Tactics and Formations in Dream League Soccer 2024 (Guide)

There are 8 different formations, 28 different sub-formations, and 3 tactics options available in Dream League Soccer 2024. So in this post, I will be guiding you and explaining each formation and how to use them to be a better player in the game.

Dream League Soccer (DLS) 2024 is not just about putting together a team of star players; it’s also about understanding the secrets of different formations and tactics. Mastering these can be the difference between winning a tight match or losing by a hefty margin.

So without wasting more time, let’s see the most effective formations and accompanying tactics to help you dominate the pitch in this addictive football game.

Best Tactics and Formations in Dream League Soccer 2024

4-4-2: The Classic Formation

DLS 4-4-2 formation

  • Explanation: The 4-4-2 is perhaps the most traditional and balanced formation in soccer. It comprises four defenders, four midfielders, and two strikers.
  • Tactics: This formation is versatile. It can be defensively solid with the midfielders tracking back, or it can transition into attack with wide midfielders providing crosses for the two forwards.
  • Execution: Ensure that the central midfielders have good passing ability. The wingers should have pace, and dribbling abilities, while the forwards should complement each other—one being a target man and the other being quick and agile. In my case, I usually deploy one tall striker and another technically gifted striker to complement each other. For example, I use Erling Haaland and either Neymar or Messi as forwards. It works wonders.

3-5-2: Dominating the Midfield

DLS 3-5-2 formation

  • Explanation: Three defenders, five midfielders, and two strikers make up this formation, providing a strong presence in the middle of the park.
  • Tactics: With an extra man in midfield, this formation helps in retaining possession. The wing-backs play a crucial role, transitioning from defense to offense quickly.
  • Execution: The three central defenders must be strong and aerially dominant. The central midfield should include a defensive midfielder to support the backline. This is actually by best formation in Dream League Soccer. It helped me to dominate in possession and create so many goal-scoring chances easily.

4-3-3: Attack with Width

DLS 4-3-3 formation

  • Explanation: Featuring four defenders, three midfielders, and three forwards, this formation capitalizes on wide play.
  • Tactics: The wingers stretch the opposition’s defense, creating spaces for the central striker and attacking midfielders.
  • Execution: Ensure your wingers are fast and skillful, with a central forward that’s good at finishing inside the box.

4-2-3-1: Flexible and Dynamic

DLS 4-2-3-1 formation

  • Explanation: A formation with four defenders, two holding midfielders, three attacking midfielders, and a lone striker.
  • Tactics: This provides a solid defense while maintaining a potent attack, especially through the middle.
  • Execution: The two defensive midfielders protect the backline, and the three advanced midfielders feed the lone striker. In this formation, the fullbacks can also provide much-needed width by overlapping. So I will suggest you use very pacy fullbacks for better results.

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5-3-2: Defensive Fortitude

  • Explanation: Prioritizing defense, this formation has five defenders, three midfielders, and two strikers.
  • Tactics: Ideal for countering attack strategies. Once possession is won, the ball is quickly played to the strikers.
  • Execution: Wing-backs must be energetic, covering large portions of the pitch, while the strikers should be adept at holding the ball and finishing.

4-5-1: Holding the Fort

DLS 24 4-5-1 Formation

  • Explanation: A formation that bolsters the midfield with five players, it includes four defenders and a lone striker.
  • Tactics: Dominating possession in midfield, the formation can shift to 4-3-3 during attacks with wingers pushing forward.
  • Execution: The central midfielder should be a playmaker, dictating the pace and distributing the ball effectively.

3-4-3: All-Out Attack

DLS 3-4-3 formation

  • Explanation: This daring formation comprises three defenders, four midfielders, and three forwards.
  • Tactics: It prioritizes attacking, often overwhelming the opponent’s defense with sheer numbers.
  • Execution: Defensive solidity from the midfield is crucial. The wide players should be adept at crossing and cutting inside. So, use pacy, skillful wingers.

4-1-4-1: Balance and Control

DLS 4-1-4-1 formation

  • Explanation: This formation has four defenders, one holding midfielder, four midfielders, and one striker.
  • Tactics: It provides a blend of defense and offense, allowing controlled play with sudden bursts of attacks.
  • Execution: The holding midfielder plays a crucial role in breaking up opposition plays and transitioning to attack.

4-3-2-1: The Christmas Tree

DLS 4-3-2-1 formation

  • Explanation: Also known as the “Christmas Tree formation”, it features four defenders, three midfielders, two attacking midfielders, and one striker.
  • Tactics: It concentrates play through the center, providing layers of attack options.
  • Execution: The central midfield trio should have a mix of defensive and attacking talents, ensuring stability and creativity.

4-1-2-1-2 (Diamond): Central Command

DLS 4-1-2-1-2

  • Explanation: The 4-1-2-1-2 diamond focuses on a narrow central play, bypassing the wide areas. It consists of four defenders, a holding midfielder (the base of the diamond), two central midfielders on either side (the width of the diamond), an attacking midfielder (the tip of the diamond), and two strikers.
  • Tactics: This formation thrives on quick, short passes, maintaining central control, and intricate play through the middle. The absence of wingers means that full-backs should be more adventurous, providing width when necessary.
  • Execution: The holding midfielder plays a pivotal role, offering protection to the defense and transitioning the ball to more attacking players. The chemistry between the two central midfielders and the attacking midfielder is essential, as they’ll often be playing triangular passing sequences. The two strikers upfront should work in tandem – while one drops deeper or drifts wide, the other can occupy the center-backs.

Mastering the 4-1-2-1-2 diamond in Dream League Soccer 2024 requires understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a narrow play. While it can dominate the central areas and make it difficult for opponents to penetrate, it’s vulnerable to teams that exploit width effectively. Therefore, ensuring that your full-backs are both defensively solid and have the stamina to support attacks is vital to making this formation work effectively. It’s one of the most popular football formations.

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In conclusion, the key to mastering Dream League Soccer 2024 lies not just in player acquisitions but also in understanding and implementing the right formations and tactics. Experiment with various setups, analyze your opponents and adjust your strategies to ensure consistent success on the pitch.

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