Tips To Help You Pick Right App Development Stack.

The selection of the perfect technology stack can depend on a number of factors. Likewise, the robustness of the mobile application depends largely on the combination of technology chosen for the app development process. 

And since it affects the performance of the whole application, one needs to understand all the tech stack options. 

The most mobile app development company has preferences for some specific tech stack services. In general, the function of familiarity is based on how well different components work together. 

Overall, the front end of a tech stack is made up of the below-mentioned technologies:


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Best Technology Stack

Some of the common combinations or tech stacks include:

For a backend web framework, this tech stack uses Express.js, For database management, it has MongoDB and NodeJS as a server, and for the front end, you can leverage AngularJS or React. And this stack is popular among cloud applications because of its ability to scale. 

  • Java and Spring

This stack is mostly used by large enterprises in which they use Java as a back-end and blend it with Spring as a framework. 

  • LAMP

LAMP – a stack that is being used by legacy applications. This tech stack consists of Linux as an operating system, Apache as a server, MySQL as a database, and you can use any of this python, Perl, or PHP as a programming language.

  • Node.js, GraphQL, and React

To simplify the interaction between the front-end & back-end, many tech companies use Graph QL for the database, Node.js as the backend & React as the front end. 

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Another benefit of this combination is that it allows front-end engineers to query the data using a standard syntax rather than asking the back-end team to ship a new API endpoint.

  • Ruby on Rails

Another web application framework that makes use of Ruby programming language. 

For rapid development, software & technology companies prefer the Ruby programming language because of its flexibility and versatility.

There are a lot of factors that vary from one app to another; these include network, desired user experience, estimated time to market, and the platform.

With all these app elements put together, one will be able to decide on library languages, a set of frameworks, and the software to ultimately develop the application. 

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Below are some reasons to choose the best technology stack for your app development

Timeline of the Project

While determining the timeline of the project, future requirements play a crucial role in ultimately choosing the tech stack. It is not sufficient for the chosen tech stack to satisfy only the present project requirements.

Therefore, one must ensure that the chosen tech stack meets the upcoming project requirements. All in all, the tech stack should meet the product as well as the developer’s timeline needs. This part must be thoroughly ensured, even if it is open-source. 

Project Goal

To choose the most appropriate tech stack for your mobile application, another critical factor would be the goal that you need to achieve with your mobile application.

If your mobile application needs heavy processing calls, it would require a considerably more robust technology stack than those operating around streamlined functions. 

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There would be a difference in choosing your mobile app technology depending on whether you want a high-latency app or a low-latency app. 

Platform Specifications

The technology stack of an application running on a particular would be completely different from the ones that run on all; these include Android, Web, and iOS. 

If you want to make your mobile app portable on other platforms, that is in the case of Cross-platform or hybrid app development; then you would need to choose a completely different tech stack toolset. 


Before you finalize any decision, classifying the project’s outlines would be crucial. This includes the targeted platforms, future scalability aspirations, platform choice, or whether the app will work on desktops, wearables, or mobile devices. 

Another important thing is to identify the industry that your app will be catering to. As per the industry, you will be able to align the requirements to serve the end user in a better way. 

Development Team’s Skill-Set

Some frameworks and languages provide the same result with varied factors that separate them from each other. Now, while deciding between two tech stacks, the preferred thing would be to know the developer’s skillset. 

For the simple reason that if you assign the development team to a tech stack with which the team is not acquainted, the development time and cost will be more than usual.

On the contrary, introducing your team to a mobile app development stack that in which your team is comfortable with will help speed up the process without compromising the quality. 


Applications must be equipped to eliminate all sorts of weaknesses in their security. This could get a little bit risky or difficult if one selects a technology stack that requires writing long codes. This could certainly increase the risk of the development process. 

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In many cases, despite selecting and implementing the perfect technology, hackers can find ways to crack the system. When this is the situation, the development team needs to be highly skilled to prevent the system. 

New Trends

It is evident that new technologies substantially boost the features, development time, scalability, performance, etc.

It is always a great idea to be trendy in all aspects of the app development process, and that should be strictly according to the project.

For example, with the latest UI/UX trends, you can ensure that the tech stack provides the best and latest options. 


Here, you get all the important factors to be considered while choosing the right application development company.

Keep these points in mind during your search; you will be sure to find the best tech partner for your business.

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There is cutthroat competition among mobile app development companies. Partnering with a scalable and reliable app development company can be your toward the win.

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