How Gaming Can Help Facilitate Friendship Amongst Players

A lot of people like to focus on the negative aspects of online interactions, especially toxicity in gaming, but there can be just as much positivity in it as well. Here you will learn about the main ways that gaming can promote friendships that can potentially last a lifetime.

friends playing video game

Cooperation & Teamwork

Multiplayer options have been around since some of the earliest video games ever to exist, and with the internet, online gameplay has been a strong focus for many titles, whether it’s on a console, computer, or even a smartphone.

Many games are centered around working together as a team to accomplish a mutual goal, and it can be hard to succeed if everyone isn’t on the same page. While online games can make it easier to get frustrated at people you don’t know, they can also be a source of excitement and fulfillment, and connecting to others is a significant part of that.

The cooperation that goes into accomplishing things in-game gives the players a common experience, and these memories can last forever. Of course, there may be hardships and disagreements, but overcoming these obstacles can make the bonds even stronger, just like in real life.

Friendly Competition

While there are a ton of games available that involve teamwork, there are also many that are focused on a player-versus-player (PVP) aspect. Some don’t involve cooperation at all, and instead, it’s competition.

For example, fighting games, where two players go up against each other and execute moves through button combinations, are some of the most popular types of games out there and have their own communities. Decades ago, people would gather together and make friends at the arcades on these types of games, and nowadays, people can enjoy them from home.

Games don’t have to be cooperative to be exciting, and the challenge of going up against other players can be thrilling and scratch the competitive itch a lot of players have.

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Sharing A Common Interest

Aside from working together in-game or going head-to-head, people can make friends through video games simply by liking the same types, much like if people enjoy the same kinds of music, movies, TV shows, sports, etc.

Even if two individuals don’t play the same game together simultaneously, such as a single-player game, having a mutual appreciation can be sufficient to build friendships because it gets them talking and relating to one another.

Having things in common is the basis of most friendships, and the popularity of video games can make it very easy for people to get along, especially if they like the same types of games.

Additional Resources on Friendship

Although sharing an interest in the same activities can be a great way to start a friendship, there is a lot more than goes into maintaining one, such as having mutual respect and trust.

If you are interested in learning more about friendship and what you can do to improve yours or create new ones, BetterHelp’s advice section offers many articles like this one that can help strengthen the relationships in your life as well as help you discern which ones might not be great for your wellbeing so you can end one amicably.

Like any relationship, friendships take commitment from both parties, and reading more can show you what you can do on your part and what you can look for in others.



Video games are a favorite pastime for countless individuals worldwide, and it has always been a way to bring people together. Nowadays, with online play, this is easier than ever, and hopefully, this article has shown you some of the key social aspects that gaming can encourage friendships and not the bad behaviors that it’s frequently associated with.

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