Top 12 Dream League Soccer Tips & Tricks to Play Like a Pro

Dream League Soccer (DLS) is a mix of team management and soccer simulation. In other words: you need to be both the coach and the players.

For those just starting to play, this might seem like a somewhat confusing process. That’s why we’ve selected in this article 12 simple tips for you to do well in all aspects of the game.

DLS as the game is called in short form is one of the trending Android games that is keeping gamers busy especially, football-loving gamers.

Top Dream League Soccer Tips and Tricks

1. Take Initiative in Stealing the Ball

Tackling or stealing the ball from your opponent in Dream League Soccer is very simple. There are basically two ways to do this.

You can simply press and hold “B” and wait for your player to go after the opponent alone. Or you can do the opposite: use the direction stick to go toward the opponent and then press the button to steal the ball.

Both ways are effective. It all depends on what time you are in the game. But our tip here is that you take the initiative and go towards the opponent to steal his ball.

By doing this efficiently, you will cut your opponent’s space. That way you’ll reduce the chances of him invading your large area and causing damages.

2. Find the Tactics that Suit your Playing Style

Dls tipsBy default, you will start playing in a balanced 4-4-2. But nothing prevents you to change tactics whenever you want.

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By the way, we recommend that you play one or two matches using the formations you like best. That way you can see which one fits best in your game mode.

Don’t forget those tactics alone are not enough. Players need to fit into your squad. This is basic. After all, it’s no use having a center forward if all your attackers are short. Or use spikes if there aren’t fast, breathless players.

So find the balance between all these points. That way you’ll be able to have the perfect rhythm and chemistry in your game.

One tip that works well for me DLS attack is by partnering a fast forward with a tall slow-but-technical forward. For example, partnering C. Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a 4-4-2 or 4-1-2-1-2 formation. Just try it.

To make the game more realistic, download the official kits of your team in Dream League Soccer.

3. Buy and sell Players Frequently

The transfer market is bustling in Dream League Soccer. If you don’t keep up with it, you will be left behind and have a weak squad. So be bold and invest heavily in heavyweight acquisitions.

To do so, you must use the coins received at the end of each game played. They are the running money of DLS. See how to get unlimited coins in Dream League Soccer.

As your team rises through the divisions, the number of coins received in each game increases. There are also prizes received in tournaments, competitions, and personal achievements.

Selling players can also be a very advantageous option. But not at the beginning of the game. This will embezzle the group. Don’t forget that your starting players get tired from time to time. That’s why having reservations is essential. Go selling the worst players as you buy others.

Alternatively, you can just download and upload a good legendary DLS profile.dat file which contains unlimited coins and highest rated players.

Still on top Dream League Soccer tips.

4. Target Long-Range Shots

One of the hardest points to master in DLS for sure is goal scoring. But it’s actually not really hard to score goals. In the act, there’s even a supposed invisible assistance that helps guide the ball toward the net.

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The tricky thing is when you want to take it off the goalie and put the round at the angle or in the corner. Just try to shoot from outside the box, especially with a technical player with highly rated-shooting points.

So start getting used to the idea of directing your shots if you want to score great goals. This will require training, but nothing that some offline matches don’t help.

5. Don’t Underestimate the Set Balls

DLS tips set piece taking
Is Ter Stegen a good free kicker?

Do you know that set pieces are deadly in Dream League Soccer? Corner kicks, penalties, and fouls: all are wonderful ways to score. The problem is that the opposite also applies. The chances of you suffering from set pieces are huge.

So don’t underestimate them. Avoid fouling near the penalty area, and if possible also try not to corner your opponents.

If you are the free kicker near the area, choose the appropriate players for each type of kick. Those with the most powerful kicks can get through the barrier.

The more technical ones can pass the ball over. Another tactic is to pass the ball to the side player and start a rehearsed play.

6. Complete your Goals Daily

Dream League Soccer invites players to fulfill their daily goals in exchange for coins. And in addition to the daily objectives, there are some fixed missions. For example: scoring a certain number of goals, and winning “x” consecutive matches, among other things. It’s a fun way to challenge yourself and still profit in-game.

7. Save your Coins

Of course, buying new and better players is important. But one thing few beginning players know is that you’ll need to improve your stadium whenever you want to move up.

In other words: if you reach the end of Division 3 in the first place, but don’t have the money to improve the stadium, you will have to repeat the third place.

While this is boring, it’s part of the game.

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So control your finances well and try not to spend too much on buying players at the beginning. You can improve physical aspects, technical aspects, the defensive part, offensive attributes, and even the goalkeeper part.

8. Upgrade your Players

You won’t always have the money to buy new players. When that’s the case, Dream League Soccer has a good alternative. You can simply evolve the players you already have on the roster.

9. Be Sure to Watch the Advertising Videos

Like every good free Android game, Dream League Soccer has a promotional video system. Promotional videos are fast, so you won’t waste a lot of time. The best thing is that you’ll get extra coins every time you get to the end of the videos.

So at the end of each game wait to take advantage of this feature. Watching ad videos is a great way to acquire huge coins and diamonds in Dream League Soccer.

10. Put 100% Distance from the Lawn on the Camera

DLS cameraThe game camera by default doesn’t display many details. It can greatly interfere with your performance. So it is best to configure it so that it is always 100% away from the lawn. This will give you a much wider view of the field. This makes it easier to create new moves and cut off opponents’ attacks.

11. Use Dribblers on the Wings

Using players with good dribbling attributes makes it easier to beat your opponents and opens space for you to score either by cutting inside the 18-yard box and shooting or crossing the ball for the attackers to score.

12. Use All Attacking Tactics

I have discovered that using an all-attaching lineup helps put pressure on the opponent and also creates good goal-scoring opportunities for your team.

However, you must pay attention to the defensive deficiencies it will cause your team.

Don’t forget to check out the strategies for mastering Dream League Soccer Game.

These are the simple DLS tips you can apply to play Dream League Soccer like a Pro.


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