Download Olymp Trade App Apk for Android & iPhone to Make Money Online

Download Olymp Trade mobile app Apk for Android and iOS and leverage from the ever-growing internet market to earn extra money using your Smartphone. This is in fact, one of the best online trading apps in the world right now.

Olymp Trade Apk

Are you still searching for ways to make legit money online? Take advantage of internet opportunities and learn how to make money by changing the prices of assets traded on the stock exchange! The Olymp Trade mobile app offers an excellent solution for trading world-class stocks such as Facebook or Apple, currencies, commodities and even cryptocurrencies – using your favorite Android device.

Making money online daily has become simpler, more transparent and more fun than ever. You can access global exchanges while staying in the comfort of your own home or traveling to another destination. The Olymp Trade app for Android has a beautiful minimalist design, intuitive interface and useful analysis tools – in other words, everything to set the path to profitability.

More than 16.5 million people are making money from Olymp Trade every day – among them are traders with different types of expertise and risk tolerance. Why not join them now and see what benefits online trading has in store for you?

About Olymp Trade App

The Olymp Trade mobile app allows you to access live quotes from over 70 different assets. The centerpiece of the trader’s work platform, displayed on your favorite Android device, of course, is a trading chart. It shows the history of the price dynamics of your traded instrument (select it from the drop-down list in the upper right corner) – based on your personal preferences, market knowledge and, of course, the current rate of return. Profitability is highlighted in green next to each asset.

The graph is customizable – choose an area view, for a linear representation of the trend or candlesticks – a very useful tool for applying technical analysis. Likewise, in the menu below, you can apply indicators such as SMA, Stochastic or MACD. They will help you to assess the historical price pattern and predict the future trend.

It is worth starting your trading experience by signing up for a demo account – that way, you can test your trades without the risk of losing money.

Education Database: a guide to making profitable decisions

In the menu on the left side, more options are available and probably the most important one is the Training section. It takes you to a page on the site with the Olymp Trade mobile app knowledge center, which will teach you about various types of tools and strategies, as well as more in-depth issues: how to manage money and trader’s psychology.

Learn how to do and the secrets of trading via free webinars and recommendations from leading analysts, or you can watch a short video tutorial to easily start trading and get tips for making money from the apps!

Why is learning important? Well, because financial markets are not a lottery and profits come to you as a result of constant personal improvement and discipline – not random guesswork.

Key Features of Olymp Trade App

  • Over 100 assets and over 30 indicators
  • Training with a demo account
  • Free Webinars, analytics and strategies
  • Intuitive but easy to use and navigate around
  • 6 Years of outstanding service
  • Personal offers and traders community
  • 24/7 multilingual support.
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Download Olymp Trade App for Android and iOS

How to Open a Trade with Olymp Trade?

On the process side, online trading is very simple. And trading online with Olymp Trade is even simpler – as the company has done its best to make it as transparent as possible. Below the graph there are only 3 parameters that you must manage:

  • You can deposit a minimum of $10 and make a Minimum trade of $1 making this broker stand out
  • The duration of your negotiation (from just a minute to several hours);
  • And finally, your forecast – whether you think the price will rise or fall, compared to the current quote.

Trading will open instantly on the Olymp Trade mobile app, with a maximum return of 80% (92% for VIPs). Thus, the amount of potential profit is always known in advance. In addition, a transaction can be canceled if you ever find that the trend is moving in an unfavorable direction. To do this, simply slide your open position to the left and you will see the amount of investment that can be recovered via pre-sale.

All active trades are shown just below the chart. You can also manage them in the menu, in the section called “My transactions”. This is where the entire transaction history is kept.

If you experience any uncertainty, Olymp Trade technical support is available 24/7. The team of experts can be reached via live chat, email and telephone. In addition, the relevant menu section will offer a list of FAQs.

Cash Withdrawal and Deposit

Contrary to what many people believe, you do not need a large amount of money to participate in trading on global financial markets. In particular, with the Olymp Trade mobile app you can start with just $20 – this is the minimum deposit required.

Withdrawals are made directly through the app, and you have a wide variety of payment tools offered. You can use bank cards, e-wallets (including Bitcoin) or the available local banks. Requests are normally processed within 24 hours. See also other apps to make money.

Areas You Can Trade On Olymp Trade

An intuitive and user-friendly interface where you can easily find and use indicators and analytical tools to make winning trades. Choose the type of asset you prefer, there are a few examples of them:
● Stocks: Apple, Tesla, Google
● Indices: S&P500, Dow Jones
● Metals: Gold, Silver
● Commodities: Brent, Natural Gas
● ETF, Currencies, and many other assets are available for trading.

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Olymp Trade Mobile App Summary

To summarize the conversation – if you want to explore the potential of global financial markets, here is a list of what you should do:

  • Install the Olymp Trade mobile app;
  • Sign up in a few simple steps
  • Visit the training section to learn some basic tools and strategies;
  • Practice on a demo account;
  • Go to the real account and earn real money with the Olymp Trade mobile app!

That’s how to use the app to trade online.

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