5 Apps to Discover Wi-Fi Passwords Anywhere for Android & iOS

Ever wanted to hack into or discover someone’s Wi-Fi password to browse the internet with your Android or iOS device? Search no further. The apps listed here can also help you discover passwords to public Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to.

Although, it is worth mentioning that in some cities, there are free Wi-Fi connections for public use. Generally, in places close to shopping centers, recreation parks and in places of great flow of people, there are usually the availability of free public Wifi hotspot but if by chance the Wi-Fi networks are protected by passwords, which may not be easy to find, these wifi password discovering apps come into play.

Meanwhile, you have to understand that some of the apps may not be able to discover all Wifi passwords as some Wifi networks are protected with very strong passwords while some are highly encrypted to discourage public access.

But be it as it may, you just have to try your luck with these apps that has already worked for me in most locations.

5 Best Apps to Discover Wi-Fi Password Anywhere for Android & iOS

1. Instabridge

Instabridge free wifi passwordsThe full name of the app is Free Wifi Passwords and Hotspots by Instabridge. It is the friendliest app on this list. With a simple, intuitive interface, you can surf the internet for free at more than 3 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.
As all passwords are added by the users themselves, the application works as a large community. This means that you can add yourself by providing a Wi-Fi password when making a connection.
That way, whenever you connect to an open network, you give access to other people on the platform. With a sense of social networking, there is even a ranking for those who collaborate most with the most wireless internet access points.
Because the connection is actually via Wi-Fi, the application does not limit navigation, giving you complete freedom of access. Perfect for when you are out of the country without a roaming package, or if you got lost and ran out of internet to find your way back!

Download Instabridge for Android

Download Instabridge for iOS iOS .

2. Free Wi-Fi App: Passwords, Hotspot

Free wifi appProbably the most complete option in this list, Free Wi-Fi App: Password, hotspot is a very powerful application. With it, you have several options in an extremely simple and intuitive interface, basically summarized in a map with the internet access points around you.
To connect, the app automatically connects you to the nearest available networks. In addition, with the sharing of passwords for points you know, the community continues to grow and count on millions of hotspots worldwide.
However, there is more: with Free Wi-Fi App, it is possible to check information about the network before connecting to it. With the details, you can have access to the level of satisfaction of users with that hotspot. The quality of the internet and the experience of Internet users on the network are indicated.
Download Free Wi-Fi App Password for Android
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3. WiFi Map

Wifi map appWi-Fi Map is a free Wi-Fi Password and Internet hotspot app with a network of 100 million Wi-Fi access points worldwide. WiFi Map is the largest password-making community on the planet. One of its strengths is the possibility to choose a network to connect directly to the map provided by the application.
The search engine is intelligent and identifies the Wi-Fi hotspot closest to you. In addition, you can filter the connections you want, share access points with friends on social networks and even have tips to get the most out of the connection!
As with other applications, WiFi Map depends on users to make passwords available around the world.

Therefore, you also participate in the community whenever you connect to any internet that can be shared by everyone.
Download WiFi Map for Android

Wi-Fi Map for iOS

4. WiFi Magic

Wifi magic appWiFi Magic already makes it clear that it is a social network for public Wi-Fi passwords, not including private and residential networks.

That is, it is possible to connect to the internet provided by restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, among others.
Like the other options, the user also participates in the community by entering a password when connecting to any public Wi-Fi network. That way, all users of the app will have the opportunity to browse the internet when they are close to the place you’ve been. It’s a philosophy based on collaboration (social network).
Available on all continents, WiFi Magic guarantees data savings in public places. By finding internet available wherever you are, it reduces costs with mobile networks.
Download WiFi Magic for Android
Wifi Magic for iOS

5. WiFi Password

Wifi password appTo use hotspots for free, WiFI Password is an interesting option. With the application, you can connect to hotspots quickly and safely, by checking the community database to find the password for the network you want to use.
In addition, WiFi Password detects insecure networks and warns you when you are about to make a connection that could be dangerous. Very useful for those who need to use several access points during the day!
As with alternative options, you can also become an active part of the community. To do this, simply share passwords for Wi-Fi networks to which you connect your device.

Download WiFi Password for Android


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Precautions When Accessing Public WiFi Networks

It is important to take into account some security tips when accessing public Wi-Fi networks. Because it is shared with strangers, access to your data can be made easier.
Just as in the real world, the internet is full of malicious individuals and hackers can act sneaky and subtle to commit crimes. Be vigilant! Follow Safety Rules!! Stay Safe!!!

Keep Apps Updated and Antivirus Active

Since you will be surfing the internet through a public Wi-Fi hotspot, it is a good idea to keep applications and software on your device up to date. Thus, the security parameters will be at maximum efficiency the moment you are connected.
Having a good active antivirus is crucial, since many threats can be transmitted through public networks, as they are used by many people.

MokoWeb has already listed the best antivirus to protect your phone. It is a good time to choose any of them and be safe when using a public hotspot!

Avoid Having to Provide Confidential Information

When using a public network, you can be exposed to several dangers: viruses and computer problems are just a few of them.

However, the biggest threat could be individuals using public networks to get confidential data. And with that, have access to private matters, such as your bank account or passwords to access your company’s secrets. Therefore, avoid accessing sites where confidential information is required.
If you have no other way, do your best to ensure that all safety parameters are fully operational.
Remember: it is not recommended that you enter personal data through public networks. Do this only if it is extremely necessary and only after taking extra steps to increase security.


If you really need to provide confidential data, be aware of the encryption of the pages. When accessing a website, make sure that the addresses starts with https (has locked key symbol).

The acronym indicates that the page has an extra layer of protection, which allows data to be sent through an encrypted connection.
Another interesting tip is to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can check the top VPN apps for safe web browsing.

When creating a virtual private network, you make a connection that can be almost impossible to intercept. As it is a technology that encrypts, it may be important for those who really cannot escape confidential data on the internet!

Enjoy free Wifi internet anywhere by discovering and unlocking wifi passwords with the apps mentioned in this article.


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