The Best Characters from each Season of Killer Instinct

The reboot of the Killer Instinct franchise brought new life into the once-legendary fighting game series. To do some C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKERS while playing a game with modern graphics and listening to wonderful soundtracks by Atlas Plug, Celldweller, or Mick Gordon might be really enjoyable.

There are 29 characters in the game roster. While only nine were available from the beginning, the developers significantly increased the choice of fighters with the introduction of each new season.

But what characters are better from the current competitive point of view? If you want to win, whom should you choose? We will answer these questions in our article.

Season One

During Season One, the following characters were available for play: Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal, Fulgore, and Shadow Jago.

Of these nine characters, we would recommend you pick Thunder and Fulgore.

Thunder is a forty-seven-year-old man looking to avenge his close relatives’ deaths. While he is a grappler, his fighting style is not typical. Thunder deals lots of damage, and his command grab frustrates all the opponents. However, with greater damage comes slower speed. He might compensate for this with his Instinct mode, but you will still need some skills and a plan to win.

Fulgore is an artificially created soldier. This 560 lbs monster brings hell onto its opponents. It is a highly mobile unit with lots of defensive potential and attack range. You might say it is an all-round fighter, so you can not be wrong by picking it.

No gimmicks, different possible playstyles — a dream for highly skilled players. The only downside of Fulgore is that you would need some patience to fill its meter: Fulgore is not that great without it.

Season Two

The following characters were introduced in season two: T.J. Combo, Maya, Kan_ra, Riptor, Omen, Aganos, Hisako, Cinder, and ARIA.

Our choice would be ARIA, Aganos, or Omen.

ARIA is an artificial superintelligence that uses various drones to fight. Initially, it was created as a tool to understand and simulate life. However, after the death of its creator, no one could utilize ARIA to help humanity. No emotions, no morals, and the world are like a puzzle — some of us would definitely like to walk in its shoes (at least for some time).

In terms of game balance, ARIA is much like Fulgore: it is a well-rounded fighter that lacks its definite gimmick. So it would be an excellent choice for those who don’t like cheesy heroes and want to learn the game better. Great range and decent mobility are significant characteristics to mention.

Aganos is an ancient golem who brings on a unique playstyle. His range is great, and his damage is outstanding, but he is really, and we mean incredibly slow.


Aganos is somewhat able to zone opponents, and his armor provides good defense, but in total, his playstyle is unique and thus not suited for everyone. However, if you choose him and understand the playstyle, you would go really far.

Omen is a demon who is loyal to his master Gargos. He excels in the air while being decent in other game aspects. Omen’s projectile will puzzle the unprepared opponent since it is easy to wrongly guess the attack. However, the downside of that is low damage. So if you like dynamic fights and being constantly in action, Omen is a decent choice for you.

Season Three

The following characters were introduced in Season Three: Rash, Kim Wu, Arbiter, Tusk, Mira, Gargos, Eyedol, and General RAAM.

Our choice is Rash. Being a guest character from the Battletoads franchise, this humanoid toad is charismatic enough to get a huge fan base. But Rash is loved not only for his charisma and past but also because he is the ultimate meaning of mobility in Killer Instinct.

Very fast, problematic to pin down the protagonist of the legendary beat-em-up game on NES destroys his opponents with style! We’re not talking only about his glasses and charming smile but also his Wicked Tongue.

While he is hard to catch, he will not greatly resist once you manage to trap him. That is a downside. Overall we would like to suggest Rash to all the really self-confident players.

Post-season Three

After the arrival of season three, Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and Eagle were introduced to the game.

All three are kind of average hero choices. There are better alternatives, but just in case, here is a short summary. Eagle is fine if you like to zone an opponent out, Kilgore is the ultimate zoning character (even better than Eagle), and Shin Hisako is a fast character with great defense.

Overall, Killer Instinct provides a great range of characters that suit different playstyles. Everyone will find something to their taste, so we hope you will have fun while playing and our article was helpful. GL HF!

Overall, Killer Instinct provides you with a great range of characters that suit different playstyles. Everyone will find something to their taste, so we hope you will have fun while playing and our article was useful. GL HF!

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