DeskIn Remote Desktop Software: TeamViewer Alternatives

The days of social distancing because of Covid-19 are over, but for many people, working remotely has become part of the new normal. Not only online meetings, the demand for remote control of computers and mobile devices has also increased sharply.

Deskin Remote Desktop Software

DeskIn is software created by Zuler Technology, a company based in Singapore with the goal to deliver smooth, high-performance, secure remote access and control experience to users.

Why choose DeskIn Remote Desktop?

For users around the world, when it comes to remote device control software, most will immediately think of TeamViewer, because they are free. So, why should you choose DeskIn Remote Desktop?

In fact, TeamViewer is only free for individual users, and there are cases where users are blocked from using this software by the system suspected of using it for business purposes. Business users will have to pay to use TeamViewer if they want to control mobile devices.

Meanwhile, with DeskIn Remote Desktop, the price for businesses is only 69 USD/year for the lowest package Standard Edition which includes connecting 2 mobile devices, for trial use. 30 days free. At the moment.

Dsekin Remote Desktop Pricing

As for individual users, DeskIn Remote Desktop offers two subscription packages: One is completely free with 1080p30Hz resolution, up to 3 devices; and the Standard package with 2160p30Hz resolution, VIP line connecting up to 100 devices, and unlimited file transfer. The price for individual Standard Edition is just $9.9 per month.

Deskin Personal Plans and Pricing

Plan Features

DeskIn Remote Desktop also provides additional tool packages, or add-ons, so that you can choose the right one for your needs, instead of having to buy all the features and then don’t use them.

For example, users who work in photo/video editing and who want true colors when remote control can purchase the True Color add-on 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, or gamers can buy the add-on Game Package to customize the gamepad, keyboard.

Deskin Add-on Tools

Experience using DeskIn Remote Desktop

In terms of core features, the personal and enterprise versions are not too different, but the enterprise version will focus a lot on deployment and integration into the system on a large scale, end-to-end encryption, and setup connection for each device.

Depending on the Enterprise solution you choose, the display quality can be up to 4K 60fps, or connect an unlimited number of devices if you are building a remote customer support system.


DeskIn Remote Desktop, or any remote-control software must be installed on at least two devices: the device you want to remote control, and the device you will use to control.

The installation process should be as simple as possible, especially if you’re using the software to control someone else’s machine – and the other party isn’t always tech-savvy.

Downloading and installing DeskIn Remote Desktop is very simple, just visit the DeskIn download page and click download to get DeskIn for Windows, or download DeskIn for Android and DeskIn for iOS and then install it like installing any other application.

DeskIn’s Enterprise – Technical Support package also supports the SOS Installation-free feature, which can be used without installation.

Remote Connection

After installation and login, DeskIn will assign each computer a Device ID and password – you can use a temporary password or set up a connection password, but I recommend the second way to be safe.

The “Control Remote Device” box is where you will enter the ID of the device you want to control, then click “Connect” and enter the password to start the remote control.

Control Remote Device

DeskIn for personal free plan defaults to Full HD 30fps resolution, I connect from my office computer to my personal computer at home, about 10km away. The Wi-Fi connection on the company I experienced was quite slow, but the connection delay via DeskIn Remote Desktop was still very good, only about 50ms.

The operation during the remote control is smooth, I do not feel obvious jerky or lag because the fps are maintained stably. I tried a quick test to edit photos through Photoshop, but it feels no different from editing photos on the machine I’m using in the office.

Surfing the web or writing documents are lighter tasks, I believe DeskIn Remote Desktop will also handle it well. We can also text or chat between two machines to easily handle work.

DeskIn also supports data transformation. TeamViewer has limitations on the number of files to be transferred between the two machines, if I remember correctly, it is 8GB, but DeskIn does not limit the file size.

In this window, you can switch back and forth between the two machines, saving them to the desired folders. From now on, I no longer have to upload to Google Drive and then download again.

File Transfer

Send to Remote PC

Not only from Windows to Windows, DeskIn Remote Desktop also supports cross-platform connection, we can connect PC-to-Mobile and vice versa, Windows-to-MacOS and vice versa. During the experience Experiment, I tried connecting the computer at the office with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone.

Mobile Version

Whether it’s an Android-to-Windows connection or vice versa, my two devices connect very quickly, because they share the same Wi-Fi network, the delay is only about 5ms. From the computer, I can use the mouse to control it like a finger swipe – in fact, it feels quite similar to when I run virtual Android on Windows but smoother.

If you connect from your phone to your computer, you can choose between cursor mode (using the mouse pointer like a computer) or touch mode.

Here, the adjustment features are no different from using on a computer, and you can also transfer files between the two machines.

Quick and Convenient Multi-platform support

After a period of experience, I realize that DeskIn Remote Desktop has the potential to become a great choice to replace TeamViewer, especially if you own a small and medium-sized business (SMB) that needs to optimize operating costs.

The cross-platform support, and smooth cross-platform connection is also the plus point of DeskIn Remote Desktop, worthy of the editor’s choice (Editor’s Choice).

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