XNSPY 8.0.0 Crack – Full Premium Version APK

XNSPY is a monitoring app that helps track smartphone devices for the device owner’s safety. The mobile phone monitoring software provides constant data point updates regarding the device.

These parameters include advanced data outputs such as geofencing, call logs, WiFi hotspot tracking, checking texts, and instant messaging (including deleted messages), as well as other newly updated features.

With the release of the XNSPY Premium APK 2024 a few days ago, which you can download from the website, the company has introduced a lot of new changes, which this article will be covering in detail.

XNSPY Crack Full Premium Version Apk

Ambient Recording

The XNSPY ambient recording feature enables users to activate the microphone on the monitored smartphones and tablets and record in-depth sounds from their surroundings. It is useful when you are unsure of the user’s location and who they are meeting.

With the help of this XNSPY feature, you can flawlessly and covertly activate the microphone. You can listen to the background noise recording that is created whenever you want. The Record Surround tab on the left menu provides access to the file.

In the most recent update, version 8.0.0, the app’s background noise capturing range was increased from 2 to 3 meters. This enables high-quality audio recording of everything in a 3-meter radius around the phone.

And speaking of audio quality, the bitrate at which the audio file is saved on the Dashboard has been enhanced by the app’s developers. The software could only record audio waves in 144 kbps before this update, but it can now record audio waves in 320 kbps, which is comparable to FLAC quality levels.

It results in virtually no distortion and more clear, nearly lossless recording quality. This makes the audio conversations easy to listen to with minimal background noise. In addition, the maximum duration of ambient recording has been increased from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Geolocation Tracking

This is one of XNSPY’s cornerstone features, as it has been constantly improved upon and is heavily used by XNSPY customers. This feature allows users to track a device’s location in real-time. In the latest update, XNSPY’s geolocation tracker keeps a history of all the locations visited.

So in the event that the phone is not online, it shows the last known location of the device and lets you view a history of where it has been. Users can also set up geo-fencing to get notifications for entry and departure points.

XNSPY will immediately alert you if the phone’s owner enters or exits an area you have marked. Additionally, because it may function independently of the user’s phone settings, it doesn’t require user input or commands to function. This allows the app to automatically fetch the location data and back it up on its servers.

Screen Record

Screen Record is another popular feature of XNSPY, and it remains its most powerful tool yet. Its popularity can be attributed to how easily it allows users to capture screenshots without disturbing the phone’s normal operation.

The screenshot is taken automatically by the app after every 5 seconds and gets uploaded to the server. Users can then access these screenshots to view the phone’s activity at any given time. All of this is done autonomously, discreetly, and remotely, thus ensuring hassle-free operation.

In the latest 7.9.1 update, the company has added support for Bumble, Telegram, and TikTok, so now the monitoring app can take screenshots from these applications as well and display the complete in-app experience to the XNSPY users.


The Screen Record feature takes crisp screenshots of a target phone, showing complete details of the phone usage. The high-resolution screenshots are automatically sorted in the social media tabs on the user’s dashboard account. This makes searching for relevant screenshots easier and quicker.

Web History Monitoring

This feature lets users monitor the web browsing history of the phone, and it shows even saved bookmarks. In the latest update, users can now view browsing history when the device browser’s Incognito Mode is turned on.

The new update also shows the number of times the device user visited a site and for how long. So it is a great way to find out what websites a device user visits at any given time.

Technical Specifications Of The Latest APK File

Here is a table of technical specifications of the latest APK update that shows device compatibility. It will help determine which version best meets your hardware requirements.

You’ll also be relieved to learn that the app receives regular updates, ensuring that all functions continue to work seamlessly regardless of any operating system changes made to the target device.

App Name XNSPY
Developer XNSPY Monitoring Limited
App Version 8.0.0
Last Updated February 17th 2023
File Size 2.1 MB
Compatibility Android 4.0 and above

How Can XNSPY Be Installed On Android?

You can follow the steps provided below if you want to download and install the XNSPY Premium APK 2024. The steps are easy to follow and work on all Android devices running Android v4.0 and above.

1. Register with XNSPY

Select an XNSPY subscription plan, then register using your email.

2. Install XNSPY

On the target device, install the XNSPY APK, and allow it to synchronize with the XNSPY server.

3. Start Tracking

Once the app and device are synced, you can begin tracking the device you installed the app on. All you need to do is log in to your XNSPY Dashboard account in a web browser via the account credentials the company emailed you

XNSPY’s Frequent Updates Make It A Strong Contender

XNSPY developers regularly update the app with new features and bug fixes. And if the past is any indication, the updates will continue to roll out without any extra cost.

Due to its simple setup procedure and the fact that it continually improves upon its features, XNSPY makes it even easier to access someone’s phone.

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Moreover, the time for the time to sync with the target device has also been significantly shortened. And since every update brings quality-of-life changes such as these, XNSPY will continue to provide great value to its user base.

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