Download Brainly Mod APK for Android (Free Pro Subscription)

Download Brainly Mod Apk for Android and enjoy a free Pro Subscription, premium unlimited points, and a much-improved experience. In this post, you will get more details about the app as well as the features, uses, and answers to the frequently asked questions.

App Details

App Detail Description
App Brainly Mod APK
Developer Brainly, Inc
Version 5.152.0
Size 11.8 MB
Android Required 5.0 and up
Mod Features Premium Unlocked, Unlimited Answers
Rating 4.5/5
Mod APK Price Free
Safety Secure
Last Update August 4, 2023

brainly-mod apk

What is Brainly

Brainly is an innovative education-oriented application that allows students worldwide to connect, interact, and help each other with their studies. It’s similar to Wattpad mod apk. I remember using the original Brainly app during my high school years. Whenever I hit a roadblock in my studies, Brainly was my go-to platform. It’s incredible how a quick search and the shared wisdom of the community can assist in understanding complex subjects!

What is Brainly Mod

While Brainly is impressive, the Mod APK version takes it to another level. Brainly Mod APK is a modified version that comes with all premium features unlocked and provides unlimited answers without any restrictions. You don’t have to worry about monthly subscriptions anymore; all that knowledge is available at your fingertips, absolutely free!

Features of Brainly

These are the amazing features that the app offers.

Real-Time Tutor Assistance: Brainly Tutor

One of the most impressive features of Brainly is Brainly Tutor, which provides real-time help from professional tutors, currently available for Math and Physics. With this feature, you’re not just getting assistance, but you’re learning from seasoned pros, which can make a significant difference in your understanding and performance.

Math Solver: Your Personal Math Guide

Stuck on a tricky math problem? Use the Math Solver feature to scan your math problems and get step-by-step guidance. It’s like having your personal math guide, ready to help you navigate through complex problems. You may be interested in seeing other good Mathematics apps for Android.

Solve Maths with Brainly App

Free Homework Answers: Brainly Basic

One of the pillars of Brainly is its commitment to providing free educational help. Brainly Basic is 100% free of charge, providing access to countless homework answers and explanations from the community.

24/7 Access: Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Brainly offers 24/7 school app access, meaning that you can have unlimited access to information, solutions, and academic discussions anywhere, anytime. Be it early in the morning or late at night, Brainly is always there for you.

Tailored Textbook Solutions

The Brainly community has created specific solutions for various textbooks. You can search for your textbook and find explanations and solutions crafted by experts that align perfectly with your coursework.

Quick Answers and Explanations

Time is of the essence, and Brainly recognizes that. The app ensures lightning-quick responses – questions on the platform are typically answered within minutes. It’s a great feature when you’re on a tight schedule or studying last minute.

Ask by Text or Scan

Whether you want to type out your question or quickly snap a picture, Brainly has you covered. The app supports both text and picture queries, making it easier for you to ask exactly what you need.

Verified Information

Quality is paramount in education, and Brainly ensures this by having a dedicated team of subject experts and moderators who verify answers daily. This way, you can trust the information you’re getting.

Comprehensive Study and Homework Help

Brainly is not just about answering questions; it’s about fostering understanding and improving grades. The platform’s study and homework help aim to enhance comprehension and lead to higher academic performance.

Collaborative Learning: Parents Included

Brainly offers the option for parents to pair their accounts with their children. This feature allows parents to stay informed about their child’s learning, fostering a collaborative learning environment and promoting parental involvement.


Uses of Brainly

Homework Help: Your Personal Homework Assistant

We’ve all been there: we’re trying to finish our homework, but we stumble across a question that just stumps us. No worries – Brainly has got you covered. Whether it’s a complex algebra problem, a challenging history question, or an obscure English literature reference, Brainly’s vibrant community of students, educators, and experts is ready to lend a hand. The “Homework Help” function is like having your personal homework assistant, available 24/7 to help you overcome any obstacles you face in your studies.

Exam Preparation: Your Study Partner

Exams can be a stressful time for many students, but Brainly can make the process a bit easier. The platform can aid in your exam preparation by providing quick answers to your questions and detailed explanations to help you understand the underlying concepts. By using Brainly during your revision, you can quickly fill in gaps in your understanding, clarify doubts, and build confidence in your knowledge – all key factors for successful exam performance.

Understanding Concepts: Your Learning Companion

Sometimes, we can’t seem to grasp a concept, no matter how many times we reread our notes or textbooks. In these moments, Brainly can come to your rescue. The platform offers detailed, step-by-step solutions that break down complex ideas into more manageable parts. This feature can greatly enhance your comprehension and make even the most complicated topics more accessible.

Discussion: Your Global Classroom

Learning isn’t just about finding answers; it’s about asking questions, exploring ideas, and engaging in thoughtful discussion. Brainly allows you to discuss academic topics with a global community of learners. You can engage in stimulating conversations, debate theories, and exchange perspectives with peers from around the world. In this way, Brainly becomes more than just a study tool; it’s a global classroom that enriches your learning experience.

Chat in Brainly

Checking Answers: Your Accuracy Checker

After completing your homework or revision exercises, you can use Brainly to verify your solutions. By cross-checking your answers on Brainly, you can ensure that you’re on the right track and clarify any misconceptions. This can help build your confidence in your knowledge and prepare you for exams.

Learning New Topics: Your Gateway to New Knowledge

Your curiosity shouldn’t be limited by your school curriculum. If you’re intrigued by a subject not covered in your classes, Brainly can help you explore these new interests. You can ask questions, read explanations, and engage in discussions about a wide range of topics. With Brainly, the entire world of knowledge is at your fingertips.

Teaching Others: Your Platform to Share Knowledge

Learning on Brainly isn’t just about receiving answers; it’s also about sharing your own knowledge. If you’re confident about a certain topic, you can answer questions from other users, explaining concepts in your own words and helping others understand better. By teaching others, you not only consolidate your own understanding but also contribute to the collective learning of the Brainly community. It’s a win-win!

Download Brainly Mod APK for Android

Brainly Mod Apk 11.8MB

Quick Installation Guide

  1. Download the Brainly Mod APK file from the provided link.
  2. Go to your device’s settings, navigate to security settings, and allow installations from unknown sources.
  3. Open the downloaded APK file and click Install.
  4. Wait for the installation to complete, and then open the app.
  5. Start exploring the vast knowledge base!

How to Use the Brainly App

Navigating Brainly is a breeze, even if you’re not a tech wizard. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use this educational platform effectively:

Step 1. Opening the App:

The first step is to open the Brainly app. You will be welcomed by a user-friendly interface with a search bar prominently displayed at the top.

Step 2. Typing or Scanning a Question:

If you have a question, there are two ways to ask it on Brainly. The first method is to simply type your question into the search bar. Be as specific as you can to get the most accurate answers. The second method is to scan your question directly from your textbook or homework sheet. To do this, tap on the camera icon next to the search bar, point your camera at the question, and take a picture. Brainly will recognize the text and start searching for answers immediately.

Step 3. Receiving an Answer:

Once you’ve asked your question, you just have to wait a few moments. Brainly’s impressive community will spring into action, and you’ll start receiving detailed answers and explanations to your query in no time. The answers will appear below your question, with the most upvoted and verified answers showing up at the top.

Step 4. Contributing to the Community:

The Brainly community thrives on collaboration and mutual help. If you wish to contribute, you can do so by answering other users’ questions. To find a question to answer, simply scroll through the home page or use the search bar to find a topic you’re comfortable with. Once you’ve found a question you can answer, tap on it and write your explanation in the answer box. Remember, the goal is not just to provide the correct answer, but to explain it in a way that helps the asker understand the concept.

Step 5. Engaging in Discussions:

Beyond just asking and answering questions, you can also engage in academic discussions on Brainly. Each question has a discussion section where users can ask for clarifications, debate different approaches, or provide additional information. Participating in these discussions can greatly enrich your learning experience and give you new perspectives on the topic.

Step 6. Reviewing and Saving Answers:

When you receive an answer that you find particularly helpful or insightful, you can upvote it to express your appreciation and help other users find it more easily. You can also save answers to review later by tapping on the bookmark icon. This is especially handy when you’re studying for exams and want to keep track of useful explanations.

Remember, Brainly is more than just a Q&A platform; it’s a community of learners. The more you engage with the community – by asking thoughtful questions, providing detailed answers, participating in discussions, and showing appreciation for helpful contributions – the more you will benefit from your Brainly experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Access to a vast community of learners and educators.
  • Unlimited answers and premium features.
  • Night mode for comfortable learning during late-night hours.
  • Free access to premium content.


  • As it’s a modded version, it may not receive official app updates.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Is Brainly Mod APK safe to use? Yes, as long as you download it from a reliable source, it is safe to use.
  2. Is the Mod APK free? Yes, it’s free, and it provides access to premium features.
  3. Can I use the app offline? No, Brainly requires an internet connection to function.
  4. Does Brainly cover all subjects? Yes, Brainly covers a wide range of subjects.
  5. Do I need to register to use Brainly? While you can use Brainly without an account, registering allows you to track your questions and answers.


In conclusion, Brainly Mod APK is an excellent tool for any student. Its ability to connect learners worldwide, combined with its wide subject coverage and free access to premium features, makes it a must-have educational app. I’ve personally benefited immensely from using Brainly, and I believe the Mod APK version can aid your learning journey as well. So, why wait? Download the Brainly APK now and become a part of the global learning community. Happy learning!

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