Download iRoko TV App for Android – Watch Nollywood & Ghallywood Movies

Download latest version of iRoko TV app for android and watch your favorite Nollywood, Ghallywood movies and TV series anytime any day.

When you download iRoko TV apk, you will have unrivaled access to top best Nollywood movies & TV series. This also includes thousands of Nigerian & Ghanaian films. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the go. Don’t miss anyone as you now have full Nollywood at your fingertips. You can select your favorite movies and save them in your device to watch later offline without using additional internet data.

Irokotv is a web and app-based platform owned by Jackson Njoku, which offers paid-for Nigerian films on-demand. iROKOtv says its service is “the best of Nollywood”, and it’s rated among the first mainstream online movie streaming sites in Africa. In fact, it’s seen as the Netflix of Africa.

Download irokotv app

iROKOtv app provides instant access to more than 6,000 Nollywood film titles and still counting. iROKOtv is a part of iROKO Partners — one of the top entertainment brands in the African region.

The company houses sub-brands like iROKING, which is an online music platform, and Nollywoodlove, its YouTube site.

Features of iRokoTV App

  • Clean User Interface.
  • Over 6,000 Nollywood movies and over 600,000 movies worldwide.
  • Easy accessibility with accurate “search” filters.
  • FREE movies section.
  • Easy registration.
  • Quick subscription.
  • Discount available.
  • App is compatible in almost all Android phones.
  • Internet connection and reduced buffering time.
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How to Download & Install iRoko TV App

The app is available on Google Play Store so installing it on your Android device won’t be a herculean task unlike installing from a third-party website.

So just go to play store through this link and install iRokoTV app for free.

App Details

  • Name: iRokotv
  • Latest Version: 3.22.3
  • App Size: 34 MB
  • Developer: iRoko
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Required Android Version: 4.1 or higher
  • Owner: Jackson Njoku
  • Updated: 14 September, 2019
  • In-app purchases: Yes

How to Search for Movies to Watch on iRokoTV

To watch movies on iRokotv platform, follow below instructions if it’s your first time.

  1. Go-to website or download the app.
  2. After installing and opening the app, click on subscribe button.
  3. Register by filling the form and confirm your subscription via your e-mail.
  4. Select a payment method for your subscription and make payment respectively.
  5. Once payment is completed, you can now search for your desired movies, films and TV series to watch with iroko tv app.
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iROKOtv requires registration and subscription in order to access its full contents but there are also FREE movies on the platform which you can watch without paying subscription fee. But these free movies are mostly old movies while the premium or newer movies and series requires subscription.

Latest Movies on irokotv

Subscription Rates

iRoko TV subscription starts from just N500 and can go up to N3000 depending on the service and duration. Meanwhile, in the United States, the daily subscription starts at $2.99 while the monthly subscription is $7.99. Remember that these rates may change with time and it may not reflect here. But we will do our best to continue updating this post to include the latest trends and subscription prices.

Some Top Nollywood Movies Available on iROKOtv

  • The Set Up
  • Husbands of Lagos
  • Up North
  • 93 Days
  • Wives on Strike
  • The Blink Lagosians
  • Merry Men – the real Yoruba demons
  • Chief Daddy
  • King of Boys
  • The wedding party 1&2
  • The Ghost and the Tout
  • ’76
  • Banana Island Ghost
  • Mokalik
  • Omugwo
  • Lagos Real Fake Life
  • The Vendor
  • New Money
  • Lionheart
  • The Call
  • Light in the Dark
  • Nimbe
  • Levi
  • Let Karma
  • Desperate Housegirls
  • Power of 1.

About iRokotv

iROKOtv was founded on December 1, 2011, as a subsidiary of iROKO Partners, which was established in December 2010 by Jason Njoku, the husband of Mary Remmy Njoku, and Bastian Gotter.

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iROKO Partners is headquartered in London, UK.

Jason Njoku’s iROKOtv, which is dubbed the “Netflix” of Africa, is the largest legal digital distributor of African movies in the world and is among the most successful tech companies in Africa.

iROKOtv enjoys content distribution deals with YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

Now talking about recent ROK Studio acquisition, back in July, ROK Studio, which created content for the platform was purchased by Canal+ for an undisclosed fee, in a huge contract, which Njoku described as the “largest media deal in West Africa”:

iROKOtv Contact Information

iROKOtv Customer Service Support: 0800-333-0000



BBM: 7F3231C6

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