Why Invest in Instagram Boosting Tools?

Instagram is a great social media network if a brand or influencer wants to reach more clients, connect with their most valuable audience, and create a winning strategy. This means that companies are recommended to invest in Instagram tools that help them reach their goals, increase their follower counts on Instagram, encourage more visitors and followers to engage with the content, and boost their overall presence on the platform. 

This article intends to uncover the benefits and secrets to using the boosting tools for Instagram appropriately and maximizing the return on investment. 

Spiking Engagement Rates

We do not know the formula which promises you real followers on Instagram. Those third-party tools and resources help you engage with your followers more efficiently, get more clicks on your story, bio, or post links, and increase conversion rates. Marketers have long forgotten about the organic methods for growing follower counts on Instagram as it is extremely time-consuming and requires creating a lot of content. 

The boosting tools for Instagram help you with engagement rates both organically and artificially. Let’s have a look at the best tools that assist you in improving engagement rates. 

Instagram Boosting Tools

Tools to Increase Engagement Rates on Instagram

Even if you invest in third-party tools you have to think about organic engagement strategies, as well. For example, you need to engage with other content of similar profiles on Instagram, within the same industry, or with the same audience regularly. It increases your chances of being noticed. Also, always pay attention to hashtags with both long-tail and less popular options for your posts. Don’t forget about captions and think about including call-to-action prompts. Now, let’s look at the three best tools for increasing engagement rates on Instagram. 


Mixx lets you choose packages according to your needs. You can buy separate plans like Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views. Or go for an all-in-one package that is targeted at increasing engagement rates. These all-in-one packages include services such as:

  • Followers
  • Auto likes
  • Auto views
  • Impressions
  • Relevant comments


BuyTopLikes is equipped with a diverse set of engagement services on Instagram. Here you can find all the necessary elements that drive up engagement rates. Apart from general and common Instagram services such as followers, likes, and views, with BuyTopLIkes, you can order:

  • Comments (both auto and custom comments)
  • Auto likes
  • Story link clicks
  • Reel comments
  • Profile Visits
  • Shares
  • Mentions
  • Impressions
  • Saves
  • Story Poll votes


SocialUps offers geo-targeted followers and services for businesses with specific niche-related requirements. You can also choose gender-specific likes. There are many services on SocialUps that offer an organic touch on your profile metrics. Here are some examples of features included within the SocialUps service packages:

  • Comments (random, auto, and relevant comments)
  • Comment likes
  • Live video likes, comments, and views
  • Post shares and impressions
  • Story impressions, views, link clicks, poll votes
  • Reels likes, views, comments, saves
  • Profile visits and views
  • Mentions

Automating Instagram Growth

One clear benefit when using Instagram boosting tools is automation. The brands and influencers save time by using automation services that generate more value than hand-performed actions. Many tools and services allow automation with ease. For example:

  • Some of the Instagram bots can automate finding new accounts by following specific hashtags
  • Many Instagram bots post on behalf of you. Alternatively, you can use Meta features that let you schedule your posts in advance and choose a specific time of day to publish those posts
  • Automate comments without being spammy on Instagram. Many bots also let you set a reply mode which means that the bot will reply to the comments that you receive on your pots
  • Most importantly, with boosting tools you get a steady flow of new followers every day. It also works with likes, comments, shares, and other growth metrics
  • Some services offer DM management, too. These bots, or people who work at third-party agencies, will automate your direct messaging. 

Tools for Instagram Automation

These tools are often part of the managed growth packages that third-party boosting providers will offer from time to time. Automation saves a lot of time and effort from your side while also cutting the cost of human resources. However, not many tools have a decent reputation and you need to find the ones that are trustworthy and reliable. 

AI Grow

AI Grow is the best tool for Instagram automation. It comes with a managed growth package that has dozens of unique features. The company went through a lot of experiments and tests to determine the best approaches in the industry for automating Instagram growth. Let’s have a look at the automation package with AI Grow:

  • Organic, real followers that include hashtag generation, competitor analyses, target locations, and demographic targeting
  • Score card and growth hacks
  • Direct message mareting
  • Instagram scheduler for posts and videos
  • Giveaway picker
  • Advanced influencer and brand promotion
  • Content creation

Increasing Growth Performance Metrics

Your brand image on Instagram highly depends on the numbers and metrics. People first look at how many followers the account has, then how many likes it receives on average per post, or how many views their reels get. With Instagram boosting tools you no longer need to worry about your accounts’ looks. These tools make sure that your account grows daily with more followers and likes being added to your profile. 

Follower and Likes Boosting Tools

Getting more likes and Instagram followers without wasting your time and energy on manual work is a significant benefit that boosting tools offer. Especially if you intent to seek future collaborations your prospect partners will want to see a steady growth of performance metrics over some time. Below, we cover two boosting tools that have an incredible reputation on the market. 


LikesGeek is a favorite tool of influencers and brands located in Europe or the United States. They offer follower packages based on demographic and location-specific options. For example, they have a separate package for tier-1 country followers (US and Europe). Another advantage they have is their low price – you can get 50 followers for less than $1.50 and 50,000 followers for $630 (tier-1 countries). 



SocialWick is a professional marketplace where you can customize your packages based on your needs and goals. Their team of marketing experts is ready to assist you in tailoring services to your strategy or even help you with a custom Instagram growth strategy. They also offer ready-made service plans and can offer you an order of 500,000 followers for less than $5,000.

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