4 Best Free Passport Photo Software for PC

Nowadays, every passport includes a biometric photo of the holder. While professional photo studios offer a variety of services, many of which are quite costly, there are less expensive alternatives, such as taking a passport photo at home.

It is not an easy process: strict requirements must be met, which vary by country. Your photo will be rejected if you make an error.

However, there are PC programs designed specifically to save you time and money on passport photos. Continue reading the passport photo online review to learn more.

1. Persofoto

Persofoto free passport photo software

Persofoto is an online service that allows you to prepare photos for official documents. This is a tool that can be used with your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Persofoto offers a variety of forms, including passports, driving licenses, and ID cards for various countries.

The tool is simple to use and provides clear instructions; all you have to do is upload your photo and adjust it to fit the mask. With its helpful guide and Artificial Intelligence technology, you won’t have to waste much time.

You can use this passport photo editor for free and download a digital copy of your passport photo. 

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2. Passport Photo Maker

Passport Photo Maker Software

Passport Photo Maker comes with more than 130 ID templates. The database is regularly updated, so photos created with the software are guaranteed to be accepted by officials. Besides, the program allows you to replace clothes right on your photo. 

The passport photo editor has an easy-to-use interface with prompts for correctly sizing images. It employs a neural network that has been trained to identify biometric features. Professional ID photos are easy to create in three simple steps.

Place a photograph in the working area first. Then, select the document type from the software database. The photo will be cropped automatically to fit the dimensions specified.

With this passport photo maker free download, you can see for yourself that this passport photo editor is a golden middle as it offers different plans. 

The full version includes a number of useful features for photo businesses. It allows you to set prices for your services, store customer names and orders, create passwords to restrict access to specific modules, and view and export order statistics.

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3. Passport Photo Online

Passport Photo Online Software

A wide range of tools and options are available on Passport Photo Online, a website that may be used to make photographs for official papers like ID cards or visas.

AI systems can enhance contrast, eliminate shadows, and modify backgrounds to conform to official criteria. Even unwanted individuals or items can be taken out of the picture using it.

In addition to a list of specifications for typical documents, Passport-Photo lets you resize your photos to the standard 1.5″ by 1.5″ size. It also includes image requirements for university and college documents.

To create a passport with this tool, simply take or upload a photo. Because it is AI-powered, the tool will handle the rest. It will examine your photo, crop it to the appropriate size, and retouch it.

Additional verification will be performed by Photo Expert to ensure that your photo meets official specifications.

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4. 123PassportPhoto

123Passport Photo Software

123PassportPhoto, which is compatible with 50+ countries, is another well-known website that can easily convert your regular images into passport-sized ones.

You can use this passport photo maker software to cut or completely erase the background. 123PassportPhoto will automatically retouch the photograph after you crop it manually. Furthermore, it offers five distinct improvements.

Because you must follow a set of instructions to download your passport photo, the entire process takes about a minute. You’ll find all you need on the first page of this web application because of its user-friendly interface.

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TIPS: There are also mobile versions or similar apps that you can use on your Android. Check out the best passport photo apps for Android.

Summing Up

Here, we’ve offered you 4 passport photo editing programs for PC. In this list, you can find software for users of any level and budget. There are undoubtedly many more options on the market, but the programs listed above are worth a try.

Taking passport photos can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of what to expect from passport photo programs for PC as well as how to create your next passport photo ID.


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