11 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria (Complete Guide)

Nigeria is the largest black nation in the world with over 180 million people living in it. There are also many higher institutions in the country but most of these schools are not at the same level as schools from other countries according to the list of top best universities in the world. But what are the best courses one can study in Nigeria to help him or her succeed after graduation whether employed or self-employed?

Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges Nigerian Youths face after schooling so one must consider studying courses that will help one be self-employed or stand a better chance of securing the limited job opportunities in the country.

Even though the availability of jobs is not what we enjoy over here in Nigeria, people still get employed every day in this same country mostly because of the kinds of courses they studied.

There are certain fields that if chosen and graduated with an excellent grade the chances of getting a high-paying job becomes really close.

That’s why we at mokoweb have decided to list out the best courses to study in Nigerian Universities.

Best courses to study in Nigeria

Best Courses To Study In Nigeria

1. Accounting

The service of an accountant is required by virtually all professional bodies, accounting firms, and so on. They audit accounts and are needed to work in several places, like airports, hotels, supermarkets, banks, churches, schools, and so on.

Their services are also required in government establishments. The accounting graduate will however need to go for professional courses in accounting as an ordinary accounting degree is not that marketable

2. Electrical Electronics Engineering

Elect Elect Engineering as its popularity is called is a vast course compromising electrical power, telecommunication, electronics, and even computer science.

People who studied this course can work in PHCN (formally NEPA), Radio Stations, TV stations, and virtually any company that uses electricity. They can be phone technicians or electronics technicians that can repair or fix your home appliances like televisions, Radio, Refrigerators Fans, Air conditioning systems, etc.

As you can see, people who studied Electrical engineering can work virtually anywhere and they can be self-employed as well as electricians who install electricity in buildings, hotels, homes, schools, etc. The opportunities for an electrical engineer are limitless.

3. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

The chemical and petroleum industries in Nigeria are always on the lookout for worthy graduates in these fields to employ.

Getting a job in these industries may not be so easy, but anyone who is able to get such a job after graduating from the university will never have to go hungry again. The pay is good and the lifestyle it offers is top class.

4. Medicine

Once you finish your training as a medical doctor, you are very sure of getting a job fast. In most instances, jobs are waiting for you once you finish, even before your induction.

The population of Nigeria is increasing by the day. Many more people get sick and they will want to visit hospitals for treatment.


This means the curse will always be marketable; it is as profitable as the “pure-water” business in dry seasons lolz.

5. Theater Arts

Most theatre arts graduates are into self-employment. Be that as it may, this is a thriving industry in Nigeria today. The entertainment provided by this industry is well sought after by Nigerians.

So many successful and well-known individuals have been produced by this industry and many of them are Theatre Arts graduates. The best universities where you can study this course in Nigeria are the University of Calabar, the University of Lagos, and the University of Port Harcourt.

6. Pharmacy

This is yet another highly marketable course in Nigeria. Graduates of pharmacy are involved in formulating drugs. They are taught about how drugs work and the side effects of these drugs.

A pharmacy student is also taught about how drugs interact. A pharmacy graduate can be employed by the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

If they like, they can go into private practice by establishing their own pharmaceutical company. They can equally seek employment with any of the pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

7. Computer Engineering and Information Technology

We are in the information age and any graduate of computer engineering and information technology is undoubtedly a hot cake.

Virtually everyone is online these days. The number of those in need of computers and information technology services will increase astronomically in the near future.

This means the services of computer engineering and information technology graduates will be needed more and more in the near future.

The only problem is that one can actually become a computer engineering and information technology expert without writing UTME or seeing the four walls of a university.

Be that as it may, already-established computer engineering and information technology firms would always prefer to employ someone with a university degree.

8. Nursing and Laboratory Sciences

Nursing is a marketable course any day. As a nursing graduate, your possibilities are simply limitless. You can work both in Nigeria and other countries of the world.

Many foreign countries are desperately looking for nurses to employ and you can travel abroad to get gainfully employed if you do not like the working conditions in Nigeria.

The same thing applies to laboratory scientists. As a fresh graduate of nursing, you may not earn much, but your pay increases if you go for further professional courses, like post-basic training in surgery, midwifery, and the like.

9. Marketing

A marketing degree is one of the most marketable in Nigeria today. A marketer is needed by virtually every business organization.

Marketing is not what just anyone can do; it is a professional thing and this is why any business organization that desires to thrive in the midst of competition will employ a marketer.

The marketer can equally go into private practice and he/she will be able to thrive in business more than others who do not have the skills he/she had been given in the universities.

10. Mass Communication

This is yet another very marketable course you can consider if you are an Arts student in secondary school.

It is not offered by many Nigerian universities since not all of them have the facilities to offer the course.

A mass communication graduate can work in a TV station or radio station. He/she can also work in the newspaper industry.

He can be employed by the government and he can as well go into self-employment and become a freelance journalist. As a mass communication graduate, you can equally work at the embassy.

11. Estate Management

Many people never realize how marketable this course can be. Truth is the course is marketable and will continue to be. This is because Nigeria’s population is increasing by the day. Many more buildings are being built to meet this increasing population.

Those who own these buildings will always require the services of estate managers to manage and oversee these buildings.

If you are a science student in search of the best course to study in the university, this course will prove to be one of the best to choose from.

Personally, in this day and age, I would say the best course to study anywhere in the world should be a course that will help you solve people’s problems. Get practical skills, or at least get a skill you are very good at, a skill that is in demand, and apply it. I studied electrical engineering and I am proud to say I’m doing well on my own without government employment.

Cramming theories in schools is never good for anyone but getting practical is everything. For those seeking admission, you may check the list of federal universities that accepts second choice in Nigeria. Have a nice day.