Free Fire: OB27 Update Brings Chrono Nerf, New Characters and PET

Garena’s new Battle Royale update will also implement Remastered Bermuda; game gets off the air this dawn

Free Fire receives the OB27 update on Wednesday (14), so it is down for maintenance during the night. One of the highlights of the update is the new Kord machine gun, the weakening (nerf) of the character Chrono and the permanent implementation of the Remastered Bermuda. The news was presented on Garena’s social networks and also on the Advanced Server (Advance Server) of April 2021. See below what is in the update, which also bring a new PET and character interface. Remember that Battle Royale is available for free download on Android and iPhone phones ( iOS ), and on PC via emulator.

free fire update

Free Fire update adds new Kalahari map, character Steffie and training island

New characters

With the OB27 update, Free Fire has received three new characters. Xtrema will be able to temporarily take 100 HP and increase damage to ice walls and shields by 50%. Andrew’s Awakening, the new version of the old character, will have the ability to decrease armor damage. Finally, a mysterious third character promises to increase the damage over distance.

In addition, the update will also feature the strengthening of Misha, one of the oldest characters in Garena’s Battle Royale and little used during matches. Misha will have a 20% increase in speed when driving vehicles and the damage suffered will be reduced by up to 30% at the maximum level.

Remember you can download Free Fire game for free.

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