Block ATM Card of Any Bank in Nigeria If Lost or Stolen

Is your debit card (ATM card) stolen, lost or misplaced? Learn how to instantly block ATM card of any bank in Nigeria to secure your bank account and the money inside.

In this post, we have covered these areas; how to block GTBank ATM card, how to block First Bank ATM card, how to block Access/Diamond Bank ATM card, how to block UBA ATM card, how to block Zenith bank ATM card, how to block Fidelity bank ATM card, how to block Stanbic IBTC bank ATM card, how to block Sterling Bank ATM card, how to block Keystone Bank ATM card, how to block Wema Bank ATM card, how to block Eco Bank ATM card and how to block Unity bank ATM.

We will provide you with both online and offline methods to block your bank ATM card immediately it’s lost or stolen.

With this information, you don’t need to visit the bank hall to block your ATM card. You can easily do it yourself before fraudsters withdraws all the money in your bank account.

Just make sure you read this post till the end. It’s exclusively for Nigerians.

How to Block All Bank ATM Card in Nigeria

Block ATM cardFollow the steps below carefully to block debit card of any Nigerian bank if stolen to avoid unauthorized tampering on your account.

How to Block Your GTB ATM Card Offline Via USSD Code

To block your GTB ATM Card, dial *737*51*10# on your mobile device with phone number associated with your GTBank account.

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How To Block your GTB ATM Card Online Via GTBank App or Internet Banking

If you have internet banking access or you have a working GTBank mobile app, follow these steps:

  • Just login to your GTBank internet banking platform or app.
  • Look for card and click on it.
  • Select ‘Hotlist’ and enter your card number.
  • Then give reason to block the card.
  • Click submits.
  • Next, a screen will pop-up asking you to confirm the deactivation of your ATM card.
  • Just accept and it will be blocked instantly so no transaction can be carried out on it.

If you want to block your entire GTBank account from unauthorized access, see my post on how to lock your GTBank account.

To get a new card, walk into any GTB branch and request for a new debit card which can be Mastercard, Visa or Verve, depending on your choice.

How To Block First Bank ATM Card With USSD Code

To block your First Bank ATM Card With USSD Code, Send “BLOCK” to 30012.

Your ATM card will be blocked within 24 hours so no person can withdraw or make any sort of transaction on it.

If you want to use another card, just walk into the nearest First Bank branch and apply for new debit card.

How To Block Zenith Bank ATM Card

There are two methods to block your Zenith Bank ATM card – via USSD protect and via internet banking/mobile app.


How To Block Zenith Bank Card Using USSD Protect Code:

  • Dial *966*911# from any Mobile device
  • Input your account number followed by your Mobile number
  • Press 1 to confirm your request to block your card instantly.

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To Block your Zenith Bank ATM card Via App/internet

  • Log in to Zenith Bank iapp
  • Click the menu bar and select Cards and Cheques.
  • Select Deactivate Card
  • State the reason for deactivating the card.
  • Now click on continue.
  • The ATM card will be locked and no transaction will be done with it from that moment.

For more assistance, contact Zenith Bank customer care via phone call using the following numbers 012787000, 014647000 and 012927000.

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How To Block UBA ATM Card

The fastest way to block your lost or stolen UBA ATM/Debit Card is to dial *919*10# from the phone number associated your UBA Bank account.

Another alternative method using USSD code is this;

  • Dial *919# from the mobile number linked to your UBA account
  • Select “7” for next
  • Select Banking services
  • Select “1” to block debit card
  • Enter your account number and click on send, and it will be blocked.

How to Block Your UBA ATM card Through Internet banking/App Platform

  • Log-in to the UBA internet banking platform
  • Select self-service
  • Request to block your card

For more assistance, contact UBA customer care (help desk) with this number +2347002255822 or send them an email on

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How To Block Sterling Bank ATM Card

For now there is no USSD code to instantly block Sterling bank ATM card but you can still block your card by contacting them via email at or call them on 070078375464.

Also, you can contact them via their social media handles below.


How To Block Access Bank ATM Card If Lost

Access bank has a unique way of assisting with lost debit card. No USSD code is required to be dialed and no SMS is required to be sent. Rather do this:

  • For lost of your debit card dial 18005548969
  • For lost of your credit card dial 18005583424

Your card will be deactivated once this is done.

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How To Block Fidelity Bank ATM Card

To block Fidelity bank ATM card via USSD code, dial *770*911# from the phone number connected to the account and follow the prompts.

All the ATM cards linked to the account will be listed so you have to select the card(s) to block.

Alternatively, you can contact the Fidelity Bank to block your ATM card via email at,

How To Block Wema Bank ATM Card

There are two methods available to block your Wema Bank ATM card if it’s lost or stolen. One method is via Mobile app/internet banking while the other method is via SMS.

To block, lock or deactivate your lost WEMA Bank ATM card, send CARD ATM OFF to 33352 using the phone number linked to your Wema Bank account.

How To Block Stanbic IBTC Bank ATM Card

Two methods are available to block your ATM card – via USSD code and via SMS. We have explained them below.

  • Dial this code *909#
  • Select my bank
  • Select service request
  • Click on block card.

To block card via SMS, send Block card NUBAN to 30909 via your registered mobile number.

NOTE: replaced the NUBAN with the 10-digits of your account number Link to the card.

How To Block Union Bank ATM Card

You can block your Union Bank card by texting BLOCK CARD NUBAN via SMS to 20123 using the phone number associated to your account.

Remember you should replace the “NUBAN” with the 10-digit of your account number.

How to Block ECOBANK ATM Card

To block EcoBank ATM Card, Send “STOP ATM NUBAN NUMBER” to 08063262265. Just replace “NUBAN” with your account number.
For example send “STOP ATM 1020415263” to 08063262265.

HOW to Block FCMB ATM Card

To block your FCMB ATM card, just call them on +234 2798800 or Email them on requesting that your ATM Card account should be blocked after the provision of relevant information.

For now FCMB doesn’t support dialing of any USSD code to lock account or deactivate account.

How To Block Unity Bank ATM Card

Call any of these phone numbers +2347080666000, +2347057323226, +2347057323227 and give them reason to block your card.

OR you can email them on or visit their official website

How To Block Keystone Bank ATM Card

Keystone bank does not require sending codes or use of internet app to block Card.

To block your Keystone Bank Card just send email to or call them on +234 700 2000 3000 stating the reason you want your card to be deactivated.

What If You Lost Your ATM Card Together With the SIM Associated With Your Bank?

If you lost the ATM card and phone or SIM which is link to your bank account, the only way to deactivate or block your ATM card is to immediately rush to the nearest branch of your bank and request to block your card.

Also report to your network providers office to block your SIM to avoid fraudulent activities with your SIM.

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