GAMING: List of Best Free Fire Weapons and their Features

Free Fire is a popular shooter game for Android and it’s rated among the trending games on Smartphone. To survive in Free Fire Battlegrounds you must use the weapons you pick up well. As your backpack space is limited, you need to know how to locate the weapons and also choose between the best weapons you can find and know the best way to use them.

Shooting distances can be long, medium and short. Some weapons you will find on maps can be used in different roles. Others, just the right distance. Knowing how to choose the correct weapon can guarantee your victory. Check the list and find out what type of weaponry is available.

We use a scale from 1 to 10 to rate each of the weapons. This value takes into account the type of weapon, the damage it causes, the recoil and the amount of accessories that can be applied.

The tables is made from the authentic data provided by Garena, the creators of Free Fire game. Please note that these values ​​are without any extras.

Here is a List of Free Fire Weapons

1. Sniper Rifles

FFB Sniper Weapons

Sniper Rifles are weapons used to shoot over long distances and usually use telescopic sights as an aid to sight. In the game, they are absolutely lethal in the right hands, causing extreme damage or immediate death.

Sniper Rifles
Weapon Damage reach Precision rate of fire Loader Ammunition Available
M21 85 63 69 39 12 AIR loot
GC15 91 71 60 69 20 SMS Loot on Map
SKS 82 82 88 33 10 AIR loot
AWM 90 91 90 27 5 AWM Drop/Replenishment
VSS 50 84 90 48 15 SMS loot on the map
Kar98 90 84 90 27 5 AWM loot on the map
Dragunov 89 80 88 35 10 AIR Drop/Replenishment
M82B 90 85 90 27 8 AWM Blue Zone in Classic

M21 Carapina

M21 carpine DMR

The M21 is a weapon inspired by the M14, but improved for sniper/DMR fire with more range, damage and accuracy. Though it lacks some of the raw damage of bolt snipers, it makes up for it with its faster rate of fire and the use of extras. A balanced weapon.

Grade: 8


M82B Barret

When the creators of Free Fire announced that the M82B would be released, we predicted it would be a perfect sniper rifle for breaking vehicles and ice walls and less effective against players, despite its high armor penetration. For now, 3 icebreaker shots seem like too many shots for a huge and famous rifle in many other games. The relatively large loader is a nice addition, but it doesn’t dethrone the AWM as the most effective sniper,

Grade: 8


SKS Sniper FFB

Semi-automatic sniper weapon with a capacity of 10 shots. It does a lot of damage and comes from the ground up with a 4X telescopic sight. Unfortunately, it’s inaccurate for its high recoil , but it can be improved if you get the right accessories. The SKS can take a front grip and tip (improve recoil), as well as a larger capacity loader.

Grade: 7


AWM Sniper FFB


Bolt Sniper Gun, which means you have to take your eyes off the scope after each shot. It has a 5-shot magazine and a telescopic sight as standard. It is one of the most powerful weapons in Free Fire, getting lethal shots from a long distance. Unfortunately, AWM can only be picked up in crates and it uses its own ammo.

Grade: 9


VSS Sniper Silenced FFB

Semi-automatic, the VSS manages to place many shots on target quickly and accurately. It’s hard to detect your shot as it has a built-in silencer and also a 2X original sight. It is versatile in long and medium distance. It doesn’t do much damage, but makes up for it with its low recoil and high rate of fire thanks to its 15-bullet magazine.

Grade: 8


kar98k Sniper Free Fire

Pre-equipped with an 8X scope, the Kar98 is a very powerful and efficient sniper rifle. However, it is not ideal for novice players and has a magazine of only 5 rounds. The only extra you can use on this weapon is the tip.

Grade: 7


DRagunov Semi-Auto

A very powerful weapon and pre-equipped with a 4X aim, Dragunov can fire very consistent shots at great distances. Allows you to attach all kinds of extras, improving the rifle even more. It’s slightly less accurate than the AWM, but it makes up for it with its rate of fire: it’s semi-automatic, allowing you to keep your eyes on the crosshairs while shooting. Unfortunately, Dragunov is only available at Drop, Refueling point or using token.

Grade: 7


Cg15 sniper free fire

Futuristic weapon, with two types of shot. The normal and the precision. Normal shooting is cool, although the CG15 uses SMG ammo. Precision firing, using the scope, allows you to charge your bullet with kinetic energy. Fully charged, the CG15’s precision shot does even more damage than the AWM. Unfortunately, the CG15 didn’t turn out to be very useful in casual and ranked mode, having been removed . Despite being a cool weapon for the beginning of the game, it is very limited in both SMG and Sniper mode. Currently, the CG15 is limited to Contra Squad mode.

Grade: 6

2. Assault Rifles

Free Fire Automatic Rifles

Assault (AR) rifles are long-range and medium-range weapons capable of high-impact automatic fire. They are the most versatile weapons for the player, as they can fulfill almost all roles.

Automatic Rifles
Weapon Damage reach Precision Cadence Loader Ammunition Available
M4A1 53 77 54 56 30 AIR loot
M14 71 76 77 41 15 AIR loot
SCA 53 60 42 61 30 AIR loot
AK 61 72 41 56 30 AIR loot
FAMES 53 70 54 67 30 AIR loot
XM8 55 65 58 54 30 AIR loot
Groza 61 75 54 56 30 AIR Drop/Map
AN94 59 64 47 53 30 AIR loot
AUG 56 56 35 61 35 AIR loot
paraFAL 69 61 37 48 30 AIR loot


parafal air free fire weapon

A nice addition to the arsenal, the ParaFAL rifle is known around the world and seems to be well on its way in Free Fire. The shot is powerful, deals good damage and has good accuracy. Moving shot is less effective but the weapon is well balanced. The rate of fire is not very high, so leave ParaFAL for long and half distance combat.




A well-known weapon from other games, in Free Fire the AUG is a medium AR, with pretty poor accuracy but luckily with a good rate of fire and damage. An experienced player will get good shots as long as he has all the accessories available.

Grade: 6


AN94 Free Fire

We can call AN94 the younger sister of AK. Good recoil and capable of very long shots, this powerful assault rifle is versatile and very accurate. Although it does less damage than AK, the smaller recoil on consecutive shots allows for greater control, getting more hits on target. The rate of fire is slow which does not make the weapon very suitable for close-range fights. Depending on your playing style, you will either hate or love this weapon deeply.

Grade: 8


M4a1 FFB Automatic Rifle

High firing rate at long and medium range, but inaccurate due to recoil. It is a weapon suitable for a player who is just starting out , as it is perfect for different scenarios. With the right extras, you can improve a lot, especially recoil control. It is possible to attach sight, loader with more capacity, tip and front grip.

Grade: 7


m14 air FFB

The Assault Rifle that deals the most damage in Free Fire. If you add a scope as an extra, it becomes a true high-impact semi-automatic sniper. There’s a lot of recoil in automatic fire, but using shot to shot is perfectly manageable, especially if you get a few extras. Its magazine is small, with only 15 rounds, so don’t waste ammo.

Grade: 7


scar air shotgun FFB

Stable, with little recoil and very easy to handle. It is a very popular weapon , but not very accurate and not very powerful. Using level 3 sights, grip and tip, it is possible to achieve very consistent shots at medium and even long range.

Grade: 8


Ak Air FFB

Very powerful weapon, capable of dealing great damage with good rate of fire. Unfortunately, all this power comes with a big recoil. The AK is not a weapon for beginners, but well mastered it is a real nightmare for your enemies.

Grade: 7


FAMAS Free Fire

The first weapon in Free Fire with Burst Shot This mode is a short burst , three shots in a row, which increases weapon damage. In addition, it is very stable and allows you to attach all kinds of extras, greatly improving its effectiveness.

Grade: 8


Groza Air FFB

One of the best weapons in the game , as it combines great firepower and precision over long distances. It is very rare, existing only in drop, treasure map and token. The rate of fire is equal to AK but its handling is much better.

Grade 10


Xm8 Free Fire AR

Equipped by default with a 2X scope , the XM8 deals more damage than the M4 and Scar, with less recoil. Allows the use of all extras except the crosshair. It’s a great medium range weapon but it needs some training to master long shots.

Grade: 8

3. Submachine Guns

Free Fire SMS

Short weapons, with a high rate of fire. Specially suitable for combat at short distances , as they are capable of filling opponents with lead in a few seconds. As they have a short barrel, they are not very effective over long distances.

Submachine guns
Weapon Damage reach Precision Cadence Loader Ammunition Available
MP5 48 27 53 69 30 SMS loot
A P 48 31 24 75 30 SMS loot
MP40 48 22 17 83 20 SMS loot
P90 48 27 37 75 50 SMS loot
Thompson 50 33 34 77 42 SMS loot
vector 47 32 61 81 30 SMS loot


vector akimbo free fire weapon

Vector was a good recovery for the Free Fire arsenal. The weapon has good damage, good rate of fire and allows for quick movement. What’s more, it’s an Akimbo weapon, allowing you to use two weapons at the same time, one in each hand: double damage. Unfortunately, medium and long range shooting is weak but no one is going to use a Vector as a sniper. Keep this for short distances and spread terror on the playing field.

Grade: 8


thompson free fire submachine gun

The Thompson is the middle ground between the extreme cadence of the MP40 and the huge charger of the P90 with the advantage of being the submachine gun that does the most damage, at least in theory. Accuracy seems weak, but who needs close range accuracy? It seems like a pretty solid choice.

Grade: 7


p90 smg

A stable and accurate Sub-Machine Gun with a huge magazine of 50 rounds (no extras) the P90 doesn’t have the rate of fire of the MP40 but does the same damage at greater distance. In addition, it can take optical sights and larger combs. It’s a balanced weapon, for a player who prefers tactics to aggression.

Grade: 6



Very accurate and with an insane rate of fire, the classic MP5 is ideal for medium and short distance , especially inside buildings. However, it does not deal much damage to enemies with level 3 vests and is ineffective on long range shots. Recoil is virtually non-existent, even without extras.

Grade: 5



With a faster rate of fire than the MP5, the UMP is a great weapon for beginning players . It’s accurate, well balanced and better over longer distances. It has more recoil, but can be improved using grip, ferrule and stock.

Grade: 6


MP 40 SMG Free Fire 2

A classic weapon, with a high rate of fire and very stable. Its short barrel doesn’t make it very useful over long distances but in tight places like houses or warehouses it’s effective. Within this style of weapon, it is practically unbeatable.

Grade: 9

4. Shotguns
Free Fire Shotguns

Shotguns are weapons for players with an aggressive style of play, who prefer weapons with high damage and low rate of fire. They are perfect for short distance, quite common and effective.

Weapon Damage reach Precision Cadence Loader Ammunition Available
MAG7 89 15 10 53 8 Cartridges loot
M1887 170 35 10 0.45 two Cartridges loot
M1014 94 10 10 38 6 Cartridges loot
M1873 94 8 10 35 two Cartridges loot
SPAS 97 15 10 42 5 Cartridges loot


mag 7 free fire

The MAG 7 is a shotgun with a very high rate of fire. But that’s its only attraction. If you get one at the start of the game, that’s cool. If your type of game uses shotguns, you won’t notice big differences between MAG 7 and SPAS. They look like a clone of each other.

Grade: 7


1887 free fire shotgun

A two-shot shotgun is something that won’t take many players to risk outside of the early stages of the match. But despite this disadvantage, the damage pays off. If the player manages to get used to the reload time and maintains his movement, the “new twelve” as it’s nicknamed is a pretty effective weapon.

Grade: 8


Shotgun m1014 FFB

A very accurate shotgun capable of dealing maximum damage with just one shot to an unprotected enemy. It only takes 5 cartridges and there are no extras to increase your charger. The recoil is massive, but as it’s semi-automatic, it doesn’t influence your shooting much.

Grade: 6


1873 Free Fire Shotgun

A high-damage weapon, this short-barreled shotgun only takes two rounds per magazine. Deals maximum damage at close range. It is the ideal weapon for causing headaches to your enemies inside houses or other tight places. However, in long-range firefights, it is practically useless. Can be used as a handgun instead of a pistol.

Grade: 6


Spas 12 Free Fire Shotgun

A very menacing looking shotgun, the SPAS12 deals a lot of damage at close and even medium range. Unlike the M1014, it is possible to attach a magazine with more capacity, making the weapon more durable in a longer exchange of fire.

Grade: 7

5. Special Weapons

Special Free Fire Weapons 2 FFB

Special Weapons
Weapon Damage reach Precision Cadence Loader Ammunition Available
Kord 59 73 34 52 80 AIR loot
Machine gun 55 68 73 56 1200 AIR Special Mode
M249 57 77 10 35 100 AIR Drop
M79 90 51 90 27 1 40 MM Drop
crossbow 48 22 17 83 1 Arrow loot
M60 56 65 43 56 60 AIR loot
MGL140 90 51 90 33 5 40 MM loot
Treatment Weapon 56 64 57 44 25 Own Ammo loot
hand cannon 90 45 90 27 1 40 MM loot
RGS50 90 100 90 27 3 40 mm loot

KORD (New Machine Gun)

Kord Free Fire

An addition that will benefit players who enjoy playing as Squad support, this heavy-looking light machine gun doesn’t impress much, except probably for its look. Its biggest advantage is in machine gun mode (crouching or lying down), getting very consistent bursts of three shots, at a good distance. Hopefully to see your place in the meta.

Grade: 6


AMT rgs50 Free Fire

If you hate Zé Cart, this is your weapon. Designed to eliminate vehicles this anti-material rifle also deals a lot of damage to human targets at great distance and with near perfect accuracy. Unfortunately, it’s very rare.

Grade: 9

hand cannon

cannon hand free fire

A very useful weapon, the hand cannon takes the place of the pistol, but thousands of times more useful. At the bottom it’s just like an M79 launcher but in a small size with slightly less range. If you catch one, don’t let go. The easiest way to get one is to jump into the blue zone, if you’re brave enough.

Grade: 9

Plasma weapon

free fire plasma gun

A weapon that doesn’t need ammo, but takes a long time to reload when used to its limit. Recoil is low, deals good damage and has a good rate of fire. Unfortunately, there is no official data on the table, but we can say it’s a nice addition to the arsenal, as long as the player is disciplined when shooting. The use of extras, the aim in particular, greatly increases the weapon’s effectiveness.

Grade: 7

Machine Gun

Free Fire Machine Gun

If you’ve always wanted to shoot a gun that normally comes in a helicopter, this is your chance. Despite the magazine’s large capacity and the good damage it deals, this weapon is limited to “Shooting and Popping” mode. Also, the player cannot run or jump while wielding this colossus. But it’s really fun to use.

Grade: 7

Treatment Weapon

Gun Free Fire Treatment

A curious weapon that allows you to heal your teammates and deal damage to your enemies. Unfortunately, its range is short and the charger is quite limited. It is also not possible to use extras.

Grade: 6


mgl140 Free Fire

One launches repeating grenades with a 5 grenade magazine. If the M79 already infuriates a lot of players, this replay grenade launcher becomes a veritable storm of fire and fury. Be careful if you have a heavy finger, it’s pretty easy to run out of ammo. The only extra is the charger.

Grade: 9


Minimi FFB

One of the best Free Fire weapons. Keep your enemies grounded with an endless wave of lead. This powerful weapon can fire long ranges and, despite being fully automatic, has little recoil. The 100 bullet magazine takes a long time to change. It is very rare, being only available as a drop.

Grade: 9


M79 Free Fire Grenade Launcher

Is there a camper shooting hidden? Or someone out in the open? Use the M79 to give them a nice gift. Nothing like 40mm of explosive to help you rise through the ranks. The M79 only takes one ammo at a time and only allows a faster loader as an extra.

Grade: 8

Crossbow (New Buff)


After the 9/16/2019 update this weapon occupies the space of a secondary weapon, that is, the pistol and is loaded with explosive arrows. That, read it well. This completely modifies the use of the crossbow, making it a very useful weapon, as in addition to being silent, it can detonate hidden enemies, ice walls, vehicles, etc. A perfect change.

Grade: 9


M60 Free Fire Machine Gun

A machine gun with legal damage, good range and accuracy, despite a slightly high recoil. It’s a great weapon to play in squad mode to cover your team thanks to its large charger. The rate of fire is slow, but still try to use short bursts of 3-5 shots to maximize the effect. The only extra you can take is a crosshair.

Grade: 7

6. Pistols

FFB Handguns

Handguns, designed for close-range shooting . Pistols should only be used until another weapon emerges, due to their power and magazine limitations.

Weapon Damage reach Precision Cadence Loader Ammunition Available
USP 45 29 57 44 12 HG loot
USP-2 45 29 57 61 12 HG loot
G18 45 36 57 64 15 HG loot
desert eagle 90 70 17 83 7 HG loot
M500 67 76 57 37 5 HG loot
M1917 60 28 57 57 12 HG loot


m1917 pistol

In those early moments of the game, picking up this pistol can give you some advantage, especially if your enemies pick something weaker. Other than that, it’s a pistol, with typical pistol limitations. Outside CS, it doesn’t seem to be very effective.

Grade: 5


USP Pistol for free fire

In short, it is the Akimbo version of USP. More bullet in the air, more damage, but more cooldown. A waste of time outside the initial moments of the match.

Grade: 5

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle FFB pistol

Pistol capable of dealing short to medium range damage. It only has 7 bullets per magazine and a massive recoil, but it is the most powerful pistol in Free Fire . At this time, it is only available in Contra Squad mode.

Grade: 8


g18 ffb pistol

A modest pistol with a high rate of fire. It makes up for its low power with more ammo in the magazine. It appears all over the map, making it easy to pick up.

Grade: 4


USP Pistol

A good weapon for the early stages of the game . It has a 12 round magazine and is slightly more accurate than the G18.

Grade: 4


m500 optical pistol

The M500 is the only Free Fire pistol with an original optical sight . This allows you to fire accurate long-range shots , dealing a lot of damage . You can even use silencer and tip, making this weapon even more effective. The main disadvantage is its reduced charger. Just 5 bullets are not enough for a long firefight.

Grade: 7

7. Melee Weapons

Free Fire melee weapons

Melee Weapons
Weapon Damage reach Precision Cadence Loader Available
katana 66 5 10 32 at loot
Pan 62 4 10 35 at loot
Parang 66 4 10 32 at loot
bat 63 5 10 33 at loot

If you’ve just landed and found one of these weapons, use them. An unprotected and unarmed enemy can’t resist the sharp blade of the Parang, the blunt force of the Frying Pan, or a nice move with the Baseball Bat . The Frying Pan, in addition to being excellent in melee, also helps to protect, working as rudimentary shielding.

8. Accessories

Extras Weapon FFB

Extra accessories can greatly improve your weaponry. You can keep more ammo per magazine, improve your aim and lower your recoil, making your weapon more manageable. Whenever you find extras from higher levels, immediately switch to current ones. Extras can be:

  • Tip : decreases recoil, dispersing the gas output.
  • Stock or grip : decreases recoil, stabilizing the weapon.
  • Magazine : Increases the amount of ammo per magazine.
  • Crosshair : facilitates aiming, by magnifying the target.
  • Silencer : suppresses the noise of shots, making them more difficult to detect
  • Bipod: decreases recoil and improves accuracy when shooting crouched or lying down

land mine

Free Fire Land Mine

Free Fire’s only trap is a powerful explosive that can be placed on the ground in any location. Use the mine to deny entry or surprise an enemy. Unfortunately the mine takes a while to detonate even after being stepped on, but it takes a lot of damage. It is especially effective in areas with a lot of foliage or is easily detected.

Thermal Sight

Free Fire Thermal Sight

The thermal sight allows the player to identify an enemy by body heat, identifying them with a yellowish tinge, even if they are hidden or protected. It’s not very effective.


The light grenade serves to blind your enemies for a few seconds. Use those seconds well, either eliminating him then or moving to another location. Be careful using it, don’t let the spell backfire on the sorcerer.


Frag FFB Grenade

The only explosive available in Free Fire. Use it to clear buildings with enemies inside or for other surprises. Be careful when tossing the grenade, avoid walls, ceilings or other obstacles or you risk the explosive coming back.

Ice Grenade

Free Fire Gel Grenade

Are they shooting at you and you have no cover? Use the ice grenade and create a solid wall wherever you want. True, Fortnite style. That way you’ll be able to survive enemy fire.

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