Remote Desktop: Transfer Files Securely from Anywhere

Remote Desktop file transfer enables users to transfer files between two PCs remotely, which is convenient if the two PCs are located in different places.

Why Use Remote Desktop Software File Transfer?

There are many ways for users to transfer data, including cloud services, USB drives, remote desktop software with file transfer, and so on. The most recommended way is remote desktop transfer files out of the following three highlights.

  • Convenient: Remote desktop app with a file transfer function allows users to migrate files from one computer to another directly without leaving their desks.
  • Secure: The data during transfer is encrypted to prevent leakage when users use remote desktop software file transfer.
  • Cost-effective: Remote Desktop file transfer requires no USB flash drive or an external hard drive, which can be expensive.

The Most-recommended Remote Desktop Software With File Transfer

Users can transfer files from a remote desktop or local device easily with Window’s built-in Remote Desktop feature, supposed that the two machines are located on the same LAN.

Otherwise, it’s a better choice to employ a third-party remote access app with a file transfer function. Because Windows RDP requires extra complicated configuration to connect two PCs over the internet.

AnyViewer is a remote desktop file transfer software that is highly recommended. It offers a File Transfer feature for users to manage and transfer files between the local computer and the remote computer intuitively and conveniently.

Between assigned devices, users can access the file transfer interface with one click. If the devices haven’t been assigned to the same account, users can choose file transfer via security code or sending a request.

The whole file transfer process is secured by a strong algorithm, ECC, thus users don’t need to worry the data safety. Users can only transfer files without getting full access to the remote computer or starting file transfer during a remote connection.

How to Share Files With Remote Desktop Software File Transfer

Users can use AnyViewer file transfer to transfer files from/to remote desktops with different methods. Free download the app and keep reading to realize how the AnyViewer file transfer feature works.

Transfer Files from/to Unattended Computer

If users are planning to transfer files from/to their own unattended computers, they can set up AnyViewer in advance and go to the File Transfer window with one click.

Firstly, users need to create an AnyViewer account, log into the account on both computers and assign the computers to the account.

Then, on the local device, go to Device, click the remote computer, and click File transfer.

Anyviewer file transfer

Users can access the File transfer window to manage and transfer files on both computers. To transfer from a local to a remote device, choose the folder on the left pane and click the triangle icon.

To transfer from the remote machine to the local, choose the folder on the right pane and click the triangle icon.

Transfer from remote machine to local


With this, you can share files remote desktop easily.

Transfer Files from/to a Computer via Request

If users need to transfer files from/ to another computer for team collaboration, they can choose to send a request and wait for approval from their partners.

First of all, their partners need to share the device ID with users. Then, users can input the device ID, choose File transfer, and click Connect.

Transfer from a computer via request

On the pop-up window, users can choose to Send a request to their partner. After the request is approved, users can enter the File Transfer window.

Remote Desktop File Transfer Window


  • AnyViewer Free plan enables users to transfer files easily and securely. To enjoy a higher speed and transfer a larger induvial file, users need to upgrade to AnyViewer Professional or Enterprise. After upgrading, users can enjoy other privileges, including accessing in privacy mode, assigning more devices to the same account, high-quality images, etc.
  • AnyViewer also releases apps for iOS and Android platforms, which enable users to remotely access computers from mobile devices. File transfer in Windows-to-Windows remote session is supported and in mobile-to-Windows remote session isn’t supported.


The file transfer feature in Remote Desktop software makes it convenient, secure, and cost-effective to share files between two computers no matter where they are located as long as the computers are connected to the network. Of course, it’s very essential to pick up the right app to ensure safety.

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