpad you see two sections mentioned as method 1 and method 2. Both are for copying invisible characters and users can use any of these. In a scenario, when the first one doesn’t work, you can utilize the second one easily.

Editpad Tool

Also, you will see another box named “Test it” where you can test out copied text. It counts the characters pasted into the box and showcases it on the lower right side.

Click on the copy to clipboard button and paste it into the below box multiple times. You can see an increase in the number of invisible characters. You can copy them and paste them into the gaming chat.

Testing Editpad Tool

2. Invisible-Character

Invisible Character is another online tool that allows copying invisible characters instantly with a few clicks, to send a blank message in gaming chat. These characters are invisible to humans but not to computers.

Let’s try out this tool practically to see how it functions.


The Process of Getting Invisible Characters from This Tool

This tool offers two methods for copying invisible characters and both work differently. You can utilize these methods to create invisible text to use in gaming chat.

Method 1: In the first method you just click on the copy button and it copies an invisible character onto your clipboard. You can paste it in the box below this method and see the number of characters generated.

Method 2: In the second method you have to manually select the character and then by clicking on the select section, an invisible character will be copied to your clipboard. The picture showcases that we have pasted 8 invisible characters and it’s a single word. You can copy all these characters and use them in your message box.

Invisible Character Tool (1)

3. Blank Character

You can use the Blank Character tool to generate empty text in the form of Unicode characters that you can copy and use in your gaming chat.

The interface of this tool is user-friendly and anyone can use this tool easily. To understand its functionality, we will use it practically now.

How You Can Generate Invisible Characters Using This Tool

This tool is quite simple and easy to use for everyone. This tool provides three methods of generating invisible characters and a box to test them. However, this tool doesn’t showcase the number of words or characters generated when we paste generated text there.

Method 1: In the first method, you can manually choose the number of invisible characters and press the generate button to generate them. Then copy and use them in the gaming chat.

Blank Character tool

Method 2: In the second method, you can copy invisible characters with a single click. If it doesn’t function, use the third method.

Method 3: This method allows you to generate invisible characters based on your requirements. You just have to click the “select text button manually to copy specific characters to use in your gaming chat.

Blank Character Tool 2

4. Empty Character

An invisible text-generating tool, Empty Character helps gamers send blank messages to bypass the chat filters to convey some secret message or troll opponent.

It generates invisible text simply by one click that players can copy and paste into their message section. The functionality of this tool is very simple.

How You Can Generate Invisible Characters Using Empty Character Tool

This tool works similarly to the above-discussed tools but it has a single way to allow copying invisible characters. By clicking on the copy button, an invisible character will be copied that you can paste into the message box of your game.

To paste lengthy text, you can paste the copied text multiple times in the chat box. It doesn’t have any alternative method in cases where it doesn’t work. Here is the image of the Empty Character tool.

Copy Empty Character (1)

5. Character

Characters is another online platform that provides a list of invisible characters that you can copy and use in your game chat. Each of these characters has a specific name and unique code that differentiates them from other ones.

This tool is very easy to use for anyone as you just have to click on the required invisible character and it will be copied to your clipboard. You can paste it into your gaming chat to send a blank message.

Character Tool (1)

However, this tool lacks the facility to copy multiple characters at once. Here is a picture of this tool showcasing invisible characters that you can copy by clicking on it.


Most games do not allow sending invisible messages but by using an invisible character generation tool it has become possible. Players send an invisible message to friends or the community as a creative expression and to shock others. So, utilize the above-discussed invisible character-generating tools to entertain yourself and others while playing the game.

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