5 Ways to Fix Black Screen Error Problem on Free Fire Game

Although the major cause of black screen on Garena Free Fire on Android and iOS is outdated  game version, you will learn other ways to fix “black screen” issues on Free Fire game. Continue reading.

Have you noticed a black screen immediately you open free fire game on your smartphone? The error occurs when the game information is out of date on the device. The flaw, which is very recurrent in the community, prevents players from entering and start playing in the Battle Royale of Garena.

If the bug happens, it is possible to fix it with some actions, such as updating the game, cleaning the cache, disabling battery saver and reinstalling the application. Remember you can download Free Fire for free through our previous post.



5 Ways to Fix Free Fire Black Screen

Check out what to do when the Free Fire screen goes black.

Disable power saving mode

The activation of the energy saving mode on Android and iPhone (iOS) may be directly related to the occurrence of a black screen in Free Fire. On iOS, the power saving mode causes background apps to stop updating and automatic downloads to stop. In Android, in addition to interrupting the update, the function postpones CPU activity and decreases the performance of the phone. All of these activities paused by the function can make it difficult for Garena’s Battle Royale to work properly.

disabling power saving mode on android

Clear the cache

Mobile phones constantly change, read and change files. Over time, this data can accumulate and overload the smartphone’s memory. The excess of these files in the cache can cause the black screen in Free Fire.

To clear the cache on Android, go to “Settings” and click “Applications”, then tap “Free Free”. In “App Information”, select “Storage” and then “Clear cache”. On iOS, there is no possibility to specifically clear the cache, except deleting the application in “iPhone Storage”, in the “General” tab ”Of the“ Adjustments ”.

Close Background Apps 

Background applications are also responsible for the consumption of RAM and data plan on Android and iPhone (iOS). To avoid conflicting with Free Fire, Garena recommends that the player close all applications that are running in the background.

To close on Android, swipe from bottom to top, hold the screen down and release. Afterwards, slide the app upwards to close them. On iOS (on iPhone X and later), on the Home screen, slide your finger from bottom to top and stop in the middle of the screen. Then, slide your finger upward in the application previews to end them.

Uninstall and reinstall the game

Reinstalling Free Fire can also be another effective initiative. When you delete Battle Royale from the phone, all information is deleted and the memory space is freed, providing an automatic clearing of the cache on the phone.

After deleting Free Fire from your smartphone, download the app again, according to your operating system. When the download is complete, open the game and try to log in with your Facebook , Google or VK account.

Report the Fault to Garena

If none of the aforementioned actions resolves the Free Fire black screen error, it is recommended to report the failure to Garena, through the FF Support page, (without quotes). The platform allows players to flag lag, crash, game closing and bug issues within the match.


For this, it is necessary to fill out a form with nick, ID, brand and model of the cell phone, operating system, game version, type of problem and description of the bug. In addition, it is also possible to attach files that can assist in resolving the failure in Battle Royale.



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