3 Upcoming Animated Shows You Can Watch Using Xfinity Flex

Nowadays, it feels like there’s just too much to watch but not enough time!

Juggling different responsibilities and work is already tiring, so it can be even more exhausting when you have to set things up to watch. Switch from one platform to the other, and then log in to the platform you want, search for the right show, and then, you can finally relax!

Shows to watch using Xfinity Flex

With Xfinity Internet, all those steps vanish as it gives you all of these things in one single place.

Through Xfinity’s reliable internet connection, you’ll be able to get access to Xfinity Flex which ensures that all your streaming needs are met!

How to Set Up Xfinity Flex

Xfinity Flex gives you a personalized streaming dashboard that can also be controlled by a voice remote.

There is a self-installation kit that guides you on how to set things up.

  1. First, you must plug in the Flex device itself, using the HDMI cord that will be included in the kit.
  2. You should then receive some simple instructions on your TV screen and all you need to do is follow them, or you can opt for a different method. If you have the free Xfinity app on your phone, simply log in and you should see the heading ‘Choose a device to set up.’
  3. Once you’ve selected your Flex device, you’ll see further instructions on how to connect and activate your device.
  4. The Flex device should automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi if you’re using an Xfinity gateway. If not, you can still connect to a different modem by entering your Wi-Fi password and details.
  5. Once you activate your Flex device, you can start streaming but fair warning – it will be a rather addicting experience!

You get instant access to all your streaming sites, on just one platform – Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, and more. If you’re trying to look for something, all you need to do is simply use the voice remote, and that way, you don’t even need to lift a finger!

Xfinity Flex makes your watching experience simple and easy!

What to Watch

With thousands of choices at your fingertips, you can watch anything you’re in the mood for!

If you need to binge-watch horror movies, you can do so easily in 4K Ultra HD video quality, or if you’re in the mood for a warm Disney classic, you can now re-watch it as many times as you’d like.

With so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick out a show and decide – which is why we have some special recommendations for you!

The Dragon Prince

This popular animated series started quite obscure and has now garnered the attention of thousands of viewers tuning in to Netflix to watch and re-watch its latest episodes!

The Dragon Prince is a 3D-animated show and it tells the story of 2 brothers and an elf. This unconventional trio, in a weird twist of fate, finds a great responsibility thrust upon them in the shape of a dragon egg.

It is these teenagers that are supposed to travel across vast lands to transfer the dragon egg safely to its mother. If they fail to do so, they will doom the entire dragon-kind and even the world!


Despite the fantasy and adventure premise, the show has surprisingly loveable characters that get more and more complex as the seasons go on.

With 4 existing seasons under its belt, its fifth and latest season is scheduled to release in July 2023, so be sure to add it to your To-Watch list!

Bob’s Burgers

If you’re a foodie with a guilty pleasure for animated food, this show is the perfect fit for you. Full of puns, and unforgettable characters, the show has a lot of heart and a loyal fan base that is ever-growing, averaging up to 5.2 million streaming viewers!

The plot is in the name! Bob is an average middle-aged guy with a burger restaurant and the show revolves around him and his family, who help him out in the restaurant – his wife, Linda, and his 3 kids, Louise, Gene, and Tina.

This FOX show has a light-hearted tone but with some very wholesome moments snuggled in within the humor.

A lot of viewers have dubbed it their ‘comfort show’ as the animated series usually revolves around themes of family, growing up, and love.

Bob’s Burgers is coming back with its 14th season as it was renewed in January 2023 and you can now watch it using Xfinity Flex and catch up with all its prior seasons, by the time the new season rolls out!


Surpassing even Squid Game, Arcane quickly topped Netflix’s charts as it became the most-watched series on the platform, in just a few days of its launch!

Based on the popular game ‘League of Legends’ Arcane’s story is about family and war, at its core, and how two opposing views can cause drastic results.

This larger-than-life series contains grey characters that constantly make the viewers judge their moral compass.

Vi and Powder, two sisters, separated at very young and vulnerable ages meet again but they can hardly recognize each other now. In this tragic tale of loss and pain, Arcane explores each character’s darkest moments and fears, with plenty of viewers calling it a ‘work of art’ as human nature is unraveled in a way that’s never been done before on screen!

With its second season coming out in 2024, people who haven’t enjoyed it yet still have plenty of time to catch up with Arcane before its next season. You can watch Arcane at the highest quality with Xfinity Flex.

To See or Not to See

All of these recommendations are backed up by thousands of passionate fans, who swear by these shows – and we hope you can enjoy streaming them to your heart’s content

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